George Farina

About George Farina's Blog

I created the blog, along with the rest of in 2021, mostly to learn about PHP, help market Light Throughout The Night and to give me something different to do.

The blog is written in PHP, HTML and CSS and works through a database. The Blog's admin is somewhat simple. I can post and edit blog and gallery posts with specific HTML and CSS scripting, including images via form fields. Firefox provides the spellcheck. Sometimes I put the posts through MS Word before posting them.

I also enter Meta Tag, Keyword and RSS data with each post. The Meta Tag and Keyword data gets output to the blog post. The RSS feed's data gets output to a PHP webpage in the admin. I copy and paste the output into a HTML editor, save the output as XML and upload the feed to the server.

Currently, the blog doesn't allow comments. However, if you'd like to post a comment in regards to a specific post, please e-mail me the comment. I'll try to post it below the relevant post. If you notice any errors, please don't hesitate to contact me in regards to the errors.

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