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Light Throughout The Night The Name Of The Main Character, Glow

The name of the main character and why she was given her name is one of my favorite parts of the book.

When I began writing "Light Throughout The Night", I didn't have a name for the main character. As I was writing, I kept trying to think of a good name. Many months after I began writing, I thought of the name Glow.

The day I thought of Glow as the name of the main character I was going through the alphabet, beginning with A, trying to think of every name I could think of beginning with the letter A. Then, B, C, D, E, F, and G. When I got to G, I thought of Glow.

A few months before I thought of the name, I watched the G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling documentary. The documentary reminded me of the G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling television series.

I grew up in a very small town at the end of a dead end road towards the outskirts of town. The house where I grew up didn't have cable or an antenna on the roof for many years. In the outskirts of a small town, without a roof antenna, there isn’t much, if any reception.

Sometime during the mid-1980’s a rather large roof antenna was installed, and a television was purchased for the basement. One of the first shows I remember watching regularly was G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. I got up every Saturday and Sunday morning, went downstairs to the basement to watch G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling and Saturday morning cartoons.

G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling displayed many things I was trying to instill in "Light Throughout The Night". The television show was dramatic, adventurous, sexy, and educational. Wrestling matches focused on real world issues and the wrestlers showed a tremendous amount of character through their performances.

When I thought of the name Glow, I immediately knew I was going to name the main character Glow.

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Light Throughout The Night The Stats

"Light Throughout The Night" has 317 pages, 44,632 words, 261,106 characters with spaces, 216,506 characters without spaces, 1,521 paragraphs and 14 chapters. The book is X 5 1/2" in width, 8 1/2" in high with a depth of about 7/8's of an inch. The book is written in 14 point Euphemia font. Neither the paperback or eBook has any pictures.

The eBook is about 1 1/2 MB's and is in PDF format. The eBook version is the same as the paperback version, however, the eBook version has 302 pages. The indent for the binding isn't necessary, allowing more words per page. As a result, the page count shows as 302 pages.

Neither the eBook or the printed book has an ISBN number or a bar code.

The current, first published printing of "Light Throughout The Night" released 2022-01-02 says 2nd printing on the cover page and within the footer of the book. However, the 2nd printing is the first published printing. The first printing was the printing I sent to Copyright.gov and printed for my own personal records. The first printing wasn't published and doesn't have a cover page, table of contents or book cover.

"Light Throughout The Night" took about two years to write, beginning October 2018, finishing towards the end of September 2020. However, even after the book was finished I continued making improvements until weeks before the book's publication.

I edited the book myself. As I was preparing to print "Light Throughout The Night" I found additional errors. I fixed them. I imagine, even after publishing "Light Throughout The Night", I'll find errors to fix. If you've purchased Light Through Out The Night and found an error, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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Light Throughout The Night Making The Book

Much like "Far From Perfect", I make each "Light Throughout The Night" book myself. I print the pages, cut the pages, put the book together, glue the binding, print the cover, cut the cover, and glue the cover to the binding.

I prefer to use recycled paper to print the pages of "Light Throughout The Night". However, I don't have a set supplier of paper. I purchase the best paper available when I go shopping. Many times, the store where I shop has different types of paper in stock from the paper I previously purchased. Many times, the type of paper I prefer isn’t available.

Many years ago I remember using light brown recycled paper. I wanted to try to print books with the light brown paper. However, I haven't been able find the manufacture or any suppliers. If anyone knows where I can find light brown recycled paper, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The cover is teal, with black lettering. I purchase regular teal posterboard. Then, cut the posterboard into the size needed for the book cover. From there, I print the cover before folding and gluing the cover to the book's binding.

I live in a very small space. Even though I'm in a better living situation than I was when I began making "Far From Perfect" books, I can only make a limited number of books each month. If I can't make "Light Throughout The Night" books as quickly as they sell, I'll have to get the books printed by a book printing company.

The cost to have books printed professionally is more expensive. As a result, I'll have to raise the price of the book. At the same time, I can offer multiple versions as both a hardcover and paperback.

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Why I Priced Light Throughout The Night At $6.50 Per Book

"Light Throughout The Night" has 317 Pages. The book is 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches, the size of a letterhead sheet of paper folded in half. Four pages are printed on each sheet of paper. 317 divided by 4 = 80. Therefor, 80 sheets of paper are used per book. Currently, I pay about $4.50 per ream of 500 sheets of paper, or about $0.009 per sheet. $0.009 Times 80 = $0.72, the cost of paper needed to make each book.

I use a laser printer and pay a little over $11 per ink toner cartridge. Each ink toner cartridge has a print range of about 1,600 pages. A cost of about $0.0071 per sheet. $0.0071 Times 160 = $1.14, the cost of ink to print each book. (The sheets are doubled from 80 to 160 because the per sheet ink toner cartridge print range(1,600) is one side of one sheet of paper. Both sides are used to print the book.)

I pay about $30 for each printer drum. The printer drum has an estimated life span of 12,000 pages, a cost of about $0.0025 per sheet. $0.0025 times 160 = $0.40, the cost of the printer drum used to print each book. (As with the toner ink cartridge, the sheets are doubled from 80 to 160 because the per sheet printing amount(12,000) is one side of one sheet of paper. Both sides are used to print the book.)

I use standard posterboard as the cover of each book at a cost of $1.22 per posterboard sheet. I can usually make three or four book covers from each sheet of posterboard at a cost between $0.30 and $0.41 per book cover. The posterboard I purchase has a UPC sticker stuck to the posterboard. The sticker doesn't always peel cleanly. The location of the UPC determines how many book covers I can make from a specific sheet of posterboard. More often than not, I can only print three covers per sheet of posterboard. I estimated the cost of the cover at $0.39 per cover.

I didn’t include the cost of book glue. I haven’t made enough books to determine the cost per book. In total, each book costs about $2.65 to make.

The cost also doesn’t include the time I took to write "Light Throughout The Night", the time to make each book, previously purchased items such as printers, software, paper cutters and copyright costs. The cost doesn't include things such as misprints, pens, printer paper and ink used during the writing process and faulty equipment either.

With all things considered, I felt a markup of almost $4.00 for each book is fair, as a result, I priced "Light Throughout The Night" at $6.50 per book.

Per Book Costs
Paper Cost: $0.72
Ink Cost:   $1.14
Drum Cost: $0.40
Cover Cost: $0.39
Estimated Cost To Make Each Book: $2.65

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Light Throughout The Night Personal Thoughts

"Light Throughout The Night" possesses many chapters I thoroughly enjoy. One of my favorite chapters is chapter 9. I feel the chapter displays the most personality, is the most fun loving, exuberant chapter. Fun loving, and exuberance are really good things.

Chapters 11 and 12 I think are also excellent. Both are difficult to describe without giving away spoilers. Chapter 11 displays both the better and harsher sides of humans and in-depth emotion. Chapter 12 displays compassion as well as resilience.

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Light Throughout The Night Influences Without Spoilers

Many of the thoughts and ideas written within "Light Throughout The Night" were accumulated throughout the length of my life. Below, I talk about a few of the things I felt influenced the book. There are plenty of other thoughts and ideas I feel greatly influence the book, though, difficult to describe without giving away spoilers.

I read a book in 2015 called Spare Parts. The main characters in Spare Parts overcame many different obstacles within the story. Many of the obstacles they overcame displayed the same type of resilience I tried to instill in Glow.

Dan Brown’s books greatly influenced "Light Throughout The Night". He has a way of building up a story into a very inspiring ending. That’s not easy. Though, a good ending was important and something I tried to give "Light Throughout The Night".

Television shows influenced Light Throughout The Night:
With the main character named Glow, obviously, G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling influenced the book.

In addition to Glow's name, the show possessed many things I wanted within Light Throughout The Night. G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling was dramatic, adventurous, sexy, and educational. Wrestling matches focused on real world issues and the wrestlers showed a tremendous amount of character through their performances. All of the above are things I tried to instill in the book.

An episode of La Femme Nikita influenced a fighting fish scene at the beginning of chapter 13.

The show American Gladiators, the XFL, MMA and Boxing influenced the sporting competitions.

My thoughts about equality are a result of many different influences.

The news greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
I use to read the news almost every day, many news stories each day, probably tens of thousands of them during my lifespan. Of all the news stories I've read, I only read one news story about equality. The news story I did read greatly influenced my thoughts within the book.

The city greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
I lived in Miami for a little over 15 years. I've seen many many homeless. The sights of the homeless influenced the book greatly.

Technology greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
I've seen the better side and worse side of technology. In my case, the worse side of technology I've seen overshadows the benefits. Deciding to include technology as part of the story line was a dilemma. However, technology did influence my thoughts in regards to equality and does have the potential, at the very least, to lessen inequality.

Financial knowledge greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
I have a background in both bookkeeping and real estate. I have a decent understanding of finances, though, I know there are plenty of things regarding our financial system where I lack knowledge. The things I do know, influenced the book.

Working as a real estate agent greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
While working as a real estate agent, I felt many homes, even the least expensive homes were unaffordable to many earning lower wages. Those thoughts influenced the book.

Financial struggles greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
Sometime between the time I worked as a bookkeeper and a real estate agent and the time I started writing "Light Throughout The Night", I experienced financial struggles of my own, more severe than I wrote about in "Far From Perfect". I thought about how new money enters the economy. Thinking about the flow of money influenced my thoughts.

Major League Baseball influenced my thoughts about equality:
Even though Major League Baseball is one of the most traditional sports, their profit sharing financial system is one of the most advanced financial systems in sports.

An episode of the 1970's television show, Wonder Woman influenced my thoughts about equality:
At the beginning of the episode, two villains from the future talk about how people living in the 21 century can accumulate endless amounts of wealth. In the time period they live, the accumulation of endless amounts of wealth is illegal.

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Publication Of Light Throughout The Night, By George Farina

Today, I am very happy to announce the release and publication of my second book: "Light Throughout The Night".

"Light Throughout The Night" came to life during October of 2018, while I was tent camping. Anticipating November Novel Month, and having the urge to write, inspired me to begin writing "Light Throughout The Night".

I began a month early, simply because I knew I couldn’t finish a novel within a month. Just about two years later, 44,632 words later, and 14 chapters later, I was finally putting the finishing touches on the book. A little over a year after finishing the book, I'm finally in a position to release "Light Throughout The Night" for publication.

Without further ado, I announce the official release and publication of:

"Light Throughout The Night", By George Farina
(2022-01-02) "Light Throughout The Night" is fiction, primarily a drama, specifically, a sports action drama. Even though the story is fiction, the book displays a sense of realness.

"Light Throughout The Night" is somewhat futuristic, partly educational, with a taste of sexiness. The main character is named Glow. She's named after the 1980's television show, G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Regardless of the genre, "Light Throughout The Night" details Glow's life story. During the early years of Glow's life, the deck was stacked against her. Because of her situation, she didn’t have an opportunity to live a decent life. As Glow grew older, she didn't find her niche in society. Her past kept her from finding happiness.

"Light Throughout The Night" takes readers from Glow's birth, through to her adulthood. Her story is passionate, dramatic, and adventurous, while touching upon more serious issues such as child abuse, homelessness and lack of equality. Within the pages of "Light Throughout The Night", Glow displays resilience as she tries to find happiness, peace and peace within herself.

"Light Throughout The Night" is available as a paperback book and eBook via the following URL: https://www.georgefarina.net/store/lightthroughoutthenight/index.php

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