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Light Throughout The Night Chapter 7: Quest
Posted: 2023-02-11 At: 5:30 am:   

If you've reached this blog post via a search engine or through social media, I'm posting the complete book for free here as blog posts. A summery is located here.

Light Throughout The Night is a complete story with many twists and turns. The only way to feel the essence of the story is to read it from beginning to end.

Even though I'm posting the book as blog posts, the eBook is still available for sale. As a result, please don't post the book elsewhere.

Chapter 7: Quest

On the way to the train station, Glow stopped at the old ladies house to drop off a note she wrote a few days prior.


My name is Glow. You might remember me from when I was younger. I use to camp on your property with a bunch of friends. You always welcomed us.

Since that time, and even before then, the life I was living wasn’t good. I needed to get away from things.

I remembered the field where we camped and decided to make that piece of property my home. Four and a half years ago I set up a tent in the field, by the river, and have been living there ever since. You own an incredibly beautiful plot of land.

I genuinely apologize for not asking your permission. I left all my belongings. You’re welcome to keep them.

I’m going to be gone for a while. Though, if you’ll have me, I’d like the opportunity to stay in the field sometime in the future, either permanently or just to visit.

Thank you,


A few hours later Glow arrived at the train station.

The train station was magnificent. Glow felt like she entered into a whole new world.

Skyscrapers lined the surroundings. The train station was packed, people everywhere, yelling, pushing, confused, focused, aggressive and cautious. Carefully, Glow maneuvered through the crowds to the train.

The train itself was massive. The width spanned across four sets of train tracks, each four times the size of regular train tracks. The wheels were almost as tall as Glow and they were thick.

The train stretched down the tracks, hundreds of feet in length, disappearing into a tunnel. The outside was sleek, aerodynamic, looking as if it was one long flexible train car, lit up with neon lights and digital billboards, many of which showcased the new sports.

Glow entered through the main entrance. Security devices at each entrance scanned passengers and their luggage. They were noninvasive, yet, could sense just about any type of weapon or danger a passenger could present.

The main entrance led Glow into an ultramodern shopping mall. The counters were all glass. Payment and retrieval of items purchased was automated.

Glow slowly worked her way to the passenger section, browsing as she walked through the mall. When Glow arrived, she took a seat next to a window.

The seats were spacious, luxurious, soft leather reclining bucket seats. Each seat featured its own home theater system.

Soon thereafter, the train pulled out of the station. If Glow wasn’t looking out the window, she wouldn’t have known the train was moving. The train was silent, without any vibrations, within minutes traveling at speeds close to 800 miles per hour. Everything looked like a blur.

The radio was playing in the background, playing songs Glow never heard before. A completely new style of music took over while she was gone. Glow blocked everything around her out. She shut her eyes, listening to every note, every lyric, of every song.

The train didn’t stop. A series of smaller highspeed trains funneled passengers to the nearest super train. The smaller train pulled up alongside the super train, matching speeds. The doors opened, connecting the two trains. Passengers entered and exited. The loading and unloading of passengers was very similar to the way military planes refuel in midair.

When the train slowed to exchange passengers, Glow looked out the window. People were out and about, everywhere, enjoying life. Parks usually empty during weekdays were packed with joggers, bike riders, softball teams, and flag football teams. Friends and families gathered for picnics, while tossing the Frisbee around.

Eventually, Glow turned on the television. She began flipping through different news channels. Even though Glow didn’t watch much tv during her life, she watched enough to know the news stories were very different from what she remembered.

The balance of stories changed. News channels still ran stories about corruption and crime. However, not as many. They weren’t headline stories. They weren’t glamorized.

The main stories showed different projects built by The People’s Army. They showed stories about everyday people. And most of all, news channels ran exclusive stories about people competing at the arenas.

These were people just like her, just like Beckie and they were now featured on the evening news sports segments. The world Glow was entering, wasn’t the same world she exited.

The rest of the train ride was very smooth. Glow sat back, cleared her mind of any worries, while enjoying the stories on television.

Most of the trip was underground. Within a couple of hours Glow was about to arrive her destination.

The train slowed just before entering the new city. A city built from the ground up, within the last five years. A city with the latest technological advances. A city unlike anything anyone has ever seen anywhere else in the world.

A huge amusement park filled with giant Ferris Wheels, Rollercoasters, games and attractions line the outskirts.

Next, the train traveled through a zoo, spanning 50 square miles, surrounding the inner layer of the city.

Huge hundred foot high plexiglass walls line the outer borders of the zoo. Visitors walk and bike through the zoo inside a maze of enclosed plexiglass walkways. Numerous picnic tables and concession stands are located throughout the walkways. Visitors sit and eat, while watching exotic animals sometimes just a few feet away on the other side of the plexiglass walkways.

Apartment buildings and condos are located just past the zoo. Thousands of them surround the arenas.

As the train entered the inner city, Glow couldn’t believe her eyes. The arenas are larger than anything she’s ever seen.

The main arena towers above the city, as high as a skyscraper, with a depth and width equal to four city blocks. The outside is constructed of thick darkened glass, embedded with the latest solar technology. Electricity generated from the main arena powers part of the city.

The smaller arenas each have their own theme and are almost as impressive.

One is surrounded by a moat, resembling a modern day version of the historical Camelot Castle. An enormous drawbridge leads guests through the main entrance.

Another is lined with stainless steel. Everything on the outside is stainless steel, from top to bottom.

A smaller arena only for competitors was built deep underground, under the main arena. The underground arena has practice cubes and an exercise gym.

The practice cubes are used for tryouts and scheduled practice sessions. Only other competitors are allowed to watch tryouts from the stands.

Many things were built underground to help alleviate congestion. Small rail lines, similar to those used by vintage coal carts are used to deliver packages and mail to the basements of each building.

Mail arrives inside sealed canisters. From there, the canisters are delivered to each apartment or condo via vacuum tubes. Each person receives a canister, then, returns it for the next days mail delivery.

Above ground, throughout the city, moving walkways powered by magnets efficiently move attendees, competitors and locals from all parts of the city, to and from the arenas.

Glow stepped off the train into a world of wonder. Glow stepped off the train into a city named Wonder.

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