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Light Throughout The Night Table of Contents
Posted: 2022-11-15 At: 5:30 am:  

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Slammed Shut
Chapter 2: Desperate Measures
Chapter 3: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 4: The People’s Army
Chapter 5: Visitor
Chapter 6: Opposing Emotions (Post Scheduled February 5th, 2023)
Chapter 7: Quest (Post Scheduled February 11th, 2023)
Chapter 8: Competitive Spirit (Post Scheduled February 18th, 2023)
Chapter 9: Lady (Post Scheduled February 26th, 2023)
Chapter 10: Venom (Post Scheduled March 5th, 2023)
Chapter 11: Devastation (Post Scheduled March 11th, 2023)
Chapter 12: War Drums (Post Scheduled March 18th, 2023)
Chapter 13: Ding, Ding (Post Scheduled March 25th, 2023)
Chapter 14: Foursome (Post Scheduled April 2nd, 2023)

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Light Throughout The Night Chapter 1 Slammed Shut
Posted: 2023-01-02 At: 5:30 am:  

If you've reached this blog post via a search engine, I'm posting the complete book for free here as blog posts. A summery is located here.

Light Throughout The Night is a complete story with many twists and turns. The only way to feel the essence of the story is to read it from beginning to end.

Even though I'm posting the book as blog posts, both the paperback and eBook are still available for sale. As a result, please don't post the book elsewhere.

Chapter 1: Slammed Shut

Sometimes a person’s life goes exactly as planned. They’re born. They go to grade school. They graduate. They go to college. They get a good job. They marry a good husband / wife. They have kids. They make plenty of friends in the neighborhood and live a good life.

Glow’s life didn’t start out going exactly as planned. Her early life wasn’t average, nor was it good.

Glow’s mother died a few months after giving birth to her. Glow wasn’t wanted by her father. He was only dating her mother for a couple months before she got pregnant. Six months after her death, he married another woman.

Glow’s father and stepmother put up with her, yet, didn’t throw much care in her direction. From the beginning, Glow was an accident. That’s how she was treated.

Glow’s father didn’t stay in touch with her birthmother’s side of the family. When her father and stepmother visited their own sides of the family, they usually left Glow home. The few times they did take her, she wished they hadn’t.

Their relatives teased Glow mercilessly, often making fun of her name, making tackles, snide comments about her birthmother, while laughing.

None of them cared, not even slightly. Glow was very young. There wasn’t anything she could do. She sat at the table, fuming in anger, with her mouth clamped shut.

The only time her father and stepmother paid attention to Glow was when she got in trouble. They didn’t care if she did things wrong. That didn’t bother them. Neither cared about what she was doing or wasn’t doing. Her parents only became irritated when the trouble she caused interfered with their lives.

During those instances, they released a wrath of hate and disgust towards Glow, rooted from deep within their souls. The depth of their anger and genuine displeasure, ensured Glow kept those memories for her entire life. The punishments following their wraths were harsh. She learnt at an early age, not to mess with their lives, ever, for any reason.

Glow’s most daunting memory was when she was ten. She decided to skip the last day of school. Her father and stepmother were called to her school as a result. They happened to have a social gathering the same night. Both were irate at the fact they had to miss the gathering.

Glow’s parents were cool and calm during the meeting, holding in their anger until they got home. When they got home, Glow’s father and stepmother let their fury loose, getting in Glow’s face, screaming.


Their tirade went on for hours, with many curse words included. Once they enter into a rage of anger, Glow doesn’t dare speak back. She slowly backs to the furthest corner of the room, flinching when they get to close, waiting in fear, in tears for their wrath to end.

When her father and stepmother did finally finish yelling, Glow was vanquished to her room for a month. She wasn’t allowed to leave for any reason.

Her stepmother opened Glow’s door to feed her breakfast, sliding the dish along with a drink into the room. She only opened the door wide enough to leave a plate of food. She didn’t want to see Glow. She didn’t want to hear Glow. Later in the evening, Glow’s stepmother collected the plate and glass, while leaving dinner. Neither parents said a word to Glow the whole month.

Glow spent the first few days crying. Typically, when she’s vanquished to her room she sits on the floor, staring at the wall for weeks at a time, withering away with every second that passes.

Glow lived in a rural area of a small city. Occasionally, she opened the window to listen to other kids playing down the street. The sounds were faint, regardless, they usually eased her suffering, every so often adding to her suffering, knowing she couldn’t go outside to play.

The length of her punishments caused Glow to become secluded from others. By the time Glow was let her out of her room, most of her friends found new friends. They weren’t around any longer.

When her parents were home, both expected Glow to stay away from them, and stay quiet. If Glow disturbed them in anyway, she was sent to her room. She didn’t learn much growing up. The little she did learn was from watching others.

Her parents were well known throughout the city. Most of the locals figured Glow wasn’t being treated humanely, yet, simply turned their heads. Eventually, Glow learnt how to do things wrong without getting her parents involved.

Both Glow’s father and stepmother worked full time jobs, while putting their social appearance first, living life almost as if they didn’t have a child.

As Glow grew older, she was expected to follow in her parents footsteps. Glow’s parents tried forcing her to work at a young age and in their same field of employment.

Having Glow work in their same field of employment created a better social appearance and gave them more control. When Glow refused, her parents tried to get her out of the way and out of their house.

Glow wasn’t interested in living their life. She wanted her own life. She wanted options. Glow wanted her own life as much as her parents didn’t want her to have a life. Glow didn’t want their mentality rubbing off on her. Glow feared, if she stuck around, she would become like them.

At a young age Glow walked out.

That day, just as Glow got to the door, she turned to her father and stepmother, saying, “Going forward, there may be plenty of things that cause me problems and misery throughout the rest of my life. Neither of you will ever cause me another second of misery!”

She slammed the door behind her and didn’t look back.

After leaving, Glow felt great. Two people who caused her a great deal of mental anguish, weren’t a part of her life anymore and couldn’t ever hurt her again.

At the same time, Glow knew her life was going to get tough. She didn’t have any money or a place to go. Glow didn’t have many possessions either. The only things she took with her were a few DVD’s and a portable DVD player.

By ninth grade, Glow dropped out of school. She was out late every night, partying, enjoying life. She slept wherever possible, frequently sleeping on the beach. She loved the soft warm feel of the sand. When Glow woke, she took a quick shower via public beach showers.

The beach where she stayed wasn’t well known. Nevertheless, it was a decent place to spend time, located towards the outer boarder of the city, surrounded by a small boardwalk, with a few stores. During peak season, the beach was somewhat crowded. Most of the time, very few beachgoers visited.

While at the beach, Glow tried to keep to herself. In general, people simply smiled as they walked by. Once in a while guys hit on her. Sometimes, a lonely dude wandering the beach who seemed to like Glow tried flirting with her. Other times, a group of guys looking for ladies to join their party tried to entice Glow to join them.

Even though Glow was homeless, she was seeing someone she met at a nightclub a few months after she began living on the streets. His name is Logan. Their relationship wasn’t always steady.

Logan lived on the other side of town and traveled for work. His travels often kept them apart for weeks at a time. Regardless, she liked him and wasn’t looking to meet anyone else. When someone hit on her, she brushed them off without a second thought.

Every now and then, workers patrolling the beach, who saw Glow regularly, question her. If Glow felt the questions were too intrusive, she changed her routine. She took local train or bus rides when she got tired.

After boarding, Glow found an empty seat in a vacant section. She turned her head as if she was looking out the window, before passing out. A couple hours later, she woke to exit when the train or bus reached the last stop. From there, she boarded the next train or bus, repeatedly, until she got enough rest.

Once in a while, Glow stayed at friends’ houses. She was best friends with a chick named Becky. She mostly stayed at Beckie’s house. Regardless of the friend, or how much she enjoyed their company, Glow was always very considerate, never staying more than a couple days.

Despite the fact Glow didn’t have a place to sleep, she wasn’t completely broke. Occasionally, she worked odd jobs. Without having to pay rent, she stretched even a small paycheck for at least a month.

Many people didn’t realize she was living on the streets. Others didn’t care. After seeing Glow on the streets, they went home, ate dinner, before going sleep, without giving Glow a second thought.

Every so often, Glow gathered a little extra cash. With the money she gathered, she purchased cross country, round trip bus tickets. Long distance bus trips were an inexpensive way for her to catch up on sleep. The bus trips took about two weeks and were mostly via highway.

Glow slept during the majority of the ride. When she wasn’t sleeping, she looked out the window. Sometimes she daydreamed. Sometimes she felt sorry for herself. Other times, she just enjoyed the scenery.

The buses stopped at different cities for layovers. The longer layovers were between five and six hours. Glow usually exited the bus to stretch her legs, while walking the city’s streets.

While traveling across the country, Glow spoke with plenty of different people. Typically, she kept the conversations to small talk. She was often asked the usual questions. “Where are you going?” “Where are you from?” Glow didn’t always have a good answer.

She tried telling the truth a few times. “I just felt like hopping on the bus to view the scenery and catch up on sleep.” After a few bewildered looks, she just shrugged when asked those types of questions.

Occasionally, Glow introduced herself. Frequently, she received complements due to the uniqueness of her name. The complements were almost always followed up with questions asking about her name. How and why Glow’s birthmother named Glow, is one of the few highlights she remembers from her early childhood.

When asked about her name, Glow’s eyes brightened. They grew wide, sparkling, followed by a smile, a smile bright enough to light up an entire room. Immediately thereafter, she told them the story about her name. She loves telling that story.

When Glow was very young, her aunt (her birthmothers sister) told Glow why she was named Glow. Even at a very young age, Glow remembers the story like it was told to her yesterday.

Her natural birthmother was a professional wrestler for an independent wrestling circuit. After she got pregnant, she stayed with the circuit to train rookie female wrestlers.

Shortly before Glow’s birth, her mom flew to Las Vegas for a wrestling event. While in Las Vegas, she found out the G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling were filming their 100th episode at the Riviera Hotel.

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling were the reason her birthmother became a professional wrestler. With the success of G.L.O.W., her wrestling circuit added females to their wrestling events.

Glow’s mom was staying at a hotel a couple blocks away. Even at eight and a half months pregnant, after working eight hours, in the dark, by herself, and with swollen feet, Glow’s mom decided to take a walk down the street to see the Riviera Hotel.

Neon signs lit up the whole street. When she arrived in front of the Riviera Hotel, a huge neon sign illuminated the sky, displaying the acronym G.L.O.W.. The very second Glow’s mom looked up at the sign, she went into labor. She knew at that instant, she was naming her daughter Glow.

When Glow wasn’t taking bus trips, the few things she owned, she kept in lockers. Lockers were available at the beach to rent by the week. Whenever possible, she stored her stuff in those lockers.

Other times, Glow stored her stuff inside gym lockers. Often, workers who saw Glow visiting regularly, bent the rules, allowing Glow to keep her lock on a locker. Gyms were another place where she showered.

Sometimes, Glow stayed at her boyfriend’s house, often cuddling with him in front of the tv. Logan didn’t know she was living on the streets when they weren’t together. Neither asked the other many questions.

Most of the time they spent together was a rush, enjoying the glory of parties and clubs, enjoying being young, carefree, enjoying each other’s company and simply enjoying life. That’s all Glow ever wanted, someone to enjoy life with.

Nevertheless, their time together always ended. Without fail, every few weeks, Logan was scheduled to travel for work, causing Glow anguish. She didn’t like when their time together ended. Glow viewed Logan’s business trips as a sign he didn’t want to spend as much time with her as she did with him.

While they were apart Glow thought about Logan. She wondered if he met other ladies during his travels. She worried he might not come back. Though, when he did, things were like he never left. Glow and Logan always clicked when they were together.

Eventually, Logan started taking longer trips. The two did have differences. Logan was raised in much the same way many others are raised. He spent a lot of time with his family. He was very proper.

Glow was the opposite. She always declined when Logan invited her to have dinner with his family. The only thing she knew about family was the way she was treated. She didn’t want anything to do with that.

Over time, Logan decided he wanted something different, something better, at least in his mind. Glow was ecstatic just to have the basic necessities and ecstatic they were enjoying life together.

In many ways, Glow and Logan didn’t understand each other. Just like Glow couldn’t understand why he liked spending time with his family, Logan couldn’t understand why she didn’t have his same ambition.

As Logan’s trips got longer, the two stopped clicking the same way they did earlier in their relationship. The good times weren’t as good. With his travels, his interests changed. Logan began keeping his distance, even when he wasn’t traveling.

The couple stopped staying in touch and seeing each other all together.

Glow was 22 years old. Logan was the only guy she ever dated. While the two were out together at clubs, she was fiercely possessive of him. Glow’s mentality caused her to get into a few scuffles if other ladies crept to close.

After their breakup, Glow went through difficult times. Her life spiraled into a downward disaster. Most would think, just the fact she was living on the street was the bottom rung. It wasn’t. Glow withdrew herself from society. She was angry all the time. She lost interest in anything and everything going on in the world.

Whenever Glow earned money, she bought alcohol, while spending the majority of her time alone, drunk and broke. She often reflected on her life. She felt sorry for herself and in many ways her feelings were justified.

After leaving multiple jobs, Glow couldn’t even afford alcohol. Life on the street became much tougher. Her best friend Beckie moved away for college. She didn’t have any way to escape the streets.

Glow didn’t make things easier for herself either. She refused to ask anyone for money. Workers began interrogating her when they saw her at the beach or on trains.

Finding places to sleep became much more difficult. Some days Glow walked miles, in direct sunlight, searching for a place to sleep. Hours later, bewildered, dehydrated and exhausted, she passed out wherever she was located, usually a sidewalk.

When someone woke Glow, she simply apologized, saying she just needed a rest, then, walked as far as she could before passing out on some other sidewalk.

Glow rarely ate. Most days she scavenged a few bites here and there. Some stores gave out free samples. She ate as many of those as allowed. Needless to say, her hunger wasn’t satisfied.

After days only eating morsels, pain from the emptiness in her stomach increased substantially. After a few weeks, the pain subsided slightly. Glow’s body adapted to less food. She lost a significant amount of weight.

Her stomach sunk inward, tightly stretching her skin over her ribs, exposing the bones in her ribs, before curving into an almost nonexistent mid-section.

Malnourishment took its toll. Her muscles became weak and frail. Dehydration also took its toll. Glow was drenched in sweat all day, she couldn’t drink nearly as much as her body needed. Dehydration, combined with malnourishment, beats down the toughest people. In order to walk, Glow needed to use all her strength just to lift each leg up and forward.

After many very brutal months on the street, Glow began to pull herself together. She learnt different methods to stay out of the limelight and sunlight, while still staying out of societies grasp.

She cleaned herself up somewhat. Then, found a part time job. After working a few months, she purchased a used pickup truck.

Before Glow found a job, her thoughts were of immediate necessities for survival. She usually spent hours trying to figure out where she could find her next meal. Then, where she could sleep later at night. Working and having the pickup relived some of those issues, at least to a lesser degree.

Glow spent the next year and a half of her life on the streets, going from part time job to part time job. At the same time, Glow began spending time at libraries, reading books, thinking about things other than immediate survival.

Glow discovered different, interesting parts of life. Yet, she still couldn’t find her niche. She couldn’t find another guy she liked, and she couldn’t find another group of friends. Eventually, she couldn’t find another job.

Today, Glow sits in her pickup. Thoughts, quickly pass through her head as she tries to figure out how to find peace within herself.

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Light Throughout The Night Chapter 2 Desperate Measures
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If you've reached this blog post via a search engine, I'm posting the complete book for free here as blog posts. A summery is located here.

Light Throughout The Night is a complete story with many twists and turns. The only way to feel the essence of the story is to read it from beginning to end.

Even though I'm posting the book as blog posts, both the paperback and eBook are still available for sale. As a result, please don't post the book elsewhere.

Chapter 2: Desperate Measures

Years earlier, before Glow dropped out of school, the area started changing. A number of large corporations opened businesses. People from other cities and towns moved in for employment. Sufficient local housing was lacking. Corporate executives paid premium prices for housing. The cost of living quadrupled, rapidly.

Many elder residents living on fixed incomes couldn’t afford to live in their hometown. Most sold their homes. Previous politicians who were also longtime residents, were voted out of office. The focus of new politicians was towards corporate growth and development. Laws changed. Some of the new laws made living off grid difficult. Others increased the cost of living. The town wasn’t the same.

Previously protected large plots of forest reserved for wildlife and parks were getting developed. These weren’t the type of developments the majority of the citizens could afford. They weren’t in the best interest of current residents, the earth or the planet.

By this part of Glow’s life, she wasn’t paying any attention to the changes. It wouldn’t have mattered if the sky was falling. She didn’t want to know about it. She just knew, she wanted to get away.

She wanted to get away from society. She wanted to get away from her past. And she wanted to get off the streets. The lifestyle Glow was living caused her many years of suffering.

Glow began reading about self-sufficiency. She gathered information from wherever possible. She read articles online and posts via message boards. She spent many hours at the library, gathering information from magazines and books.

Glow already possessed a diverse set of survival skills, partly from an upbringing where she was forced to deal with life on her own, partly from spending much of her young adult life on the streets. Beckie’s parents lived off grid. Glow learnt numerous off grid survival techniques when she visited Beckie’s house.

Glow remembered a place still out of the limelight. A place deep enough in the woods where she could find peace. A place where she could get away from things.

An older lady owned a large plot of land. Her families been living in the town since it was first incorporated over a hundred years ago. The old lady always treated Glow decent.

When their town was taken over, she was pressured into selling her property. She refused many very generous offers. After turning down their offers, the old lady received intimidating phone calls, almost daily, as part of an effort to bully her into selling her land.

The old lady still refused. She knew developers would level her land. Her properties’ been passed down through her family for generations. She wanted to leave her daughter something of substance when it was her time to go.

Glow drove to a piece of the old ladies property she visited as a kid. She got out of her truck. She sat under a tree a little ways from a river. The sky was a stunning bright blue. The air was crisp.

Glow sat under the tree watching squirrels play nearby. They jumped from branch to branch, from tree to tree, playing, chasing each other, looking for food, burying acorns. They seemed happy. They were enjoying every second of their life.

Those squirrels didn’t have million-dollar apartments or internet, yet they were happier than most people she’s ever met. They were also much happier than she’s ever been.

In the background, Glow listened to rushing water from the river and birds tweeting. She felt at ease. She felt alive. Glow yearned to turn the field where she sat into her home. She didn’t want to continue living a lifestyle killing her soul and body with each passing day.

Glow looked further down towards the river. She said to herself, “That’s a great spot to set up a tent. That’s a great spot to turn into my home.”

The old lady was very laid back. Camping on her land wasn’t an issue.

Glow camped in the field with Becky as youngsters. As the two friends reached their teens, sometimes they threw small parties by the river. Party goers lit a campfire, downed a few brews while sitting on beach chairs, chatting away. During a few of the wilder parties, they did shotguns, sang, and danced before passing out next to the campfire.

The field was difficult to find. It was located at the end of a series of dirt roads with no trespassing signs along the way. The dirt roads were long and narrow, nothing like the dirt roads seen in movies. The ones where a car whisks along as a cloud of dust follows.

These roads were filled with ditches, crevices, and large rocks. Drivers needed to maneuver their vehicles carefully and slowly, making the field an ideal spot for someone seeking seclusion. During previous camping trips, Glow didn’t see any other vehicles enter the field or travel down the dirt roads.

Glow looked at the opportunity as a win win. The cost to live in the field was minimal. At the same time, she would get a chance to experience a different side of life. A side of life she hadn’t experienced before.

The sights and sounds were majestic. Glow couldn’t stop thinking about waking up to the sound of rushing water, birds tweeting, and crickets chirping. She imagined stepping outside her tent to see squirrels playing, the forest, and water flowing down the river.

Glow’s been working the same job for almost ten months. She earns decent money, while saving most of the money she earns. She put together a list of the items she needed to live in the field. She thought about hundreds of different scenarios.

Glow thought about how she’d fix the tent if it started leaking. She thought about different ways to cook food. She thought about how she’d wash dishes, along with plenty of other issues she needed to overcome.

After settling in the field, Glow planned to stay in the field for at least six months, without leaving for any reason. She needed to stay away from anyone and everyone for at least six months.

Glow needed to straighten out her head. The only way she could better herself, was by staying away from the life that kept her on the street. Glow also figured, she would attract much less attention if she didn’t have to take multiple trips into town after she was settled.

The same day Glow visited the field, she began putting a plan together. The first thing she did was tie up loose ends. Due to the type of life Glow lived, she didn’t have many loose ends. The only two things she thought of doing were filing her taxes and calling Beckie.

Becky moved away years ago. Before Beckie moved, Glow and Beckie each made the other promise to stay in touch. As a result, Glow and Beckie spoke every couple of months. Since Glow was completely removing herself from society, she decided to give her friend a call.

Whenever they talked, Glow always told Becky she was doing good and everything was ok. Then, she enjoyed listening to all the things going on in Beckie’s life. During their phone conversation, the two chatted about the old ladies field.

Becky was the only person Glow still trusted. She decided to let Becky know, nonchalantly, she was moving into the field. She also asked Beckie to keep her whereabouts on the downlow.

As soon as Becky heard, she gave Glow plenty of great advice. Glow diligently took notes.

Once all of Glow’s loose ends were tied up and her list was complete, she began taking trips to different stores. With six months of food and supplies needed, Glow had a lot of work ahead of her.

The first thing Glow purchased was a very large army green military style cabin tent. The tent was the most expensive item on her list. She wasn’t going to let the cost stop her. Glow found a tent on sale for a great price.

The canvas was thick, ensuring it would endure outside elements for many years. A large screened in porch was built into the front, giving her an extra layer of protection from bugs.

The inside was very spacious, allowing room for furniture and enough open space for Glow to walk around, stretching her legs during days it rained.

Before Glow set up the tent, she decided to build a foundation. The spot where she planned to set up her tent was already elevated. She didn’t need a thick foundation, just something high enough off the ground to keep small puddles of rainwater from entering the living quarters.

She filled the back of her truck with 2 inch thick, 1 square foot cement squares. Cement squares are inexpensive and very durable. They would also serve as sturdy flooring.

Needless to say, the cement squares were heavy. To prevent water from entering during the worst storms, Glow decided to stack them two deep. Due to their size, she needed hundreds of them for the base of the tent.

Laying out the cement squares was her toughest task. Even though Glow was somewhat healthier than she’d been, she was still very thin and frail. Most people need years to recover from just a few months of living on the streets. Glow’s been living on the streets for years.

She took two trips back and forth to the store, just to get them all to the field. Before Glow was halfway done setting up the first layer of cement squares, her muscles were aching, her knees were swollen, and her back was sore.

As weak as she was physically, living on the streets has a way of toughing up even the frailest of people in different ways. Their bodies adapt to pain. Their bodies learn to take more punishment. They become immune to pain.

Glow was already tough by nature. She kept going until she couldn’t possibly lift another cement square. Tired and sweaty, she stopped and sat in the passenger seat of her truck to rest. She took many rests throughout the day. The day Glow set up the foundation was hot and humid. Her body often gave in to exhaustion and dehydration. Regardless, after every rest, she immediately went back to work.

Glow pushed herself. She wouldn’t let herself permanently succumb to the pain ailing her body. She spent almost the whole day setting up the foundation.

Early the next morning, sore and groggy, while moving very slow, she put the tent together. Putting the tent together wasn’t an easy task either. Assembling a 200sf tent is usually a two person job. Glow used ingenuity. She took her time and figured it out.

Now with the tent together, Glow began gathering all the things she needed for her stay. Her list was very long. She would have to take multiple trips back and forth to the field.

First, Glow decided to pick up the items needed for inside her tent. She purchased a sleeping bag and a small futon. When she took the futon to the field, she didn’t put it together. She removed all the pieces from the box and tossed them inside the tent.

Glow was looking forward to the next chapter of her life. She wasn’t about to waste time setting up something she could setup later. Glow’s been sleeping in the back of her truck for years. She could put the futon together after she was settled in the field.

Glow did the same for everything packaged inside a box, partly to ensure there weren’t any missing parts, partly to ensure she didn’t leave any unnecessary garbage at the field. With all the items removed from their boxes, Glow could drop off the boxes and packing materials at a recycling facility during her next trip to the store.

During Glow’s next trip to the store, she purchased a single burner electric stovetop. Knowing she would have to deal with rainy days, cooking inside was essential. To go with the stovetop, she bought a small stainless steel table with a stainless steel backstop, giving her a safe place to cook inside the tent.

Glow specifically chose stainless steel because of potential rust issues. Becky taught Glow about the potential dangers of steel items rusting in moist, small environments, telling Glow, “Steel can rust very quick in moist environments, especially if not properly coated. The dust emitted from rusted steel probably isn't great to breaths in”.

Glow picked up a small grill grate for outside. She planned to eat outside as much as possible, getting the most out of her new surroundings.

For her toiletry needs, she went with a porta potty. To complement the porta potty she picked up a composting bin to keep outside, well behind the tent.

From there, Glow purchased dividers to create a separate area for the bathroom. She bought plenty of biodegradable toilet paper and paper towels. TP’s something she didn’t want to run out of during her stay.

Glow desperately needed storage. Keeping a six month supply of food inside a tent required serious organization. She picked up two footlockers to keep her food secure from the elements. She also purchased a standing shelf to store miscellaneous items. Between the shelf and footlockers, the kitchen would take up the most room.

To give her tent the feel of a real home, she dropped cash on a decorative rug and a dust buster.

She purchased a portable camping sink with a faucet powered by a foot pump. The foot pump siphoned water from an attached bucket, pumping the water through the faucet into the sink, allowing Glow to wash dishes inside the tent.

Glow went with biodegradable dish soap, made from 100% natural ingredients. She was very cautious of the environment. She did the same for all the cleaning supplies. Becky always said, “Don’t return anything to the land that didn’t come from the land.”

With the purchase of the electric stove top, Glow needed power.

Becky dropped some serious solar knowledge during their previous phone conversation. She designed and provided Glow with instructions for a simple, yet sufficient and inexpensive solar system. From there, Beckie asked Glow to repeat everything she said, ensuring Glow understood the design, the parts needed, and how they go together.

With the solar system Beckie designed, Glow wouldn’t have any issues powering the stovetop. Furthermore, she would have electricity, off grid, for years, without any additional cost.

Glow purchased two 100 watt solar panels, two 100 amp hour batteries, an adequate power inverter, a charge controller, and the necessary wires and fuses.

She purchased plywood to build a vented battery box. The battery box would sit just outside her tent and also serve as a place to mount the solar panels. Glow planned to attach the inverter to the back of the shelves in her kitchen.

Glow didn’t buy any additional appliances. She didn’t buy any electronics either. Glow didn’t want to know what was going on in the world. She lived in that world for to many years. Nothing good ever came from there.

The only electronic device she took was a tiny portable DVD Player with a built-in monitor. She kept the DVD Player and a few DVD’s with her everywhere she went.

She was given the DVD Player as a gift when she was eight, the only gift she’s ever been given. Glow was in the same place she spent most of her childhood, locked in her room. She was being punished for two weeks during summer vacation.

Glow had been trapped in her room for the last two days, without anything to do or anyone to keep her company. She was sitting on her bed, looking out the window.

All of a sudden she saw Beckie’s head peering out from behind a tree near the neighbor’s house. When Beckie saw the coast was clear, she darted across the yard towards Glow’s window.

Quietly, Glow opened the window. Beckie slowed as she approached, cautiously looking down, trying to avoid stepping on any leaves or twigs. When she arrived, she whispered in a very low tone, nervously looking around, afraid she might get caught, yet keeping the courage to see her mission through. “Glow, I got this for Christmas. I already have a DVD player. Here.”

She shoved the DVD player, and a couple DVD’s through the window into Glow’s arms. Immediately thereafter, she took off running. By the time Glow had a chance to thank her, Beckie was halfway across the yard.

The DVD’s were filled with Saturday morning cartoons from the 80’s. Glow always enjoyed watching Saturday morning cartoons when she visited Beckie’s house. The cartoons were in addition to a couple DVD’s Glow already owned. Glow owned a DVD with two of her mom’s wrestling matches. She also owned a couple episodes of G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

What she didn’t have was a DVD player. She rarely got to watch her mom wrestle. She was absolutely thrilled at her friends jester. She couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the time she was punished.

Glow ducked down real low on the other side of her bed. She put on her headphones, keeping the volume low, allowing her to hear if someone was walking down the hall. Then, she began watching the DVD’s. She must have watched the episodes at least fifty times each. Now, every time she thinks of that week, she smiles.

Next, Glow hit up a home and garden store. A vibrant, healthy garden was essential for her long term survival in the field.

She snagged a bunch of fence stakes and screening to build a fence around the garden. The screening would prevent even the smallest critters from getting to her veggies and fruits. Extra fence stakes would serve as supports for taller plants. She also tossed a mallet and shovel into the cart.

From there, she entered the greenhouse. The second Glow entered, she took a deep breath, inhaling the scents from the plants, knowing she would wake up to those very same scents every morning. She couldn’t wait to arrive at her new home.

Glow shortened her list with the purchase of a variety of different plants and seeds, including Watermelons, Squash, Green Beans, Garlic, Corn, Onions, Potatoes, and Carrots to name a few.

The climate where Glow’s located is very mild. Due to the variety of plants and seeds, she would have a sufficient harvest during all four seasons. The seeds from each harvest would keep Glow’s garden growing for many years, without any additional cost. With a year-round food supply, she could stay in the field indefinitely.

Glow dropped off multiple carts filled with gardening supplies at the front of the store. Next, she headed to the lumber section.

The lumber section is where Glow stacked a modest supply of lumber, bolts, and screws onto a large dolly.

Before leaving, she found a steel barrel with an airtight lid to serve as a trashcan. Other than a few plastic food wrappers, Glow didn’t anticipate having much garbage. The size of the barrel was adequate, while keeping garbage safe from racoons and other critters.

Glow also picked up a couple gallons of paint, paint brushes and a vintage style manual push mower. With the mower, she could keep a landscaped yard in front of her tent.

By the time Glow finished her latest shopping trip, it was late, she was tired. She drove to the field, then passed out in her truck almost immediately after her arrival. Early the next morning, she unloaded all the supplies.

The shopping trips were taking much longer than Glow expected and they were wearing on her. Nevertheless, she stayed focused on her new life. After each shopping trip, the excitement at the thought of a new, better life, kept building.

Having already purchased all the larger items, Glow began shopping for food. Shopping for six months’ worth of food isn’t an easy task, especially on Glow’s budget. She didn’t want to spend more than a grand, about five dollars a day for food and drinks.

If Glow stuck to her budget, she would have enough money remaining for the following six months, if needed. Eventually, she hoped to get all her food from her garden. Luckily, plenty of different types of food last at least six months.

Aisle after aisle, with tenacity and diligence, Glow began filling her cart.

She purchased cases of oodles and noodles, peanut butter, soup, tuna, pork and beans, cans of veggies, boxes of cereal along with a number of other food items. She bought a large cooler and filled it with bags of rice.

While making her list, Glow tentatively put together a menu of what she would eat each day. Next, she figured out how much of each item she needed for a six month stay. If her shopping list wasn’t sufficient, within a couple months, her garden would provide plenty of extra food.

Glow didn’t need water, the river provided an endless supply. She just needed a way to carry water from the river to her tent and jugs to store water inside her tent. Glow purchased a couple five gallon buckets as a method to fetch water and airtight jugs for storage. Before consumption, she planned to run drinking water through a filter for purification, then boil the filtered water.

Coffee was a different story. Coffee was one of the few non-essential must have items on her list. Glow purchased a six month supply of instant coffee. She indulged with the purchase of a couple cases of beer. Even though the cases of beer wouldn’t last six months, she figured, what the heck, why not.

She was about to move off the streets into a new home. She had a good reason to celebrate.

By the time Glow finished shopping for food, she was way under budget. Food prices were much lower than she expected. She didn’t know why and didn’t give the lower prices a second thought.

Glow’s next stop was a local department store where she notched off a variety of different items from her list.

Glow grabbed flashlights, a small desktop light, a miscellaneous supply of rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, two extension cords, bungie cords, zip ties, slider bags, garbage bags, rope, duct tape, and a Swiss army pocketknife.

To alleviate potential moisture issues, Glow snagged a few bottles of mildew remover and a fan.

She didn’t forget about kitchen utensils either. Sluggishly, as the length of the shopping trips wore on Glow, she pushed her cart to the opposite end of the store to purchase a coffee cup, a pot, a pan, a couple forks, a couple knives, a couple spoons, a can opener, sponges, and plenty of towels and washcloths.

The department store was also where she purchased backup and emergency supplies. Her list called for a variety of miscellaneous tools, a fishing pole, fishing lures, an ax, matches, a lighter, lighter fluid, biofuel cans, a first aid kit and a few tarps. She intended to use the extra tarps to keep firewood dry.

With thoughts of her truck sitting in the field for at least six months, Glow purchased an automotive battery charger and an air pump.

After shopping for over a week, Glow was as determined as ever to finish her list without forgetting anything. As the end of her list neared, she began to get a second wind.

She found a sleek looking table and chair for her porch. She also tossed a set of Christmas lights in the cart to serve as lighting inside the porch.

Glow purchased a beach chair to use during the days she wanted to sit outside in the field. Glow picked up a can of mace and a stun gun. She didn’t think she needed either of those items, however, she figured, better to be safe than sorry.

With Glows reprieve in the field, she planned to take better care of her health. She purchased a few toothbrushes, many bottles of toothpaste, mouthwash, flossers and multi vitamins.

To go with her healthier lifestyle, she picked up plenty of womanly beautification items to help her feel good about herself. She bought nail clippers, nail polish, perfume, hairbrushes, and shavers.

After making several trips between different department stores and the field, Glow stopped at a local farm. She purchased a couple hens and bags of grain to feed them. Fresh eggs in the morning sounded delicious.

Lastly, Glow desperately needed clothes. For the first time in years, she went clothes shopping.

Glow only owned a couple items of clothes. They were old. They were dirty. There wasn’t any cleaning them, regardless of how many times they were washed.

Glow spent money on a new pair of sneakers and a pair of hiking boots. She dropped moolah on jeans, summer dresses, leggings, tees, sweatpants, sweatshirts, shorts and plenty of undies. She snagged a few thick sweatshirts and wool socks for the winter months as well.

Before Glow broke up with Logan, her style was cultish casual. She usually wore 80’s style gym shirts. The type where one of the sleeves hangs off the side of the shoulder. She wore sweatshirts or tees with either sweatpants, jeans, leggings or soccer shorts.

Her style was influenced by her birthmother and the 1980’s. There wasn’t any doubt about that.

Now, she’ll look a little more like herself. And when she moves into the field, she’ll feel like the Glow for whom her mother gave birth.

Naturally, Glow was adventurous. She was a free spirit. She liked to explore, experience and learn about life’s exciting intricacies. She was born like that.

The adventurous, free spirited Glow disappeared. She disappeared when Glow was very young, before ever having a chance to live. Now, Glow could enjoy a little part of her natural inner being.

Glow’s absolute final stop, before disappearing deep into the woods, was the gym. She wanted to shower and change into some of her new clothes before she arrived at her new home.

The instant she finished, showered and clean, wearing new clothes, Glow immediately walked to her truck. She opened the door, climbed into the driver’s seat, shutting the door as she sat. She took a deep breath, sat back in the seat and smiled. A genuine smile. For the first time in years, she felt somewhat good about things.

Glow started her truck and headed towards the field. As Glow slowly drove down the dirt road towards her home, she felt like a new woman.

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Light Throughout The Night Chapter 3 Home Sweet Home
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If you've reached this blog post via a search engine, I'm posting the complete book for free here as blog posts. A summery is located here.

Light Throughout The Night is a complete story with many twists and turns. The only way to feel the essence of the story is to read it from beginning to end.

Even though I'm posting the book as blog posts, both the paperback and eBook are still available for sale. As a result, please don't post the book elsewhere.

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Home

When Glow arrived at the field, she was exhausted, both emotionally and physically. She leaned over, resting her head against a stack of new clothes sitting on the passenger seat. She took a deep breath, inhaling their wonderful scents just before falling asleep.

Glow had a backup plan for all the necessities. In some cases, a backup plan for her backup plan. If the stovetop stopped working, she could cook on the grill. If there wasn’t any dry wood for the grill, she could use the biofuel cans.

If the tent leaked, she could cover it with a tarp. Otherwise, she could either patch it with duct tape or sleep in her truck.

If something happened to the food she purchased, she could eat food from the garden. If something happened to the garden, she could eat eggs from the hens or fish from the river.

Even with all her preparation, Glow did have fears. She was worried she didn’t purchase all the essential miscellaneous supplies. She knew, regardless of her diligence, encountering a situation she didn’t take into consideration was a real possibility.

While living on the streets, Glow survived for years with almost nothing. She didn’t have any doubt she could survive in the field. She was tired of just surviving. She’s been in survival mode her whole life. Glow wanted to strive. That’s why the miscellaneous supplies were important. They’ll take her from surviving to striving. They’ll improve the quality of her life.

The type of life Glow lived took a toll on her mind and body. During the course of her life, she developed plenty of personality traits most looked at as flaws.

Glow started thinking everyone was her enemy. She became antisocial and withdrawn. Sometimes abrasive. She’s overly emotional, stubborn and takes things very serious. Glow’s self-reliant, to a fault. She almost always deals with problems on her own. She holds in her anger, sometimes until it reaches a boiling point. Then, she either has a fit or breaks down, crying for hours.

Even with all of Glow’s issues, preparation wasn’t one of them.

Glow slept soundly through the night. Late the next afternoon, she woke to the sound of hens clucking in the back of her truck.

The weather was absolutely perfect. The temperature wasn’t hot. It wasn’t cold. It was perfect. The sky was a deep blue. There wasn’t a cloud in sight. The trees were motionless, picturest. Birds were chirping, singing harmonious melodies.

Glow sat up in the seat, still clinching a new sweatshirt she used as a pillow. She leaned back, looking out the window, seemingly in disbelief. She sat in her truck for at least a half an hour, taking in the scenery. She was finally starting to find peace and peace within herself.

The morning she woke in her truck, in the field, knowing she didn’t have to worry about finding a place to sleep later at night, was a great beginning to the next chapter of her life.

Nevertheless, Glow was anxious to revamp her little neck of the woods. She arranged a stack of extra cement squares into a square to form a fireplace.

Glow walked to the edge of the forest to gather firewood. She found a sufficient supply of decent size downed branches. After gathering the branches, she stacked them inside the cement squares. She lit a fire, placed the grill grate over the cement squares and began boiling water for an afternoon cup of coffee.

When the coffee was ready, Glow took the beach chair to the middle of the field. She took a seat, and enjoyed her cup of coffee like she never enjoyed a cup of coffee before.

The life she was living on the streets, a life of misery and near starvation was in the past. Glow knew her past would always haunt her. Regardless, at the present time, she found a way to enjoy a few minutes of her new life.

Eventually, Glow pried herself up from the beach chair. She had plenty to do.

The hens were at the top of her to do list. Giving them safe and suitable living quarters was important. She grabbed a few pieces of plywood, a few 2 X 4’s, a saw, a hammer, nails and began building a henhouse.

When Glow finished, she gave the henhouse a coat of paint. She grabbed some fence stakes and fencing to build the hens a yard. She built their pen in the shade near her tent. At night she would secure them in the henhouse for safety.

The very next thing Glow did was set up her futon. After her futon was together, for the first time in years, she wouldn’t have to search for a place to sleep.

Glow’s new bed would provide her with a greater form of luxury than most people get from the beds found at five star hotels.

The majority of people who stay at a five star hotels, do so after sleeping on a fairly comfortable bed. To them, the beds at five star hotels are a decent, luxurious upgrade. However, they’re nothing compared to the upgrade Glow was going to get when she goes to sleep.

Glow was about to go from sleeping on the streets, hard, cold sidewalks, bus stop benches, crunched up inside her truck, without enough room to stretch her legs, to a bed. A bed alone is a substantial upgrade.

Her futon is all black. Even the mattress is black. The mattress is thick and soft. Glow was already thinking about going to sleep later at night, slipping into her new pj’s, just before sinking deep into her new mattress, under warm clean covers, falling asleep to delightful dreams of her new surroundings.

When Glow finally went to sleep, she was exhausted. She slept all night, and all day the next day, only waking up for a few hours to grab a snack. Then, slept all night the next night, waking up early the following morning, rejuvenated, ready to start her new life.

After breakfast, Glow organized the items she purchased for her new home. She prioritized them in order of importance. Storing her food safely and securely was her top priority. She put the shelf together and filled it with the food items she ate most often. Next, she filled the storage chests with the food items she wanted to keep safest and dry.

From there, she began putting together the solar system. Glow was a little worried she wouldn’t get the system working. However, knowing the effort Becky put into the instructions helped her feel much more confident.

The first thing Glow did was build a vented housing box for the batteries. She mounted the solar panels to the top of the box. She put the batteries inside the box and began wiring the system. Glow attached the necessary fuses and ran wirers from the battery box to the power inverter inside her tent.

She instilled the same amount of thought and effort into setting the system up as Beckie did with her instructions. Glow took her time, carefully checking, and double checking the wiring.

When Glow finished, she took a look at the charge controller. The solar panels were charging the batteries. The batteries were almost fully charged. Glow flipped on the power switch for the inverter and plugged in her stovetop. Presto, she now had power.

By the time Glow finished arranging the inside of the tent, everything was neat and organized.

During the next few weeks, Glow’s life turned somewhat normal. She woke up, fed the hens, ate and enjoyed the outdoors. Sometimes in the afternoon, she wrote, played her guitar or exercised.

She went to sleep to crickets chirping and frogs ribbiting. She woke to birds singing and squirrels playing.

Once in a while, Glow woke up early. She stepped outside to a thick fog, growing thicker as it stretched across the field. The grass was entrenched in fog. The forest was dim, distant, seemingly hovering above a dark gray mist. Those mornings were mesmerizing.

A few months after moving to the field, Glow began making friends with some of the local animals.

A lizard turned a small stump near her table into his home. She threw the little fella small bites of food when she ate.

Every morning while she was cooking breakfast, a small group of squirrels visited. She purchased large bags of peanuts for snacking. While she was cooking breakfast she shared them with the squirrels.

She only fed them small amounts of food and only food they ate naturally in the wild. Glow was cautious about how much she fed the squirrels because of another of Beckie’s sayings.

“If a person feeds a wild animal in the same spot for an extended period of time, the animal starts relying on the food they’re fed. The animal loses the ability to find food on its own.

If the person feeding the animal stops leaving food, the animal keeps visiting the same spot looking for food, sometimes going hungry, not knowing how to find food on its own, putting the animals survival at risk.”

Beckie’s saying was also the reason why Glow didn’t ask for money while she was living on the street. She didn’t want to become reliant on anyone other than herself. Glow knew, if she became reliant upon others, she might not find a way off the streets.

Over time, Glow got to know the squirrels. Each squirrel possessed their own unique personality. Some of the squirrels buried the peanuts she gave them. Later in the day, they dug them up for brunch. Others ate their peanuts immediately.

After the squirrels ate, they played on a large Oak Tree near her tent. One of the reasons Glow picked the spot where she set up her tent was because of the Oak Tree. The tree was very old. Its branches spanned into the woods and out over the field. The Oak Tree gave her a sense of serenity.

Every so often, towards the edge of the woods, Glow saw a little fox. He just sat there most days, watching her from a distance, just like she was doing to the fox, from the other end of the field. Once in a while she saw him jumping around, playing in the tall grass. Though, always cautious. At the slightest sound, scurried into the safety of the woods.

Twenty five feet down from the Oak Tree stood a Walnut Tree. When Glow felt like having an afternoon snack, she walked to the Walnut Tree to grab a few Walnuts. She took a seat under the tree, cracked the Walnuts open against a rock, sharing them with the squirrels.

One morning Glow slept in. Just as she was waking, she heard loud definitive chirps from the birds. Panic ridden squawks from the squirrels.

Glow bolted out of her tent, still in her PJ’s. She looked up towards the far end of the field. Vultures were circling low, just above the tree line where the forest meets the field, stalking the squirrels, waiting for them to enter the field, looking for an easy meal.

Glow sprinted across the field, yelling, waving her arms, making herself known, making sure the Vultures knew they weren’t welcome. Before Glow was halfway across the field, the Vultures were scattering.

Sometimes, Glow enjoyed watching them fly high in the sky. They seemed like part of the sky. The wind, an extension of their wings as they glided effortlessly above.

Nevertheless, she only enjoyed watching them when they were high in the sky. Vultures are predators, and the squirrels were her friends. Their presence was a problem.

Glow saw a Vulture take down a prey in the wild. It was gruesome. A Vulture was slowly circling high above. Glow calls their slow circles, high in the sky, their circle of death. A smaller bird was flying almost fifty feet below. Without any hesitation, the Vulture darted downward into a rapid dive. Within seconds, snatched his prey out of the air.

Then, flew to a nearby tree where he slowly picked the little bird apart with his beak, while the bird was still alive. She wasn’t about to let that happen to any of the animals keeping her company.

From time to time, Glow saw raccoon tracks near her garden. She did a good job enclosing the outside of the garden and installed netting above.

Nevertheless, the raccoons were persistent, sometimes, trying to dig their way under the fence. If Glow heard them while she was sleeping, she woke, grabbed her flashlight and a broom, before going outside to scare them away. After seeing Glow run outside with her broom and flashlight, the raccoons usually didn’t return for months.

Even though predatorial animals weren’t known to occupy the area, Glow was cautious. She usually kept her bottle of mace within reach.

She also closed the tent door tightly after she entered or exited to prevent pesky bugs or small snakes from entering when she wasn’t looking.

Frequently, in the evening, before going to sleep, Glow sat out in the patio to watch the sun set behind the forest. The trees slowly turned into silhouettes. The orange sky turned black.

Glow spent a lot of time thinking. Depending on the situation, a person’s mind is their best friend or worst enemy. People don’t stop thinking. A person’s mind doesn’t ever stop working, whether sleeping or awake. Thoughts are always going through a person’s mind.

With Glow’s past, most of the time, her mind is her worst enemy. Her head is filled with bad memories. She can’t stop thinking about them. She can’t stop thinking about all the pain she’s been through.

Now, with her new life, sometimes Glow thought about different things. Things that don’t fill her soul with hate. Sometimes, she even thought about good things.

Often, after breakfast, Glow laid out a beach towel in the field near her beach chair. She laid on the towel, on her back, looking up at the sky. She lifted her legs, resting her feet on the beach chair. She felt more relaxed with her legs resting on the beach chair. Then, she’d just think, while staring up at the sky. She thought about all types of different things.

Many times the things she thought about helped her feel better about her herself. After years on the street, a person starts to think they’re not worthy. They start to believe the things people say. “Look at that looser, nearly passed out on the sidewalk.” “Uuggh, we can’t let you in here looking like that.”

Glow thought about the things people said about her and all the things she did wrong. Without much structure, she found plenty of things to do wrong. Then, she began thinking about travesties man created. Some of them made her feel like a saint.

She thought about the person who created the nuclear bomb. While most people were thinking about their husbands, wives, kids, family, friends, supermodels and supercars, some jerk was thinking of a way to build a bomb large enough to blow up an entire city.

Even though Glow wasn’t proud of many of the things she did during her life, when she compared herself to people like the person who invented the nuclear bomb, she felt much better.

It only takes a few individuals to ruin things for others. If a hundred people were in a room, and a few were rude, loud and obnoxious, those few people would ruin the atmosphere for every other person in the room.

The same could be said for the person who developed the nuclear bomb. Except, he or she put the lives of an entire planet at risk.

Glow believed in God. She thought about the things he created and how they meshed together.

She watched the squirrels carry acorns in different directions away from trees to bury them. A few months later a tree sprouted. The squirrels spread the forest, preventing trees from growing too close to each other, without enough sunlight or soil to survive.

Squirrels were given the natural ability to climb trees. Squirrels ate acorns and buried them out of instinct. They meshed with nature. That’s how God designed them.

Glow possessed a deep understanding for the importance of wildlife and the resulting devastation when even a single animal species becomes extinct.

She thought about what would happen if squirrels ever became extinct. Squirrels are responsible for the growth of millions of trees each year. Trees provide homes and food for billions of animals, including birds, lizards and insects. Trees provide oxygen to all life. The devastation would be astronomical.

Those were the days Glow was delighted to live in the field, watching nature as intended.

If the squirrels visited while Glow was thinking, she began conversations with them. Glow didn’t have anyone to talk with. She liked voicing her opinion and sharing her thoughts.

“Ya got it good here little squirrel. You were born here. You have a piece of property where you can do whatever you choose. You have a home, a place where you sleep at night.

If a park was nearby, you could enter and leave the park whenever and however you choose. You’ve done a lot of things right. You don’t bother anyone and haven’t invented anything destructive enough to destroy the planet. As a result, you got it better than many humans.

Us humans, we haven’t done as good of a job protecting our liberties. We were born in this country just like you. Though, millions of us don’t have a home of our own. Many have to work over twenty years, at a minimum wage job, just to afford the down payment on a piece of land like this field.

We can’t enter or leave most parks at our own leisure. There are lakes and parts of the Ocean where we need a fishing license just to catch food. Some forests require a us to purchase a license before we’re allowed to take a walk through the forest.

We’ve caused the extinction of thousands of animals and did a good job taking away the same liberties you squirrels enjoy in this field.”

Glow thought about how various things man invented were similar to the human body. Man invented computers. Computer hard drives work in a similar fashion to the human brain. Camera’s work in a similar fashion to the human eye.

Often, Glow imagined her life as if her mom were alive.

She thought to herself, “I might have someone who’s there for me. Someone to teach me things. Someone to teach me about life.

Maybe, I would have followed in her footsteps. Perhaps, I would have become a professional wrestler. Maybe, even a good wrestler. Possibly, at this very instant, I’m in the ring, wrestling, with the crowd cheering.

I’d have aunts, uncles and grandparents. Perhaps, today, instead of laying here by myself, I’m visiting relatives, eating dinner with them, being a part of something. I wouldn’t be alone. Maybe, I wouldn’t have spent the previous five years on the streets. Maybe, my life wouldn’t have turned into a disaster.”

Glow was naturally very emotional. When Glow thought about her mom, the core of her soul saddened. Her eyes glossed over. She used all her inner strength to hold back tears. She couldn’t. Glow broke down in tears as she laid on her back by herself, crying in the field for hours.

Glow even thought about how she thought. Years ago, Beckie mentioned, “Running helps people think better.” Glow did sprints as part of her weekly exercises.

Glow sprinted for both physical and emotional reasons. Running across the field as fast as possible was a great way for her to release anger. Sometimes when she ran, she yelled, screaming at the top of her lungs, trying to let her inner anger out.

Even though Glow removed herself from her past, she couldn’t rid herself of her past. The memories from a lifetime of mental abuse and neglect severely scar a person. Glow’s memories of abuse frequently suffocated all her other memories. All the awful things done to Glow by those who were supposed to have loved her, took over her thoughts.

If Glow ran during the days she was able to block out her past, she thought of the best ideas, either while she was running or a short time thereafter. Without much education, Glow tried to figure things out herself. She thought about why she thought better after sprints.

Glow looked at the brain as an engine, in a similar way to an automobile engine. Then, she looked at blood as a type of fuel.

When a person’s heart pumps faster, it sends more blood to the brain, just like a car, when it gets more fuel, the faster and stronger the car runs.

Glow thought about how she laid on her back in the field, with her feet up on the beach chair. She usually felt more focused. She figured the reason was because blood flowed better to her brain.

She never knew if she was right or wrong. That didn’t matter. She liked trying to figure things out. The things she was thinking about occupied her mind with thoughts other than thoughts about her past.

Somedays, Glow wrote for hours. She grabbed a notebook, pulled up a chair next to the table and wrote whatever was on her mind.

She wrote about the squirrels. She wrote fictional stories with wild plots and creative characters. She wrote different songs.

Having lived most of her life on the streets, Glow often wrote about the way she felt while living on the streets.

Christmas morning, a few hours after Glow woke in an alley, she wrote about the sights and sounds she saw and heard and the way she felt.

“She sits in an alley.
Today's Christmas.
The streets are as cold as ever.
She sits in a place where Christmas Trees and gifts don't exist.
A place where Santa doesn't visit.
Christmas lights decorate the trees and businesses of a nearby street.
Kids play on the sidewalk with gifts.
Christmas music echo's from an apartment.
She sits in an alley.
The streets are as cold as ever.
A place where Christmas Trees and gifts don't exist.
A place where Santa doesn't visit.
She sits in an alley.”

Glow wrote about the way she felt while living life on the street.

“She walks the streets at night,
under the stars and city lights,
in the rain and in the heat,
alone without nothing to eat.
There she stands, all alone.
She ain’t mad.
She ain’t sad.
Tired, hungry, looking forward to bed.
A blanket.
A covered entry way.
That’s where life led.
Wake up to a resident.
Lady, ya gotta go.
Rain comes down.
She gets wet.
That’s what happens when ya ain’t got a roof over ya head.”

Glow took a guitar with her and a few how to books. Glow messed around with Beckie’s guitar when she visited. Ever since, she yearned to learn how to play.

She practiced almost daily. Soon thereafter, the sounds of plucking strings turned into rhythms. She played the songs she wrote for the squirrels. They hopped up on the table, listening attentively until she finished.

From the time Glow moved to the field, she began doing a lot of things right. She seldomly got sick. She’s somewhat young. Her immune system is still strong. Maybe her body developed a higher tolerance to illnesses while she was on the street.

Glow’s daily habits are also a benefit to her health. She always boils drinking water after running it through a filter. She doesn’t let anything food related touch the ground and she bathes regularly.

Glow devoted herself to exercising. She began eating healthier and taking vitamins. She stopped living a life of simply surviving, she was striving.

The weakened and diminished muscles in her body, due to malnourishment and lack of sleep were regaining their strength. Her energy level rose. And the anger she keeps within from years of suffering, eased.

The hens enjoy the field. They have plenty of room to run around and lay eggs often.

Glow’s garden blossomed into a thick vibrant source of food and nutrition. She waters the plants and checks their health every evening.

Glow harvested Corn, Watermelon, Zucchini, Onions, Potatoes, Green Beans, Tomatoes, and Lettuce along with other types of vegetables and fruit.

Before moving to the field, Glow wasn’t much of a cook. Other than watching her ex-boyfriend cook a few meals, she didn’t have any experience. She’s been simply surviving for years, without a kitchen, eating whatever was available. The few meals she did put together weren’t much. She called them grub.

When Glow arrived at the field, she did the same. She threw a can of vegetables or Beans in a pot, let them boil, and ate them a few minutes later. Regardless of her cooking skills, she built from those meals. She added Eggs, then, Fish. Soon thereafter, plates of grub turned into delicious healthy meals.

For breakfast, Glow almost always ate Cheerios. She poured them in her Coffee and added a scoop of Peanut Butter. She purchased cases of Cheerios. They’re healthy. They don’t go bad for years. They’re inexpensive and serve as an excellent afternoon snack.

Glow figured out different ways to eat Cheerios. Sometimes she poured them into a jar of peanut butter and ate them out of the jar. Other times, she ate them out of the bag in the same way she ate chips.

Overall, Glow took better care of herself. A few days a week, after she bathed in the river, she ravished herself with beauty supplies. She brushed her long dirty blond hair all the way down to the small of her back. Then, painted her nails. She slid down on the beach chair, threw her feet up on the table, letting her nails dry as she basked in the sun.

From time to time, Glow encountered the occasional storm. The wind howled, whistling as it blew through her tent. The canvas flexed in and out. Thunder boomed shortly after a bolt of lightning lit up the sky. Trees bent. Wind surges snapped branches. Weaker trees fell along the outskirts of the forest.

Glow was always fascinated with storms. Watching their wrath was thrilling. Nevertheless, she respected their fury. When lighting struck to close, she sat in her truck to wait out the storm.

Glow was determined to stay in the field, regardless of the storms severity. During the worst storms, she grabbed her sleeping bag, ran to her truck, curling up in the front seat until the storm passed. She knew a bolt of lightning has the potential to cut through her tent like a hot knife through butter.

Other times, when the storms weren’t as formidable, she opened the windows to let the breeze blow through the tent. She laid on her bed, looking out the window in deep thought.

Sometimes it rained for days. She laid still, listing as the rain pounded the roof of her tent.

Occasionally, the field was the quietest, most peaceful place she could possibly imagine. The wind didn’t blow, not even a slight breeze. The tall grass didn’t rustle. The river slowed. The sounds of rushing water disappeared. The animals stayed quite. The silence was the silentest silence she ever experienced.

Eventually, weeks turned into months, months turned into years. Glow rarely left. The land provided her food. When she did have to go food shopping, she kept to herself, picking up just what she needed, as quickly as possible, before going straight back to her home.

During those years, other than the cashier at the store, she didn’t have any interaction with human beings. She didn’t leave the field. Glow was already use to being alone. Staying in the field by herself felt natural.

Keywords: Light Throughout The Night, Chapter 3, Home Sweet Home, Glow, A New Beginning, Living In A Tent, Self-Reliant, Peace, Solar System, Wildlife, Nature, Field, Forrest, Self-Sufficiency, Squirrels, Lone-Soul, Inner Anger, Grub, Fiction Book

Light Throughout The Night Chapter 4 The Peoples Army
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If you've reached this blog post via a search engine, I'm posting the complete book for free here as blog posts. A summery is located here.

Light Throughout The Night is a complete story with many twists and turns. The only way to feel the essence of the story is to read it from beginning to end.

Even though I'm posting the book as blog posts, both the paperback and eBook are still available for sale. As a result, please don't post the book elsewhere.

Chapter 4: The People’s Army

During the time Glow’s been away, the United States changed drastically. Truthfully, the country began changing years before Glow checked out of society.

While Glow was on the streets, uninterested in the world around her, many people were getting fed up with the very same world.

Technology eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs. Wealth inequality climbed to staggering heights. The Government didn’t react quick enough. The current system stopped working.

The quality of life for many people dropped abruptly. They weren’t happy. They wanted a better life for themselves, a better life for their loved ones, not just for today, for future generations. Those people took action.

A new president ran for office. He saw a country of equals. He ran with the notion of equality for every American.

He wanted all American citizens to live a better life and didn’t think the status que adequate. He took out unconventional tv ads. An example of one of his ads is below:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Then, an image of thousands of homeless Americans sleeping on the streets was shown.

“Maybe it’s time we ask what our country can do for us.”

People bought into his vision. Thorough, informative information was displayed on his website showing how he planned to improve the country.

People took to his speeches as well.

“Our great great grandfathers were given their land by simply placing a steak in the ground. Our grandfathers fought with their lives, many losing their lives for a free country, a better America.

Today, to many people aren’t getting to experience a better America. They’re the homeless, poor and working poor. They don’t have a chance to strive or even survive. People are held hostage by their bills. That’s not why our forefathers risked and gave their lives.

If we achieve equality, we could educate more people. Those people will have the opportunity to innovate, create, strive, and live a quality of life worthy of an American.”

With 95% of the votes, the largest margin of victory in history, a new president was elected. In fact, the people didn’t just elect a new president, they elected an entire supporting cast, giving him what he needed to get things done.

That he did. Within months after winning the election he began taking action.

He started with his most radical idea: The implementation of a new army.

This was a different type of army. It was an army for the people. An army by the people.

The army wasn’t implemented to fight against anyone. They were implemented to fight for America, to fight for American citizens.

Regardless, their motto was similar to the motto used by the military, “Leave No Soldier Behind.” Except their motto is for citizens, every single citizen in the United States, “Leave No Citizen Behind.”

The Army For The People, By The People wasn’t just some publicity stunt. They were given power, real power to get things done.

They wanted to go to war. They were fighting for themselves. They were fighting for their country, for a better infrastructure, for the environment, and for equality.

The People’s Army was implemented to greatly reduce wealth inequality; to expand, improve and reduce the cost of education; to provide enough housing to ensure every American has a roof over their head; to take public transportation to a level most couldn’t imagine; and most importantly, to ensure every American is given the opportunity to obtain a quality of life worthy of America.

Previous Government administrations allocated and stored a variety of different materials. They began storing them shortly after World War II to prevent shortages during emergency situations. Inventory accumulated. Massive stockpiles of supplies were available.

Huge underground storage facility’s housed thousands of bricks, cement blocks, pallets of plywood, 2 X 4’s, steel beams, along with many other types of materials.

The People’s Army used the supplies to build houses, condos, apartment buildings and improve the infrastructure of the country.

The People’s Army purchased abandon factories, warehouses and vacant lots.

They purchased bulk lots of foreclosed properties from banks at discount prices. The purchase allowed banks to write off millions of dollars in bad debt. A stipulation in the purchase agreement alleviated those who lost their properties due to foreclosure, of the debt owed to the banks.

What wasn’t readily available was donated. People and businesses donated building materials, land and supplies worth millions.

Subsequently, a draft was held. A draft of Americans, for Americans. Americans who would work to ensure the quality of life for citizens improved tremendously.

The people drafted were required to serve two years. They were of all ages and all walks of life. Though, the Government only needed to draft a minimal number of citizens. People volunteered by the hundreds of thousands.

These were everyday people. They were mechanics, retail workers, engineers, farmers, manufactures, teachers, Doctors, and technology experts, to name a few. Many were paid at a much lower rate of pay than if they were working for a private company. Some were paid with land or housing.

In contrast, and in reality, these were people who weren’t asking what their country could do for them. They were doing what they could do for their country with materials provided by their country.

Very much like the draft for the military, exemptions applied. Single parents with children under the age of sixteen were exempt from the draft. The People’s Army could only draft a specific percentage of people from any individual business, depending on the size of the business.

Many of the draftees and volunteers were housed at military type barracks. Hundreds of barracks were setup throughout the country.

During summer months, schools were used as barracks when students were on vacation. When the People’s Army went through a town or city, truckloads of cots and bunk beds were brought into the schools.

During winter months, The People’s Army took over large open fields, setting up military style tents in the fields, doing whatever was necessary to get the job done before moving to the next location.

In many instances, some of the wealthiest Americans were sleeping in bunks next to some of the poorest Americans.

Convoys of camouflage vehicles traveled from location to location, transporting workers, building equipment and materials. Flatbed trucks carried bulldozers and cranes.

Local residents loved what The People’s Army was doing for the country, often running outside, cheering, as convoys drove through their neighborhoods.

The People’s Army built housing in both urban and rural areas. Skyscrapers were built by the hundreds and the skyline of many cities were turned into impressive feats. Thousands and thousands of houses, condos and apartment complexes were built, enough for the next two generations of citizens.

The projects were well planned. The People’s Army moved efficiently and quickly. Skyscrapers were designed to take up less land. Forests were preserved, and a sufficient amount of land was reserved for parks and farms. Rural houses were designed to fit in with their surroundings, minimally impacting the environment.

Skyscrapers were built without rooftop pools or gyms. The People’s Army left floors open incase residents decided to add a pool or gym at a later date on their own. Their priority was to ensure every citizen had a roof over their head.

Nevertheless, all the housing was built with the latest safety and green technology.

Housing was looked at as a human rights issue. Limits were placed on the number of houses, condos, apartments and acreage a single individual or entity could own.

When privately owned condo complexes are built, developers are now required to list all the units for sale at once, preventing price gouging. Purchase limits prevent any individual or entity from having to much power over condo associations.

The same was done for apartment complexes. With all available apartments listed for rent, market value is the actual market value, based on the supply and demand theory.

When the Government decided to limit the amount of acreage an individual or entity could own, they placed the following ad, simplifying the issue.

“What if there were only ten people in this country, and only ten acers of land? What if one person owned all ten acers? Would that be fair? Doesn’t this country belong to every single American?

We haven’t reached those extremes yet. Though, we are headed in that direction. Today, many Americans are without land, without a part of their own country.”

Limits were also placed on rental leases, capping the amounts landlords could penalize tenants. If a tenant moved before their lease ended, the amount the landlord was allowed to penalize the tenant was limited to a small percentage of the tenants monthly rent.

Residential rental properties were viewed as extra income. Landlords should expect the possibility of a vacant rental property and have previously planned for the financial burden in such cases.

Lastly, limits were placed on zoning laws. Limits communities, towns and cities could place on residents was now limited.

Previously, parts of the country implemented zoning laws making it difficult to build affordable housing and sometimes any additional housing in a specific location.

The laws were implemented to keep the area exclusive and the value of the properties high. Other areas built plenty of housing, using designs and materials lower in cost. However, their values stayed at a minimum.

The Government put an end to unreasonable zoning laws. If a person owned a plot of land, he or she could sleep on their land, for the most part, regardless of the style of structure.

After zoning laws were limited, the value of previously expensive homes in exclusive neighborhoods dropped, sometimes causing a great deal of anger. Regardless, the majority of citizens knew the policies significantly improved the lives of Americans.

These actions helped lower the overall price of housing. People previously living in places they could barely afford, could move to a similar place at a much lower rate.

These people include the elderly and disabled, who either live on social security or disability, while paying most of their benefits towards rent. They’re the working poor, who often spent most of their income on housing.

The lower housing prices even effected many wealthy citizens positively. Plenty of citizens earning a decent income spend the majority of their income on housing, either by choice or mistake. Regardless of the reasoning, they now could obtain the same quality of housing at a much lower cost.

Other types of human rights issues greatly decreased as well. The days when Americans needed to take extreme measures to expose human rights issues ended.

Situations leading to travesties similar to the travesty Rosa Parks endured were identified and resolved before becoming a travesty. Sit-ins via different groups and colleges became rare. Protests simply weren’t needed as much.

The United States was taking action before human rights issues became issues.

Recycling technologies evolved, simultaneously improving the environment and lowering the cost of materials.

Manufacturing companies were required to obtain materials used to make products from recycled materials, as long as the price of the recycled materials was within 15% of natural mined materials.

In some areas, citizens are required to pay a civil penalty if they don't recycle discarded items. The same was now required of businesses, except when acquiring materials, materials usually obtained from the earth, draining the planet of natural resources.

Previously, companies were taking resources from the earth, then charging the very same people who were born on earth to use those resources.

When the policy was implemented, the value of recyclable materials increased substantially. Citizens instilled much more effort into recycling. As a result, much of the money previously going to corporations was now going directly to the people. At the same time, the earths valuable resources were reserved.

When the resources of an entire country are pooled together and used to fight for good, the possibilities are endless.

Revenue sharing was implemented. Income generated from machines, automated teller machines and robots used to replaced human positions was capped and taxed.

The money generated was substantial. Corporate technology advanced and was widely implemented during previous years.

Stores opened offering only products via large vending machines housing 3D printers. Large touch screen monitors sat just outside the vending machines.

Customers selected an item via the monitor and paid. Then, the 3D printer instantly printed the item selected. A door on the vending machine opened and the customer took their item.

3D printing technology eliminated the need for many employees, warehouse space and store shelf space. Warehouses previously used to store inventory weren’t needed. 3D printing technology saved businesses billions of dollars. Empty warehouses were sold to The People’s Army at bargain prices and turned into housing.

Much of the money taxed was deposited directly into the accounts of the homeless, poor and working poor, without question. If their tax return was legit, a check was deposited into their account.

The Government placed the following ad before depositing checks into the accounts of those living an unsubstantial quality of life.

Life isn’t a game of Monopoly. However, many of the same terms apply. When playing Monopoly, two people usually end up with all the property and money. Two others don’t end up with any property and money.

Life is very similar. If a few are in possession of all the property and money, many are without. Sometimes, it’s the result of luck, very much like Monopoly. Life isn’t a game. All humans deserve decent lives.

Many people simply didn’t have to work anymore. In accordance, plenty of people had a lot of spare time.

With the recruitment of thousands of teachers, The People’s Army leveled the playing field for education. A quality education became available to every single American.

Millions of American citizens who either couldn’t afford a quality education or didn’t have the time, were now armed with the knowledge needed to contribute to technological and medical advances. Education provided citizens with options, giving them the knowhow to improve their lives and the lives of others.

Businesses offered The People’s Army space from their establishments, when not in use, to teach trades or use for storage. Thousands of Libraries volunteered spare rooms, allowing The People’s Army to teach college level courses.

Often, educational courses teach new students the same or very similar material taught to students the previous year. The People’s Army digitized repetitive course materials and taught those courses for free online and at Libraries.

The online courses give students access to private message boards where qualified teachers answer questions posted. Actual teachers from The People’s Army teach classes at Libraries.

In both cases, homework is assigned, and credits are earned when a student passes a course. The credits are equivalent to credits received from accredited public or private collages. Students can transfer them to a college of their choice.

Recreation centers were built in previously unused or abandon buildings. They provide residents with a place to play boardgames, cards games, pool, table tennis, read books, and serve as a place to socialize.

Parks are required to allow citizens access 24/7. The land is owned by the people. At no time, for any reason, is their land off limits.

Food distribution centers were built. Gardens were planted at thousands of locations throughout the country and their crops are offered at food distribution centers.

Lack of employment wasn’t the only consequence of the technological boom. Cybercrimes advanced technologically and increased in numbers.

The country took responsibility for cybersecurity.

Wireless encryption advanced. New encryption technology prevents even the most sophisticated systems from accessing a network, at an affordable cost to the public.

Software makers are now given the opportunity to pass a series of Government tests, in the same way automobiles are given Government safety tests. If their software passes, a certificate is issued, saying the software is safe from hackers.

If the Government determines a program or application isn’t secure, the software company must revise the program or application before a certificate is issued.

Computer hardware was improved as well. Previously, hard drives retained data, even after deletion. Sometimes the data deleted is personal or of confidential corporate documents. Eventually, many hard drives are either sold or discarded, leaving cybercriminals with the opportunity to take advantage of previously stored information. Hard drives, along with their software are now designed to permanently remove data when deleted.

Internet providers are held partially accountable for cybersecurity. Internet providers are now required to work together, letting every citizen know the route and origin of any IP Address sent to their electronic device.

Knowing the origin of IP Addresses helped dwindle many forms of e-mail spoofing, and malware viruses. E-mail recipients know immediately the origin of e-mail’s received. The route is shown in much the same way as driving directions.

The limited number of cybercrimes balanced the scale in favor of authorities, making it easier for them to peruse and apprehend the few cybercriminals still in existence. Most cybercriminal corruption was uncovered and eliminated.

Improved cybersecurity saved citizens millions of dollars previously lost to hackers and fraud.

Most of all, The People’s Army took the lives of the poor very seriously. Even the smallest expenses negatively affect the homeless, poor and working poor. The People’s Army looked at the implication of previous policies, both Government and corporate, resulting in a lower quality of life for the poor. Previously, the majority of payphones were removed from public spaces.

Americans who couldn’t afford cellphone service or a landline, relied on payphones to place emergency, or necessary calls, without having to pay a much higher monthly fee. The monthly fee is in addition to the cost of the cellphone.

To many, the fee is simply another click of the mouse button when they pay bills. To the poor, the fee is a very difficult obstacle to overcome. The removal of payphones placed an unfair financial burden upon their lives. The Government required all phone companies install and maintain a specific number of payphones within their area of business.

Even though the number of poor Americans decreased, the Government still looked at the lack of payphones as a security flaw. During emergency situations, if cellular phone service went down, Americans who only own cellphones couldn’t place emergency phone calls.

The privacy of every American was another area The People’s Army took seriously. During previous generations, if a person made a mistake, their mistake was usually forgiven or forgotten by society within a few months.

Before the digital age, when a person was accused of committing a crime, their accusation and name was probably printed in a local newspaper. Chances are, within a few days, most tossed the paper in the trash without remembering the name of the accused. Innocent or guilty, eventually the accused could move forward with his or her life.

Today, mostly due to the internet and search engines, even the smallest mistake a person makes can haunt them for the rest of their life.

One of the toughest hurdles The People’s Army overcame was figuring out how to protect those who paid their debt to society, without limiting freedom of speech.

If a person or groups use of their freedom effects another person or groups freedom negatively, is the country still a free country for every citizen?

The People’s Army vehemently fights for every citizen. “Leave No Citizen Behind.”

In some instances, freedom of speech greatly limits the freedom of other citizens. Laws were changed to level the playing field, insuring all Americans live in an equally free country.

Criminal laws were intended to hold a person responsible for the crimes they commit. If a person commits a crime, they pay for their crime in accordance with the law. When their debt is paid, they are forgiven, in accordance with the law.

However, in today’s society, and by society, many pay for their crimes with the rest of their life. That wasn’t the intention of the law.

Today, when newspapers print arrest records, those records become digitalized. Sometimes they’re plastered all over the internet, almost like a marketing campaign against the accused.

Companies specializing in personal background information store citizens criminal records. Then, sell their criminal records. These practices make it very difficult for those who paid their debt to society to contribute to society as free individuals.

To prevent these types of practices, the Government eliminated loopholes in the law. When a person finishes paying their debt to society or is deemed not guilty, any, and all documentation of their crime or accusation is erased from public records.

From there, if a paper or website previously printed an arrest record, and versions of the newspaper or website are still circulating, the victim can sue the newspaper or website for deformation of character.

Without public records backing the information printed, courts side with the victim. After losing the first few lawsuits, most papers stopped printing arrest reports and search engines stopped showing the results of those still printing arrest reports.

Credit is now offered equally to all citizens, based only on their income and positive credit history. Finance companies aren’t allowed to request information affecting a person negatively. They could only request documents showing a debt was paid.

If a person doesn’t payback a debt, finance companies either go through the court system to collect the debt or don’t issue any additional debt until the previous balance is paid.

However, unpaid debts are rare. With wealth distribution, unpaid debts dropped steeply. Now, if a person doesn’t repay a debt, the reason usually isn’t because they can’t afford to pay their debt. In those cases the courts take action.

Civil court systems eliminated many formalities, simplifying the system. Banks don’t need to spend years making collection calls and hiring attorneys before filing a civil case.

As soon as a debt becomes past due, banks go online, provide evidence, and file a lawsuit through the local civil courts website within minutes. From there, defendants are given a short time to refute the evidence.

Civil courts base their decision on the information filled electronically. Verdicts are given within weeks.

The same was done for citizens in need of the civil court system. Things like restraining orders and small claim lawsuits were streamlined and now filed from a computer.

Civil laws were also changed. Many civil cases, previously bypassing the criminal justice system, are now tried as criminal cases before going to civil court.

Individuals who were previously allowed to, and could pay their way out of trouble, are now tried as criminals before civil court hearings are permitted.

New regulations require employers to hire employees based on a potential employees accomplishments, not their downfalls. Background checks are limited to a minimal amount of information. Background checks were found to put employees at a disadvantage.

Additionally, noncompete agreements are now limited to one year. A fair and completive marketplace benefits all citizens. “Leave No Citizen Behind.”

The Government has access to a tremendous amount of data. Much of their data, The People’s Army used in multiple ways to improve the country.

The People’s Army coordinated with every employer reporting the hiring of employees to the Government. Together, businesses and The People’s Army implemented a website displaying every job opening reported to the Government.

If the Government showed 200,000 jobs were created during a specific month, all 200,000 of those jobs were previously listed on their website as job openings. Those job openings were available for every single person in the country to apply.

Businesses also benefitted from the employment website. Due to the website, businesses don’t have to spend as much money advertising open positions.

The Government regulated employers audio and video surveillance for authenticity. Larger companies owned custom programed video surveillance systems. They possessed the technology to alter video footage without any sign the video was altered, even to experts.

Employer owned video surveillance systems are now encoded, and their video files are stored as a specific Government issued file format. Editing employer owned video footage is difficult, if possible at all.

Citizens and employees are given the opportunity to purchase DVDs of footage recorded by business’s in public areas. The DVD’s are sold in eight hour intervals, per camera, at a dollar each.

Limits were placed in regards to the number of DVD’s a person could purchase to prevent stalkers and things of that nature. The person purchasing the DVD must be in the footage or provide a reasonable explanation for the purchase.

Employees could view surveillance footage from nonpublic areas for any reason, within reason, and are allowed to have an attorney present. However, employees can’t obtain copies of the footage, except for legal disputes.

In the view of a jury, sometimes individuals have a difficult time proving either themselves innocent or another guilty, especially without video evidence. These regulations help employees and citizens defend themselves during legal disputes.

The People’s Army spoke out against companies using immoral practices. They ran marketing campaigns in much the same way the “Just say no to drugs” marking campaign was used in the 1980’s.

The People’s Army paid thousands of dollars for advertising campaigns, explaining the dangers of internet marketing tracking techniques. Catchy campaigns were used, while offering informative information.

An ad showed a parade of cars following a shopper from store to store. Then the slogan, “This is what happens when you’re shopping on the internet.”

The People’s Army didn’t just publicize issues. They offered solutions. Following the slogan, a list was displayed showing companies who’s websites didn’t use tracking cookies to track internet users outside of their own website.

The ad finished with the following saying, “We take the privacy of all Americans seriously, The United States of America.”

The Terms of Service agreements used by many ecommerce companies was another area where stricter regulations were implemented. Often, internet companies require customers to agree with difficult to understand, multiple page TOS.

Brick and mortar stores have been in business since the 1800’s, without asking customers to sign multiple page documents. Courts found the use of multipage TOS agreements used by ecommerce companies as unreasonable.

A sophisticated economic computer simulation program was created specifically to emulate the U.S. economy. The simulation worked in much the same way flight simulator computer games emulate flying. However, the simulation provides results from data input.

Financial data accumulated from all parts of the world was input. The computers running the simulation are the most advanced in the world, possessing the ability to calculate trillions of bits of data within seconds.

The simulation outputs data regarding financial policies. The results are simplified, yet look at, and offer thousands of variables depending on any given financial situation. The results show how different financial policies effect the country. The Government uses those results to determine how to distribute money efficiently to benefit all citizens.

Before the Government implements a new financial policy, they already understand the most likely results.

The economy boomed in ways most couldn’t imagine. Within years, millions of people didn’t need to work. These were people of all ages. Many elderly workers retired early and cashed out their retirement plan. Their money added to the economic boom.

When a person knows they’re guaranteed a check, then another the next month, and another after that, so on and so forth, financial stability has been achieved. The cost of living in the U.S. was lowered significantly. Citizens didn’t need to save as much of their income.

The money citizens previously saved was often spent to improve their current quality of life. Trillions of dollars entered the economy. Many people invested spare time in education. Others used spare time to spend with family and friends, go to parks, travel or stay in shape.

Even though the U.S. workforce shrunk, jobs were available. Plenty of people chose to work. Many took advantage of the lower cost of education to obtain a career in a field of their choosing.

At the same time, many citizens felt a void.

The People’s Army planned for that as well. Part of their plan to build the infrastructure of the country included the creation of two new sports, sporting events and a massive set of arenas to house the sports.

The arenas were built in a very large, uninhabited area in the center of the U.S.. Surrounding the arenas, an entire city was built. The city was designed and built in much the same way Times Square was built for New York. Except the city was built for the whole country.

Eight ultramodern highspeed trainlines were built to take American’s from all parts of the country, to and from the arena’s. The city itself was designed with the latest technological innovation.

States became mostly geographical locations instead of their own entities. The country became whole, as originally intended. One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

These changes put America on a course to not only become the greatest country in the world, the greatest country in the history of the world.

The People’s Army added value to the country in much the same way a person adds value to their house by adding a garage. Though, the real value wasn’t monetary or material. The real value was with the improvement of the lives of American citizens.

Wealth distribution almost instantly improved the lives of the homeless, poor and working poor. Crime rates dropped. When people have food, affordable housing and something interesting to do with their time, they’re less likely to commit crimes.

The People’s Army implemented a tremendous amount of change within a short period of time. Even though the projects were meticulously planned, they still came with plenty of kinks and controversy. Some areas, companies and fields of business lost out on billions of dollars. Those entities raised their share of havoc.

The People’s Army worked through the issues. Most people started believing in a country previously sustaining years of regression.

The People’s Army gave Americans options they never experienced before, and Americans were making the most of those options.

Additional Notes
Internet providers are held partially accountable for cybersecurity. Internet providers are now required to work together, letting every citizen know the route and origin of any IP Address sent to their electronic device. Knowing the origin of IP Addresses helped dwindle many forms of e-mail spoofing, and malware viruses. E-mail recipients know, immediately, the origin of e-mail’s received. The route is shown in much the same way as driving directions.
Sometimes my current situation affects what I write. At the time I wrote the above, I was receiving a lot of spam mail. I was only thinking of different ways to stop receiving spam mail. Obviously, there are privacy concerns for those who are not sending spam mail, privacy concerns I possess myself.

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Light Throughout The Night Chapter 5 Visitor
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If you've reached this blog post via a search engine, I'm posting the complete book for free here as blog posts. A summery is located here.

Light Throughout The Night is a complete story with many twists and turns. The only way to feel the essence of the story is to read it from beginning to end.

Even though I'm posting the book as blog posts, both the paperback and eBook are still available for sale. As a result, please don't post the book elsewhere.

Chapter 5: Visitor

Late one night just after dusk, Glow saw headlights approaching from deep in the forest, bouncing up and down, flickering as the car slowly maneuvered down the dirt road.

Panic set in! Worry overwhelmed her thoughts. Did they find out someone was living here? Were they going to tell her she couldn’t stay in the field? Were they locals exploring the area? Would they let others know she was living in the field? Were they troublemakers who might cause her problems? Maybe they were thieves?

Instinctively, immediately, Glow sprinted towards her tent. She grabbed a large stick and can of mace before hiding in the shadows just behind her tent, tensely watching, waiting for the car to arrive.

As the headlights neared, growing brighter, sounds of loud squeaks from rusted suspension filled the air.

She knew that sound. She heard the very same sound many times in the past. “Phew.” Glow let out a deep sigh of relief.

“That’s Beckie’s Car!” Becky was driving up in her jalopy.

Glow and Beckie haven’t talked in years. Beckie’s been away. She wasn’t even sure Glow still lived in the field.

Glow dropped the stick and mace as she walked to the front of the tent, awaiting her friends arrival.

Beckie’s the type of chick who radiates goodness wherever she goes. Her personality gives Glow a sense of ease. Just the thought of her visiting put a smile on Glow’s face.

When Beckie pulled up, she was a little unsure of things. She asked if she could stay for a while and talk. Beckie was going through tough times of her own. She needed to get away for a few days.

Glow didn’t waste a second before enthusiastically saying, “Of course you can stay!” Glow hasn’t had a visitor or even a conversation with another person since moving to the field. Now her best friend was visiting.

Glow was literally glowing. Her eyes were sparking; a bright smile lit up her face.

“Ya still got that old rust bucket?”

Beckie answers, “Heck yah, kept her at my parents’ house. Charged the battery, she started the first try.”

Beckie gets out of her car with a bag of goodies. “I come with gifts!”

Beckie pulled out a bag of marshmallows, a box of Graham Crackers, chocolate bars and a pack of hotdogs.

Glows eyes opened wide. The last time she ate that type of food was years ago. Even though Glow wasn’t a vegetarian, due to her new lifestyle, eating meat, other than fish, was rare.

“Whoa, I haven’t ate that type of food in years.”

The two ladies began chatting immediately as they prepared their meals over a campfire.

Beckie snagged a case of beer from the trunk of her car. They grabbed a couple chairs, and a couple beers, before quickly devouring their food. After eating, they grabbed a couple more beers and kept chatting away.

Beckie was every bit as thrilled to see Glow as Glow was to see Beckie. Anxious to see how Glow was doing, Beckie asked to see her pad.

Both ladies entered Glow’s tent. Beckie was impressed. “Wow, way better than I imagined.” The inside of Glow’s tent didn’t look any different from the inside of large studio apartments.

Next, Glow showed Beckie the solar system, letting her friend know how appreciative she was for the instructions provided. “Beckie, having power out here has been a tremendous benefit. I can’t thank you enough. I can use a fan to prevent moisture from accumulating, otherwise causing all types of unhealthy toxins.

I cook in here with a small stovetop. I don’t wanna brag, but I’ve been putting together very tasty meals. I’m sure you remember, I wasn’t the best cook.”

Beckie laughs, “Yah, I’d say that’s an understatement.”

- Both ladies laugh. -

Glow keeps talking, “We’ve been friends a long time. You always come through in the most important ways. I would have liked to have made as much of a difference in your life as you’ve made to my life. You’re the only person I’ve ever known who takes the time to teach me things. And not just anything, things that make life much more enjoyable. Things that make life better.”

Beckie gives Glow a warm smile. “I wouldn’t have drove to a vacant field, after dark, by myself, almost a thousand miles away if your friendship wasn’t important and didn’t make my life much more enjoyable.”

Each put an arm around the other’s shoulder as they walked out of the tent. Both grabbed another beer, before taking a seat by the campfire where the two friends talked for hours.

Glow and Beckie talked about all sorts of things. They talked about life. Beckie talked about the issues she’s been dealing with. They also talked about different things they did while growing up together.

“Glow, remember we use to leg wrestle.”

Glow responds, “Ha, I remember. You were always stronger. I bet I could give ya a run for your money now.”

Beckie answers, “I bet you could. Wanna give it a go?”

Glow wasn’t the weakened stick figure she was when she first arrived at the field. With her much improved health, and natural inner desire to compete, answers, “Sure.”

The two ladies walked a few feet out into the field. They laid down on their backs, on the grass, side by side, facing opposite directions. They raised their legs, tangling them together. Beckie starts the count. Then yells, “Go!”

Simultaneously, Glow and Beckie unleash all their strength, straining to drive the others leg down. Both ladies evenly matched, struggling back and forth.

After a few minutes, the exercising and stretching Glow’s been doing starts to show. Slowly, Glow pushes her friends leg to the ground.

Beckie smiles, “Now the grasshopper becomes the master.”

Glow responds, “Healthy food and exercise does wonders.”

The two friends stayed laying on their backs, in the field, with their beers at their sides, under the moonlight and stars, yapping away. The second one stopped to take a breath, the other immediately started talking.

Glow and Beckie always meshed that way. Though, without having talked in years, neither could get the words out quick enough.

The two gals joked and laughed deep into the night. As the beers kept going down, they started getting silly. Beckie began singing, “99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer.” Glow quickly joined in. They sang the song many times with friends when they were younger.

Within hours the two ladies were stumbling around the field, joking and laughing.

Of course, Beckie caught Glow up with the latest gossip. Beckie mentions someone they knew as teens. “Remember Penelope?”

Glow remembered her vividly. “Oh ya. That chick was the most self-absorbed person I’ve ever known. I’ve had a lot of time to think about her. It’s funny the things a person doesn’t realize when they're younger.

She always bummed money from us. I didn’t think much about that at the time. We were all friends. At times, it seemed like we’d do anything for each other.

Now that I think about it, we were all always working part-time jobs, struggling for every penny. She didn’t work. She didn’t work a single day when we were younger. Somehow, she always drove the nicest, newest car.

Whenever we went somewhere to eat, she always tried to get out of paying. I imagine we were the only reason she could afford her car.”

Beckie anxiously adds to Glows viewpoint. “That’s only part of the story. In her early 20’s, her parents purchased a house for her and paid for her college education. She couldn’t afford a bite to eat around us, yet, she had more money than all of us combined.

Here's the worst part. She almost got someone killed while she was away at college.

A bunch of students from her fraternity were drinking late at night behind a mall. A friend of hers was sitting on the hood of her car. Penelope thought her friend scratched her car. With everyone watching, she had a fit. Then, got in her car and took off with her friend still on the hood, holding on to the back of the hood with all her strength.

Penelope was trying to show off as much as anything.”

Knowing Penelope’s mentality, Glow adds, “I’m sure Penelope put the value of her car above her friends life.”

Beckie keeps going, “She reached speeds of close to 60mph. Then, slammed on the brakes! Her friend flew off the hood onto the pavement. Penelope took off, leaving her friend laying on the pavement. Her friend was shaken, and suffered numerous bruises, otherwise, she was ok.”

Glow responds, “Wow, that sucks!”

Beckie continues, “That’s not all. You’ll enjoy this part. A few friends of the chick who was thrown from Penelope’s hood, tracked her down at a college party.

They surrounded Penelope. With everyone from her fraternity watching, each of them poured their beer over Penelope’s head. Just as they finished, they all yelled loud enough for everyone at the party to hear, This is what happens when you don’t know how to treat people! A few weeks later, Penelope switched colleges.”

Both ladies laughed. Glow replies, “At least some justice was served, though, I’m sure she deserved much worse. All that money and education, yet, she doesn’t know a thing about life.”

As the sun rose and the beer ran out, Glow and Beckie began to sober. The conversations continued, now touching upon more personal topics.

Beckie knows Glow’s mentality and knows not to interfere to much with her life decisions. She also understands the tragic upbringing Glow suffered through. Beckie wanted Glow to remember she was Glow. The Glow for which her birth mother gave birth. Sometimes life sends a person adrift. They forget their inner being.

“I know you’re your own women. I’ve seen some of the things you’ve been through. We’ve been friends since we were kids. If you’re truly happy with the idea of living the rest of your life out here, I’m ok with that.

Regardless, I want to make sure you’re ok with staying out here. I’m not trying to talk you into or out of anything, I just want to see you live the life you deserve. Even though I’m not around anymore, I’m here now. Don’t go getting defensive.”

Glow laughs, then sighs, “Start your interrogation.”

Becky quickly responds, “I’m not interrogating you!”

After taking a few seconds to think, Beckie cautiously approaches the subject.

“This is a difficult subject to talk about without feeling like I’m pressuring you or criticizing your decisions. If for any reason you want to change the subject, I won’t get offended, not even slightly.”

Glow acknowledges Beckie’s concerns, “I’m ok with anything you’d like to talk about or any questions you’d like to ask. At the same time, I have a feeling some of the answers might be difficult for you to grasp.”

Beckie tries to get through to her friend.

“Don’t you feel segregated out here all by yourself?”

Glow answers, “I don’t. I felt much more segregated before moving here. I felt trapped by society, trapped by the things I’ve been through, trapped by the life I was living.

I know, you know, I keep a lot of things to myself. I wasn’t doing good in the real world. I came here to get away. I needed to straighten out my head. Physically, I was a mess as well. I’ve been doing much better in both categories.”

Beckie’s still not satisfied, “What about the nights when you went out with Logan, stumbling around at some club with someone by your side, someone to go home with. Then, wake late the next afternoon to a few slices of cold pizza. The days when you simply enjoyed being young and carefree.

I know you were hurt when the two of you broke-up. I’d imagine you’re still hurt. Other guys are out there. If you give yourself a chance, you could still experience the same type of excitement. You’d make memories. Those memories wouldn’t just be for you either. With your personality, you’d make memories for another.”

Glow continues explaining how she feels, “The times I spent with Logan were great. They ended. He wanted better things for himself. From there, the things I was already struggling with took a turn for the worse.

Since early childhood, I witnessed the bleaker side of the human race. When a person’s seen the things I’ve seen, the type of unimaginable things I’ve lived through, those life experiences overtake a person’s soul. Witnessing a part of the world worse than most people’s worst nightmare, is a type of horror that’s difficult to describe. Those memories scar a person’s soul, like etching in a stone. Those memories don’t go way. Now, I put a lot of effort into keeping my mind busy with other thoughts, better thoughts.

Out here, my life is better. Many of the animals here have more personality than most humans. They don’t bother anyone. They work and play all day, enjoying every second of life. They don’t try to force their beliefs and ideas on others. They simply enjoy life. They remind me of how life should be.

I don’t know how long I’m going to stay out here. I’m better, though still messed up from all the things I’ve been through.”

Glow keeps talking, telling Beckie about her daily routine. “I write a lot. I have plenty of notebooks. I’ve filled most of them with different thoughts, journals, and songs. I even began writing a novel. Probably got almost enough written for an entire book.

I exercise and stretch almost every day. I think a lot. Sometimes I’ll grab a blanket, lay out in the field and think for hours. I think about all kinds of things. I think about life, my mom, and different things we did when we were younger.

Remember, in this very spot, after gathering a few friends, we downed a 1/4 keg of beer, singing, laughing, enjoying each other’s company, deep into the night. We didn’t even set up a tent. We passed out on the ground next to the campfire. Those were awesome times. No one could ever take those times away. Now I’m different. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy life with the same type of carefree exuberance, liveliness.

Here, I get to enjoy small parts of life. I don’t have as much anger. I don’t want to lose that.”

Beckie felt horrible listening to the things Glow said, hearing the pain in her voice as she spoke.

Beckie didn’t want to give up on her friend. She decided to talk about things from a different perspective. “You’ve spent the last four and a half years out here by yourself. Four and a half years is a long time. You’re still in the prime of your life. How old are you now, 26, 27?”

Glow answers, “I think I’m about 27. I lost track of the days, months, years. It’s just a number. I think I’m 27.”

Beckie keeps going, “I don’t wanna see some of the best years of your life slip away.

Look at you, you’re beautiful. I remember when you were just a little twirt following me around everywhere I went.”

- Both ladies laugh. -

“Since then, you turned into a stunning woman.”

There wasn’t any doubt about that. Standing between 5’6” and 5’7”, Glow grew her dirty blond, naturally wavy hair to the small of her back. She brushes it every morning and in its natural element is stunning.

Her flesh is delicate, huggable, soft, elasticity. Yet, she’s as athletic, agile and as tough as the toughest of chicks.

She thickened up and softened up. Her pleasantly shaped breasts filled out. Underneath her soft skin, her muscles show slightly when strained.

Beckie continues, “I know you haven’t been following the news. Sometimes I don’t blame you. It gets tiring reading stories about the many hateful things people do. I know you’ve delt with the bleaker side of life more than most. Nevertheless, having awareness of some news stories may have positives.

The country changed and changed quickly. Things are better. Society is better. Quite a few obstacles, previously keeping you from living the type of life you deserve are things of the past. I know your situation was a little different. You’ve eliminated many issues yourself.

With that said, I think I heard of something up your alley. New sports designed to give all types of people a chance to compete at a national level were created a couple years ago. Their played inside five huge arenas.”

Beckie told Glow about the loss of jobs due to technological advances and revenue sharing as a result of the loss of jobs. “Glow, more than likely you’ve been getting checks deposited into your bank account for the last couple years.”

From there, Beckie began talking about the arenas and the sports. The thing about Beckie, when she talks about something, she goes into great detail. That’s what she did while explaining the sports to Glow. With Glow out of the loop, Beckie wanted to provide as much information as possible.

“The sports are nothing like anything anyone’s ever seen. The main arena is huge, unlike anything ever built, almost like a modern day coliseum.

The most popular sport is an Obstacle Cube Course. Competitors navigate through different obstacle courses. Each obstacle course features twenty-five plexiglass cubes. Each plexiglass cube is the size of two 18-wheeler truck trailers. Thousands of cubes aligned with different obstacle courses, are located throughout the arenas. Some cubes are hoisted high in the air, or stacked on top of each other, allowing the most viewers to have prime seating.

The obstacle courses are set up somewhat like a maze, with different paths and obstacles between the cubes. The distance between the cubes determine the distance of the obstacle course. Just before reaching each cube, competitors must navigate over rope bridges, up netting or ladders, depending on the height and location of the cube.

Each of the twenty-five cubes feature a different challenge. Some cubes feature fitness challenges. Others feature endurance, strength or skill challenges. The cubes are designed to push competitors to their limits. They’re designed to give the competitor with the most desire and determination the best chance to win.

Fitness challenge cubes are strenuous, often designed to tire muscles rarely used.

Some cubes house exercise bikes. Those cubes require competitors to complete a spin cycle type session.

Several cubes feature elements from different professional sports. I’ve seen cubes with baseball pitching machines. Competitors have to hit ten pitches before moving to the next cube.

The cubes with pitching machines have a twist. The machines don’t just throw fastballs. They throw a variety of fastballs, curves, sliders, sinkers and changeups. Hitting those types of pitches on a regular basis is difficult. Hitting them after running through an obstacle course is extremely challenging.

Obstacle courses even feature dodgeball cubes. Competitors have to avoid getting hit by twenty balls, while catching five. The machines flinging the balls are programed to wear out competitors.

When a competitor is set to catch five balls, the machines fling them quickly, in different directions, at different heights, forcing competitors to instill the most effort to catch each ball.

During each Obstacle Cube Course, competitors must overcome adversity. Competitors aren’t told the type of challenges within the cubes. The route of the obstacle course and the challenges change each time competitors compete.

Obstacle Cube Courses are broken up into different levels. Fifty different competitors from the same level compete at the same time. The ten competitors who finish with the highest scores, compete in a finals competition. Finals competitions are held a couple hours after the Obstacle Cube Course is completed.

Competitors choose their finals competition at the beginning of the season. Competitors can choose from a variety of sport and fitness competitions, or an MMA style battle. Sports and fitness finals are held in the smaller arenas. MMA Final Battles are held in the main arena. They’re the most popular.

The two competitors with the highest Obstacle Cube Course score, battle in the finals to determine the overall winner of the competition. The eight others who finished in the top ten, battle each other to determine overall placement.

The greatest thing about the sport, it’s not just for the physically gifted or talented. It’s designed somewhat like boxing, however, weight classes are taken much further. Competitors with not only a similar weight, a similar height, strength and skill compete against each other.

Tryouts are held to ensure competitors are as evenly matched as possible. The speed, strength, endurance and agility of each competitor is gauged during tryouts. For the MMA Final Battles, both punching power and punching speed are measured via digital punching bags.

The same is done for a variety of different punches and kicks. They measure the speed and power of uppercuts, hooks, jabs, body punches, sidekicks, and front kicks. The results from tryouts, determine the level for which a competitor competes.

When competitors win competitions, they usually win because of their desire, focus, and knowledge of the sport, not just because of their natural physical talent. That’s part of what makes the competitions exciting. Competitors are evenly matched. Therefore, the competitions are very competitive.

Due to the variety of different levels, almost anyone in the country can participate in a professional style sport, viewed by millions.

With five stadiums and their own cable television station, the sports have become the most popular in the world. Viewers flock to the stadiums. There’s plenty of seating, and tickets are inexpensive.

Each competitor competing, is another person earning a paycheck. Their friends and family members watch the competitions, adding to the popularity of the sports. Income equality is a priority. The payrate is the same for all the competitors. It’s a fair and generous amount.

For the most part, seating closest to each cube is filled with friends and family members of the competitors. Huge Jumbotron displays are featured throughout the arenas, with a gigantic Jumbotron located in the center of the main arena. The most exciting competitions are displayed on the Jumbotrons.

One of the smaller arenas also host tournaments for lesser known sports, like dodgeball, kickball, table tennis and wiffleball.

A new team sport was also invented. The sport is a little difficult to describe. It’s played in a humongous enclosed field, twice the size of a soccer field, allowing the most players to participate in each game. The games are ninety minutes long. All ninety minutes are action packed.

The field features ten foot mounds of sand and padded plexiglass walls. The ceiling is plexiglass as well. The sand is not quite as soft as beach sand. The sand is designed to give players better traction and prevent injury.

Inside the enclosure the weather is controlled and created. Giant machines generate snow, wind and rain, while increasing or decreasing the temperature. During part of the game, players endure blizzard like conditions. Snow falls, blowing down with heavy bursts of wind. A half hour later the temperature rises, creating desert conditions. Next, rain pours down. Players have to battle through a variety of elements each game.

The game itself is a little like Racquet Ball, Football and Jai Alai combined. Except it’s played with a softer ball and without any type of racquet. The balls used are similar in size and texture to Nurf Footballs, except they're round. Five balls are in play at all times, keeping the most players involved.

The sport has twice as many refs as other professional sports. If play is stopped for a penalty, play is only stopped for the specific player(s) involved.

The sports are held 24/7. Anytime, day or night, competitions are held. Tens of thousands of people compete each day.

The country has devoted a substantial amount of money into the success of the sports, giving the widest variety of citizens a chance to compete in and watch the sports.

Eight ultramodern highspeed trainlines were built, taking competitors and viewers from all parts of the country, to and from the arena’s. A new train station is located just 25 miles from here.

I thought you’d like hearing about the new sports and perhaps think about competing.

You’ve always liked to try new things. I know you have a chip on your shoulder. Life wasn’t as fair to you as its been to others. The sports might give you an opportunity to release some of the anger you have built up inside.

Remember the days when you played softball? I saw how much you enjoyed playing. Those were the times when Glow glowed.

Remember that feeling of focus, a feeling of freedom as the ball is pitched, then, releasing all your energy, swinging with all your strength as it reaches the plate, the instant sense of satisfaction when the bat collides with the ball?

Remember, playing in the outfield, running as fast as possible to chase deep flyballs seemingly just out of reach, pushing your body to its limits, running so fast you start to stumble, at the same time, extending your arm as far forward as possible, grabbing the ball out of midair? You said those were some of the greatest feelings you’ve ever felt.

You were one of the best players on our team. If you decide to compete, I bet you’ll practice more than most, you’ll study the game more than most, and compete as hard as any of the competitors.

Plenty of people wake up one day and they’re in their forties. The prime years of their life are gone. They’ve turned forty without having done many of the things they would have liked to have done with their life. Many didn’t give themselves the opportunity to try and fail. Even if they failed, they would have given themselves every opportunity to succeed.

Maybe one day you’ll wake up at forty. Maybe you’ll still live here in this field. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll become a writer. Maybe you’ll work in an office. We both know that’s not you.

Maybe you’ll look back at your life, thinking you should have done things different, knowing you didn’t give yourself a chance to do something you truly enjoyed. I don’t want that to happen.

I’ve always felt the second half of a person’s life is to reflect on the first half. They’re slower, weaker. At 27, you already have a lot of regret. When you’re older, those are the things you’re going to remember. You still have the prime of your life.”

Glow quietly listened to everything Becky said. She didn’t know how to respond. Every once in a while she nodded her head, letting her friend know she was paying attention and appreciative of the thoughts.

Shortly thereafter, the two ladies fell asleep, after staying up laughing and chatting for over 12 hours.

Late the next morning both woke tired and hungover. Glow lit a fire to boil a pot of water. When the water finished boiling, the two friends enjoyed a cup of coffee together.

While drinking coffee, Glow briefly spoke about the things Beckie said the previous night. “Beckie, I know you have good intentions. I’ll think about the sports. My life is good out here. I don’t have nearly as much stress as I did. I’m not saying I’m against competing. I just need to figure out if I’m ready to enter society.”

Becky knew she gave Glow a lot to think about. Thus, decided to change the subject. “Don’t think I came here just for you.

- Both ladies laugh. -

I needed the therapy you’ve been getting. I always enjoy chillin with you. Though, I gotta bail. Got a class in a couple days. I’m still trying to make this life thing work.”

Glow responds, “Yah, that didn’t go well for me. You better get to getting, cause I don’t want you living a life of seclusion. The way you yip-idy-yap, you couldn’t deal.”

Becky answers, “I bet I’d spend less time with my foot inserted in my mouth.” Shortly thereafter, Beckie began to leave the field.

Glow yelled as her friend was walking towards her car, “Chika, your life has infinite possibilities, don’t mess it up!”

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