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National Library Week
Posted: 2018-04-10 At: 2:22 PM:   

Image of a Library from PixABay
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

This week is National Library Week. I live near an excellent Library. As such, I decided to spend the day indulging in their world of information, education and technology. I grabbed a table, fired up the laptop and started my morning routine. It’s probably not much different than most. With a hot cup of coffee nearby, I flipped through the usual websites.

Already being at the library, I decided to checkout their website (citruslibraries.org) as well. I’ve been to their website many times in the past. The site has a calendar displaying several educational courses taught at no charge. They offer both a beginner and intermediate Excel class. They also offer different types of writing courses. I thoroughly enjoy both subjects.

I took a stroll through the aisles. I flipped through a few books. I looked at the different displays and rooms within the library. A large computer room is towards the front. Private conference rooms are near the back, available for reservations, often used for studying.

The staff was very knowledgeable. Their creativity and demeanor instilled a positive and friendly atmosphere. The high-speed wireless internet and decent selection of books was also beneficial. I finished the day studying at Lynda.com in a tranquil environment.

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