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Publication Of Light Throughout The Night
Posted: 2022-01-02 At: 5:30 AM:   

Image of the paperback version of Light Throughout The Night, written by George Farina
Light Throughout The Night, written by George Farina
Today, I am very happy to announce the release and publication of my second book: Light Throughout The Night.

Light Throughout The Night came to life during October of 2018, while I was tent camping. Anticipating November Novel Month, and having the urge to write, inspired me to begin writing Light Throughout The Night.

I began a month early simply because I knew I couldn’t finish a novel within a month. Just about two years later, 44,632 words later, and 14 chapters later, I was finally putting the finishing touches on the book. A little over a year after finishing the book, I'm finally in a position to release Light Throughout The Night for publication.

Without further ado, I announce the official release and publication of:

Light Throughout The Night, By George Farina

(2022-01-02) Light Throughout The Night is fiction, primarily a drama, specifically, a sports action drama. Even though the story is fiction, the book displays a sense of realness.

Light Throughout The Night is somewhat futuristic, partly educational, with a taste of sexiness. The main character is named Glow. She's named after the 1980's television show, G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Regardless of the genre, Light Throughout The Night details Glow's life story. During the early years of Glow's life, the deck was stacked against her. Because of her situation, she didn’t have an opportunity to live a decent life. As Glow grew older, she didn't find her niche in society. Her past kept her from finding happiness.

Light Throughout The Night takes readers from Glow's birth, through to her adulthood. Her story is passionate, dramatic, and adventurous, while touching upon more serious issues such as child abuse, homelessness and lack of equality. Within the pages of Light Throughout The Night, Glow displays resilience as she tries to find happiness, peace and peace within herself.

Light Throughout The Night is available both as a paperback book and eBook via the following URL: https://www.georgefarina.net/store/lightthroughoutthenight.php

To learn more about Light Throughout The Night, please visit the following webpage: https://www.georgefarina.net/blog/lightthroughoutthenight.php

Updated 2023-01-15:
Light Throughout The Night is available for free, posted as blog posts.

The book is also available for sale as an eBook. For those who would like to purchase Light Throughout The Night to have as your own, please visit the Light Throughout The Night store webpage

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