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artFido: design, video and photography community for creative people with a unique submission platform allowing artists and creators to turn their stories into must-read viral content.   Additional Details
Blog Herald
Blog Herald social media and blogosphere news.   Additional Details
Blog Oh Blog
Blog Oh Blog is a blog of a WordPress developer, with numerous tutorials and blog posts in regards to blogging.   Additional Details
Blogger Hub
Blogger Hub forums, message boards is an online community for bloggers where members share their blogging knowledge.   Additional Details
Bloglovin is a blogging social media website where bloggers post blogs and comments.   Additional Details
BuddyPress: a WordPress based social network plugin with user profiles, groups, activity streams, notifications, message boards via integration with bbPress and much more.   Additional Details
Dear Blogger
Dear Blogger: a blog dedicated to WordPress blogging, themes, plugin's and much more.   Additional Details
Live Journal: a unique place where people share their stories passions and interests.   Additional Details
Medium: a social media blogging platform. Share ideas, build an audience, and earn. Post stories, tidbits of knowledge, and thoughts pertaining to any topic.   Additional Details
MetaFilter Community Weblog
MetaFilter: a community based weblog with blogs, chat, message boards, job listings, podcasts and much more.   Additional Details
StayMeOnline teaches others about blogging, affiliate marketing and how to make money online.   Additional Details
Torque Magazine
Torque Magazine: helping WordPress users create and expand WordPress websites.   Additional Details
WordPress Blogging Platform
Free versatile blogging software designed for bloggers.   Additional Details
WP Blogging 360
WP Blogging 360: a blog about blogging, specifically, blogging via the WordPress blogging software platform.   Additional Details

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