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Light Throughout The Night The Stats
Posted: 2022-01-02 At: 5:30 am:   

"Light Throughout The Night" has 317 pages, 44,632 words, 261,106 characters with spaces, 216,506 characters without spaces, 1,521 paragraphs and 14 chapters. The book is X 5 1/2" in width, 8 1/2" in high with a depth of about 7/8's of an inch. The book is written in 14 point Euphemia font. Neither the paperback or eBook has any pictures.

The eBook is about 1 1/2 MB's and is in PDF format. The eBook version is the same as the paperback version, however, the eBook version has 302 pages. The indent for the binding isn't necessary, allowing more words per page. As a result, the page count shows as 302 pages.

Neither the eBook or the printed book has an ISBN number or a bar code.

The current, first published printing of "Light Throughout The Night" released 2022-01-02 says 2nd printing on the cover page and within the footer of the book. However, the 2nd printing is the first published printing. The first printing was the printing I sent to Copyright.gov and printed for my own personal records. The first printing wasn't published and doesn't have a cover page, table of contents or book cover.

"Light Throughout The Night" took about two years to write, beginning October 2018, finishing towards the end of September 2020. However, even after the book was finished I continued making improvements until weeks before the book's publication.

I edited the book myself. As I was preparing to print "Light Throughout The Night" I found additional errors. I fixed them. I imagine, even after publishing "Light Throughout The Night", I'll find errors to fix. If you've purchased Light Through Out The Night and found an error, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Light Throughout The Night is available for free, posted as blog posts.

The book is also available for sale as an eBook. For those who would like to purchase Light Throughout The Night to have as your own, please visit the Light Throughout The Night store webpage

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