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The Neighborhood Squirrels
Posted: 2018-04-13 At: 4:10 PM:   

Almost every night a group of squirrels visit. Watching their routine is cool. Each have their own personality. Two of them stick together, always playing with each other. They chase each other, jumping from tree to tree, sometimes playing in sand piles.

Two different squirrels spend most of their time scavenging for acorns. Though, each takes their own approach. In reality, only one of the two puts time and effort into finding acorns. He's focused, always working. He’ll find enough acorns to bury many of them for a later date.

The other squirrel does things different. Some might say he's conniving. If squirrels went by a set of morals, I’m sure he isn't in compliance. The conniving squirrel waits for the first squirrel to find and bury an acorn. Then, he runs over to the buried acorn to dig it up.

Sometimes, the hard working squirrel catches him. Then, the chase begins. He’ll chase the conniving squirrel away. Though, the acorn thief doesn’t stay away. The acorn thief sit on the outskirts of the area, waiting for a chance to swipe another acorn.

There is one little guy who keeps to himself. While the others are playing, he goes off to his own area to look for food. He seems like he's enjoying himself. He just likes to keep to himself. I think he's a juvenile, exploring life for the first time. Yet, he is friendly with humans. When I’m sitting outside, he visits the area near where I’m sitting. He’ll sit and watch me for a few. Then, he'll look for food before going on his way.

I always liked squirrels. They seem to have an in depth understand of how to enjoy life. They're happy little critters.

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