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Light Throughout The Night Chapter 10: Venom
Posted: 2023-03-04 At: 5:30 am:   

If you've reached this blog post via a search engine or through social media, I'm posting the complete book for free here as blog posts. A summery is located here.

Light Throughout The Night is a complete story with many twists and turns. The only way to feel the essence of the story is to read it from beginning to end.

Even though I'm posting the book as blog posts, the eBook is still available for sale. As a result, please don't post the book elsewhere.

Chapter 10: Venom

A couple weeks after Glow and Lady moved into their apartment, Glow began competing. She was enjoying the competitions, and pushed herself to compete just about every day. In accordance, her Obstacle Cube Course time improved each month.

Regardless, until today she didn't qualify for the Final Battle.

Glow went through the Obstacle Cube Course, finishing in the top ten for her level. Very few competitors reach the Final Battle during their first year competing.

Much like the other competitions, the rules for MMA Final Battles were designed with safety as a determining factor. Specifically, they were designed to prevent serious injury and knockouts. As a result, battles last longer.

Fighters wear soft gloves and elbow pads. Fighters are only allowed to throw knees and kicks to the mid-section, thighs, and arms. Knees and kicks to the head aren’t allowed.

Armbar submission holds aren’t allowed either, along with any hold having the potential to cause injury.

Sleeper holds are permitted, however, referees take extra caution during those situations.

To encourage combinations and prevent knockouts, fighters can only throw a punch to the head once with each hand during a flurry. From there, fighters must throw punches to other areas of their opponent.

MMA Final Battles can only go to the mat via a take down. If a fighter is knocked down due to a punch or kick, the same rules as boxing apply. The referee starts a ten count. Since many fighters are amateurs and evenly matched, knockouts are extremely rare.

MMA Final Battles have two five minute rounds. Due to the length of the rounds and because Final Battles take place after the completion of the Obstacle Cube Course, Final Battles are often very grueling. Exhaustion sets in. Fighters win due to their determination, grit and skill.

Glow didn’t have any friends or family in the audience. Lady found a part time job. She was working. She didn’t even know Glow reached the Final Battle.

The fact Glow didn’t have any friends in the audience didn’t bother her. Glow was use to being alone. Besides, she was thrilled just to have reached the Final Battle.

Nevertheless, she was worn out. The number of Obstacle Cube Courses she completed during the previous months were taking their toll.

During this particular Obstacle Cube Course, Glow instilled an extraordinary effort. Her body took a beating.

Having finally reached the Final Battle, she let herself get slightly less angry, slightly less angry at the world, slightly less angry at herself and slightly less angry at the way her life turned out.

Despite how she felt, Glow's mentality is to battle with every ounce of fight she has within.

Up until today, all the Obstacle Cube Courses she competed in were held after midnight. Daytime events are usually saved for the highest ranked competitors.

Due to scheduling issues, Glow was competing during the day. By the time she completed the Obstacle Cube Course, it was just after 5PM.

Most of the main arena is packed 24/7. During prime hours, every square inch of all five arenas are packed. Standing room only.

Hundreds of thousands of fans fill the stands. Glow’s bout was scheduled at 7PM. The stands were overflowing with people.

Just before 7PM, Glow was led to the entrance of a plexiglass cube for her Final Battle.

She knew she shouldn’t look into the stands. She couldn’t prevent herself. Onlookers were meshed together against the closest railing, yelling, screaming, cheering, and booing. Crowds of people went up as far as she could see, rows and rows of fans, viewing cubes hundreds of feet in the air.

The height was dizzying. The fans were loud! Their screams created chaos, jolting her nerves. Quickly, Glow jerked her head away from the audience. She couldn’t let her nerves become any more frayed than they already were.

She stood motionless outside the cube, muscles tight, trying to stay focused.

A few minutes later, her opponents entrance music began blasting. The base rumbled the arena. The lyrics were obnoxious, intimidating.

Look at the stats.
Those are the facts.
Ko’s, they're just part of my wrath.
Your time is near.
You’ll know why you fear.
Then, Bam!
You’ll get hit with the Venom Slam.

Glow, hadn’t seen her opponent. She didn’t recognize the name Venom.

She looked up as Venom entered cube. Glow was about to fight the waitress she battled in the preliminary abdominal competition, now, going by the name Venom.

Glow's stomach sank. She knew Venom was bitter over her loss. The last thing Glow wanted was to fight an opponent with a grudge in her first Final Battle. Someone possessing extra motivation to win. At the same time, Glow’s dislike of Venom’s tactless attitude helped her regroup, while providing extra motivation of her own.

During their first encounter, Venom came off as smug, as if Glow was beneath her. Glow knew that feeling. It’s the same way most people treated her throughout her whole life.

After Venom entered, Glow’s music began playing. The ref motioned for Glow to enter the cube.

A few minutes later, the ref called the two ladies to the center of the cube. Glow and Venom walked up to each other to touch gloves. Glow looked directly at her foe, face to face, standing just inches away.

Venom’s hair was up in a bun. She looked taller, more intimidating, if that was possible. Venom gleaming from her eyes.

Glow used all her inner-strength to fightback intimidation, clinching her fists tight within her gloves.

The ref guides each lady to their corner. Seconds later, the bell rings.

“Ding, Ding!”

Rapidly, aggressively, Venom charges forward. Glow’s slower out of her corner. The two ladies meet just past the center of the cube, slightly closer to Glow’s corner. Venom launches an overhand right. Her quickness surprises Glow. Reactively, Glow steps to the side. Venom's glove grazes past Glow’s face.

Venom’s momentum carries her forward alongside Glow. The two foes are now side by side.

Glow has an opportunity to take Venom’s back. She turns quickly, grabbing hold of Venom’s mid-section, trying to maneuver to her back. Her grip wasn’t tight. She didn’t press her head against Venom’s shoulder.

Venom saw an opening. She wound her arm forward, then launched a lightning quick elbow. Glow didn’t see it. Venom’s elbow lands flush to the side of Glow’s head, striking her equilibrium at point blank range.

Glow’s arms drop. She stumbles backwards, briefly blacking out. The strength in her muscles disappear. Wobbly, Glow fights to stay on her feet. She’s loosing that battle. Her body starts to give. She feels her knees buckling. She feels herself dropping.

Venom quickly turns towards Glow. Then, immediately charges forward, slamming her upper body into Glow's upper body.

As their bodies collide, Venom wraps her arms around Glow's waist, preventing her foe from falling, driving Glow backwards towards the turnbuckles at the same time. Glow’s back slams into the turnbuckles. Her head jars backwards.

Glow began regaining her awareness as she reached the turnbuckles, yet, she was still to weal to defend herself.

At the same time, Venom freed her right glove from around Glow's waist, using her left arm to hold Glow up while leaning her left shoulder against Glow's upper body, keeping her foe pressed against the turnbuckles.

In a blur of speed Venom winds her glove back, sending it forward, rapidly, multiple times, viciously slamming it into Glow’s mid-section. Thunderous right hooks pound Glow's body. The pain is instantaneous, intense, penetrating deep into Glow’s ribs and stomach.

The crowds on their feet. Sensing a knockout, loud, deafening cheers fill the arena. Venom’s glove continues to slam into Glow’s flesh.

Flimsily Glow lifts her arms, trying to defend herself. She’s weary. They don’t have the strength to effectively block Venom's punches.

Seeing the immense punishment Glow’s taking, the ref runs over to the corner, yelling, “Glow, can you continue?”

Glow tries to answer. She can’t. The wind’s been knocked out of her. She doesn’t have enough breath in her lungs.

Before the ref reacts, Venom releases her grip. She steps back, then unleashes a series of unblocked rights and lefts, landing to all parts of Glow's body. Glow's arms drop back to her sides. Her vision turns blurry.

Looking to finish her foe, Venom releases a brutal sidekick to Glow's ribs. Then another. And another. Glow grimaces loudly. The pain’s intense.

Venom takes a couple steps back. Then rapidly charges forward, lifting and slinging her leg straight forward towards Glow at the same time, with all her rage, with all her strength, with all her aggression, slamming the heal of her foot into Glow’s mid-section.

The pain was unbearable, riveting through every ounce of flesh and bone in her body. Glow's body weakens, then softens. Her legs struggle to support her weight. They can’t. Her body turns to jello. She slowly drops towards the canvas. The ref jumps in front of Venom, blocking her attack.

Glow tries grabbing the netting as she falls. Her hands loosely slide off the netting as her body flops to the mat, landing with her back against the canvas and her arms sprawled out to each side of her head.

She’s dazed, drifting in and out of consciousness, seeing only a blur. Her mouth’s open, gasping for oxygen. Her stomach slowly pants in and out. Her ribs are already black and blue.

The ref’s seen enough. She didn’t even start the ten count before calling the fight.

A few seconds later Glow regains her vision. Still hazy, gingerly, she tries to sit herself up. She’s only able to lift her head a few inches before it drops back to the canvas.

Within minutes two E.M.T.’s enter the cube, placing their hands on Glow’s shoulders, gently holding her down. They place an oxygen mask over her mouth, slightly lifting the back of her head at the same time.

One of the E.M.T.’s asks, “Glow, can you hear me?” Glow’s thoughts are scattered, her mind frantic. She hears the crowd cheering wildly. Her stomach sinks, panic sets in. Her eyes turn glossy. Tears begin to drip down the sides of her cheeks.

A few seconds later the E.M.T. repeats the question, louder, with more assertion, “Glow, can you hear me?”

Glow’s glossy eyes slowly turn towards the E.M.T.’s. In tears, Glow shakes her head yes.

“Are you ok?”

Glow tries to focus on the question. She answers, “I think so, my ribs hurt.”

The E.M.T.’s sit Glow up. One of them wipes the tears from her eyes. The other takes a look at her ribs, pressing her fingers against them to feel if they're broken. Stinging pain follows. Glow grimaces in agony.

“Glow, your ribs are badly bruised. Though, I don’t think their broken.”

The same E.M.T. shines a light in each of Glow’s eyes. She asks Glow to follow her finger. Glow does.

After evaluating Glow, the E.M.T.’s consult each other. A few minutes later they gave Glow their verdict. “We want you to take a month off to rest before competing, or even practicing.”

Both E.M.T.’s give Glow their card. One of them says, “In a month from now, you should be ok. If you experience any lingering effects, dizziness, headaches, or if the pain in your ribs doesn’t slowly dwindle, please come see us immediately.”

A few minutes later Venom walks over to Glow. She places her hand on Glow's shoulder, saying, “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you in here for months. I’ve been wanting to vindicate myself since tryouts.” Then, in a smug tone says, “I’d say I vindicated myself tonight.”

Glow didn’t say anything. Venom saw the look of disappointment and pain on Glow’s face. She smiled as she turned to walk away.

Glow was devastated. Her knockout was only the second true knockout in the history of the sport. Plenty of times fighters became too tired to continue, yet weren’t actually knocked out. Furthermore, her knockout was the quickest in the history of the sport.

The worst thing that could have happened, just happened. Glow got knocked out in front of millions of people. To add to her disastrous defeat, Glow was knocked out by her only rival.

Still in tears, at times hysterically upset, Glow stayed in the cube, laying on the canvas until almost everyone else exited.

One of the E.M.T.’s stayed with her. As soon as everyone exited, the E.M.T. gently helped Glow to her feet. She grabbed hold of Glow’s arm, partially supporting her weight, as the two exited the cube and the main area of the arena.

The E.M.T. walked Glow to an empty examination room just down the hall. Glow struggled with every step.

Inside the room the E.M.T. sat her down on an examining table. She softly wiped the tears from Glow’s face. “Glow, you could stay in here as long as you’d like.” The E.M.T. gave Glow a warm hug before leaving the room.

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