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Excerpts From Far From Perfect Chapter 15: The Bear
Posted: 2022-09-14 At: 5:30 am:   

Excerpts From Far From Perfect, Chapter 15: The Bear. The excerpts are mostly regarding a studio I was renting within Kendor Apartments on West Flager Street in Miami and different things I did throughout the city. I was working two jobs at the time.

When I went to work in the morning, I took the Flagler bus downtown to the Government Center. From the Government Center, I took a second bus to within blocks of where I was working. I worked until around 5pm.

When I finished working the first job, I took the bus back downtown, to either take the Metrorail or People Mover to Brickell where my second job was located.

When I finished work, I took the Metro Mover to downtown where I caught the Flagler bus to my apartment.

I usually arrived at my apartment between 9:00PM and 9:30PM. Most nights I was exhausted. I went to sleep almost as soon as I walked in the door.

The apartment I was renting was inexpensive and I was bringing home two pay checks. After a couple months working at both jobs, I saved up a decent amount of money. At least the amount was a lot to me. I saved more money than I’ve ever saved.

The studio was located in an urban area of the city. The number of different buses available and frequency of the buses was a huge improvement from when I first moved to Miami. Now, I could essentially step outside my door anytime to catch a bus. During the day, the Flagler bus arrived every fifteen minutes. The bus ran the entire night, making stops every hour throughout the night.

The studio was smallish, I'd say around 500sf, with a good layout. It had full, yet very small kitchen, a large walk-in closet and a full, yet very small bathroom with a tub.

I kept a beta fighting fish as a pet in a large vase on the kitchen counter. I kept a futon in the living room as a bed and couch. Next to the futon was a little table with a computer and printer. In front of the bed was a small flat-screen tv. On the other side there were shelves where I kept magazines.

Most of the magazines I got for free. Many weekends I took the bus to Lincoln Road on South Beach to get free Ocean Drive and 944 magazines at Books & Books, along with any other free magazines they gave away.

After going to Books & Books, I walked down Lincoln Road to an Art Gallery closer to the beach. The gallery possessed rooms different artists rented to work on and display their art. Seeing all the unique types of art artists created was very cool.

After leaving the art gallery, I walked to Washington Ave. From there, I followed Washington Ave down to Espanola Way. Espanola Way is a very picturest street for pedestrians only.

Another free art gallery was located on Espanola Way. The Espanola Way gallery had a maze of hallways displaying paintings on the walls. The paintings displayed were usually modern abstract paintings, many very unique. The hallways led up a set of stairs to a second floor where additional paintings were displayed, some inside rooms, some in the hallways.

The hallways on the second floor led to a small patio about a foot and a half in depth, stretching the length of the room, overlooking Espanola Way. The scenery from the patio was the type of scenery, most, including myself only thought existed in movies.

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