Overlook Apartment - Central Miami

Overlook Apartment in Miami

Description: This photo is of the living room of an apartment I was renting in Central Miami. It's in the Overlook apartment complex (now called Yolanda Villias). It was a one bedroom apartment, but I turned it into a studio. The Futon towards the left is where I slept and the bed room was turned into an office / man cave.

Towards the right are shelves where I kept a beta fish. That was a great fish that lived for about two years. I also kept different collectibles on the shelves. I collected a lot of magazines. The ones pictured are Ocean Drive and Porsche magazines. There is also a collection of Obsession cologne bottles pictured.

In the background towards the left are crates I'd use as book shelves and plants. The apartment was on the seventh floor and offered a fantastic view of the Flagler Dog track as well as Downtown Miami.

I lived in the Overlook Apartments for about four years.

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