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Hasty Book List Goodreads Webpage
Hasty Book List: documents and reviews of the books Ashley Hasty reads.   Additional Details
Heather Graham (Author) Goodreads Webpage
Heather Graham: a bestselling author of novels and novellas, a recipient of the Silver Bullet from Thriller, a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, among many other achievements.   Additional Details
Sara Gruen (Author) Goodreads Webpage
Sara Gruen: a bestselling author who's novels include At The Water's Edge, Ape House, Water For Elephants, Riding Lessons, and Flying Changes.   Additional Details
Writing Forward Goodreads Webpage
Writing Forward: a creative writing blog with writing ideas and tips designed to inspire and improve writing. Writing Forward has posts about grammar, good writing habits, writing exercises and much more.   Additional Details

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