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Entire Web
Entireweb: a search engine with it's own database and unique search results.   Additional Details
Mojeek (UK)
MoJeek: a search engine based in the UK with their own database and unique search results.   Additional Details
Gigablast Search Engine
The Gigablast search engine has its own searchable database of websites and unique results.   Additional Details
Board Reader
Board Reader allows users to search message boards.   Additional Details
Search social media website hashtags, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and much more at HashAtIt.Com.   Additional Details
Nerdy Data Code Search Engine
Nerdy Data searches source code used to display websites.   Additional Details
Excite Search Engine
The Excite search engine, sports scores, local weather forecasts and more.   Additional Details
LookSeek: a web directory style search engine with it's own database of websites.   Additional Details
Curlie: a free human-edited website directory originating from Open Directory Project (ODP) and DMOZ, edited by volunteer editors .   Additional Details
AskBEE Website Directory
AskBEE: a free SEO Friendly Website Directory with the posting of a reciprocal link.   Additional Details
Ecosia Search Engine: profits from searches go towards planting trees where they are needed most.   Additional Details
Best of the Web Directory
BOTW: Best of the Web Internet Web Directory lists websites via category.   Additional Details
Answers.com: search for answers to questions.   Additional Details
Ask (Ask Jeeves)
Ask is a search engine with it's own database, enabling visitors to easily find requested data.   Additional Details
Metacrawler Meta Search Engine
The Metacrawler Meta Search Engine searches multiple website databases, resulting in a unique variety of search results.   Additional Details
Search All Of Craigslist
Search all the Craigslist classified webpages within the craigslist.org website.   Additional Details
Search The Web Guide
George Farina's Web Guide Database: search, sort URL's listed in the database.   Additional Details
Wolfram Alpha
A knowledge based search engine with unique search technology and query results, including math, science, nutrition, history, geography, engineering, mathematics, linguistics, sports, finance, music and much more.   Additional Details
24 7 Web Directory
24 7 Web Directory: a human edited web directory showing websites listed within various categories.   Additional Details

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