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Light Throughout The Night Chapter 9: Lady
Posted: 2023-02-25 At: 5:30 am:   

If you've reached this blog post via a search engine or through social media, I'm posting the complete book for free here as blog posts. A summery is located here.

Light Throughout The Night is a complete story with many twists and turns. The only way to feel the essence of the story is to read it from beginning to end.

Even though I'm posting the book as blog posts, the eBook is still available for sale. As a result, please don't post the book elsewhere.

Chapter 9: Lady

Before competitors were allowed to compete, a four month waiting period was mandatory. During the waiting period, Glow met with the gal she spoke with in the locker room.

Her name is Lady and their situations were similar. Both traveled very far, from different parts of the U.S. and did so on a whim. Each threw a few items in a duffle bag, then, hopped on the train.

Glow and Lady hooked up at a local food distribution center. Glow ordered a coffee and a burger. Lady ordered a coffee and a salad. The two gals sat and ate, while getting to know each other.

Lady talked about her younger years. She was homeschooled. She's very outgoing and grew up in a large city. Their upbringings were different, nevertheless, both came from unconventional walks of life.

Their physiques are similar. Very much like Glow, Lady’s flesh is soft, yet she’s strong. She’s a few years older and slightly more shapely.

She’s very cute. Her shoulders slope downward. Her arms are smooth, silkie, delicate looking. Her breasts are larger than average. Her mid-section is petite and curvy, flowing beautifully into her thickish hips. Her thighs are soft, kneecaps chubby and calves attractively shaped.

She’s spontaneous, though, not nearly as spontaneous as Glow. Her personality is dazzling, to say the least, often keeping Glow on the edge of her seat, attentively listening to her every word.

Lady, much like Glow, knows what life’s about and neither wanted to let another second of their lives slip away. Lady seemed genuine, like a genuinely good person. That was important to Glow.

In response, Glow was very friendly, talkative, although hesitant to divulge to much personal information. She talked about Wonder, the sports and was very interested in Lady’s story.

After a couple days, the two gals decided to find an apartment together. The immediate area lacked available apartments due to the number of competitors and fans of the sports.

Both desired an apartment with pisas. A wow factor. That was one of their must haves. They decided to do whatever was necessary to find their ideal apartment, even if they had to look at fifty different apartments.

As a result of The People’s Army, many apartments were affordable and available. However, finding a very cool apartment, close enough to the arenas to compete on a daily basis took time and dedication.

The two gals began scouring local papers, looking at numerous pads each day. During the next two weeks, Glow and Lady split the cost of hotel rooms. Despite their effort, after a couple weeks they couldn’t find their ideal apartment.

While Glow was living in the field, she didn’t spend any money. The checks she received from the Government accumulated. Regardless, hotel rooms were still expensive, especially near the arenas.

Eventually, renting hotel rooms became too expensive. Glow didn’t want to squander her money. Lady felt the same way.

In defiance, neither of the two ladies were going to let the price of hotel rooms prevent them from finding a desirable apartment. Glow and Lady began staying on the streets, four, five days at a time.

Glow knew all the ins and outs of street life. Much of their time was spent at the gym. A local gym stayed open 24/7, allowing them to exercise at night. After, working out, the two gals showered and brushed their teeth in the locker room. Of course, they did each other’s nails and hair.

From there, Glow and Lady headed to the local beach. They laid out their towels, laid down on the soft warm sand, before falling asleep for a few hours.

Later in the day, when the temperature became too hot, the two gals woke, walked down to a local food distribution center for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

While eating, they used the free Wi-Fi to search for apartments. Later at night, when things cooled off outside, they went back to the beach for a few extra hours of sleep before going to the gym.

Most people didn’t know Glow and Lady were homeless. The twosome traveled very light. Each carried a new duffle bag with their clothes and essentials. They kept on the move and kept to themselves as much as possible.

With Glow having been by herself for years, it took a few weeks before she completely loosened up around Lady. When she did, there wasn’t any stopping her. She talked to Lady for hours, explaining her story.

Glow told Lady about life on the street. “Life on the street wasn’t always the way it is now. Five or six years ago, things were much worse. I wouldn’t have suggested leaving the hotel if I didn’t think we could live out here somewhat comfortably.”

Occasionally, things didn’t go as planned. A few times Glow and Lady arrived at the beach just after dawn. Both laid out their towels, before laying down for a few hours of beauty rest.

Unbeknownst, a few hours after dosing off, rain began pouring, coming down in buckets. Instantaneously. Within seconds both ladies were drenched. They quickly woke, vigorously grabbing their bags and towels as they bolted for shelter.

Glow and Lady usually ended up behind a building, in an alleyway, sitting under a small windowsill or entryway partially sheltered from the rain.

The twosome sat on the pavement, against the building with their legs curled up against their bodies, their hair drenched, shirts, shorts and jeans soaked, waiting for the storm to pass. They used their equally drenched towels as covers, while tightly squishing against the other, trying to stay warm.

Sometimes it poured for hours. The sky turned dark gray. Clouds sped through the air. Lightning flashed, rapid blinding bolts. Thunderous blasts echoed, shaking the building where they sat, each feeling the others body tense.

Neither had anything else to do except talk to the other. Spending time in the alley was a great way for them to get to know each other on a more personal level.

These were the times when Glow and Lady developed a closeness they’d keep for the rest of their lives.

The two gals talked about their likes and dislikes. Glow began with her dislikes. Having dealt with and seen the worst side of life, she didn’t have any trouble listing numerous dislikes.

“Waste, busy bodies, trickery, deceit, lies, labels, stereotypes, peer pressure, attitudes, stress, monopolies.”

Glow could have kept going, though, she sensed Lady stressing with all her dislikes. She began listing her likes.

Glow previously gave up on most things. The few likes she did have, she knew immediately, quickly mentioning the squirrels, coffee and competing. Then, she paused, trying to think of other things she liked. She couldn’t.

A few seconds later, Lady, sensing Glow was struggling, began listing the things she liked.

“Warm clothes just out of the dryer. Good conversations. Ice cold beer on a hot summer day. Christmas lights.”

Glow attentively listened until Lady listed her next like.

“The smell of food at amusement parks.”

Glow speaks, “I’ve never been to an amusement park.”

Lady replies, “Well, we’ll have to do something about that.”

Glow talked about Beckie. “After going four and a half years, without having seen or spoken to each other, Beckie still remembered we were friends. Four and a half years after we last spoke, she showed up out of the blue, letting me know about the sports.

There aren’t very many people in this world who would have remembered a friend after four and a half years, no less travel halfway across the country to visit them.”

Glow talked about the things she thought about while laying in the field. Those subjects often led to very deep conversations.

As much as Lady liked talking to Glow, she was a very good listener. She was understanding. She asked general questions and was genuinely sympathetic towards many parts of Glows story.

When the rain stopped, the two gals walked to the nearest ladies room. They changed into dry clothes, fixed their hair, before continuing with the rest of the day.

The day they went to the amusement park, Lady grabbed Glow’s arm, locking elbows, pulling Glow forward. “Glow, today you’re gonna see a different side of life, a better side of life.”

Pulling Glow forward, Lady starts singing, “We’re going, we’re going, we’re going, we’re going to the fair. We’re gonna see the clowns. We’re gonna wipe away the frowns and we’re gonna ride the Ferris Wheel all day long, cause we’re going, we’re going, we’re going, we’re going to the fair.”

Glow joined in. Both sang the song all the way to the amusement park.

Once they arrived, it was Glow who was pulling Lady in every which direction, trying to see as much as possible. The twosome spent the whole night at the amusement park, smiling, playing games and riding rides.

As the two gals became better friends, Glow began showing the lighter side of her personality.

< A dog barks in the distance. >

“Lady, ya hear what that dog’s saying?”

Lady replied, somewhat confused. “What, I dunno? Ruff, ruff.”

Glow talks, “He’s saying, Lady, why don’t ya toss the little dog a ball? Look, I’m open. Over here, over here.”

Now he’s saying, “All right, if you’re not gonna toss the little dog the ball, how about a biscuit? The little dog’s gotta eat. Toss the little dog a biscuit.”

Lady laughed. Then, reached over to mess up Glow’s hair. “Glow, you’re something else.”

The next time they went to the food distribution center, when Glow wasn’t looking, Lady snagged a bunch of biscuits. When the two gals walked by the little dog, Lady smiled at Glow, lightly pushing her, before tossing the dog a few biscuits.

“Glow, ya here what the little dog is saying now?”

Smiling, Glow replies, “Nope, I don’t hear anything.”

Lady says, “The little dog is saying, thanks Lady, you’re the best.”

The two gals meshed like they’d been friends for years. They were serious at times, each knowing the subjects most important to the other. They spoke, and listened. They joked and laughed.

Sometimes Glow and Lady play wrestled on the beach. Once in a while the matches turned into professional wrestling style matches.

“Are you messing with The Glow! Lady, you don’t want to mess with The Glow!”

Then she threw a forearm, softly landing it on Lady’s shoulder, while making a slapping sound.

Lady joined in. “I’m gonna take The Glow, spin her around and pin her down.”

The friendly foes chased each other or wrestled until one of them got too tired to chase or wrestle the other, with each having moments of victory and defeat.

When the two gals weren’t wrestling, spending time at the gym or sleeping, they worked on their agility, usually by stretching or doing yoga.

Every so often they ran into a few male sexist jerks.

After quickly brushing them off, each turned to the other, repeating one of their favorite sayings, “Maybe if they stopped being jerks, a woman might let them use their wiener.”

Of course, the occasional group of dudes hit on them. Glow and Lady flirted, laughed and smiled, enjoying the attention. Never more than a few minutes. Neither let things go any further. Things were going to good just as they were. That says a lot, since they were without a roof over their head.

Sometimes it’s not what a person has, it’s who they have, whether they have a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, a friend, or even a pet. Glow and Lady had each other. To them, their friendship was providing more value than a roof could ever provide.

Glow’s been burned by people to many times in the past to even think about making additional friends. Lady was enjoying her new adventurist, spontaneous and whimsical lifestyle. Neither were ready to add to their twosome.

Since finding an apartment was their only absolute task, the two gals had plenty of free time. Together they tried to make the most of their time. They visited local parks. They walked around the city and visited different establishments.

On Sundays, Glow and Lady took leisurely bike rides through the zoo, inside the plexiglass walkways, often stopping to eat lunch on a picnic table, watching the animals on the other side of the plexiglass.

Both trained for the competitions, spending time in the batting cages, playing tennis, racquetball and beach volleyball. Sometimes locals joined their games. Other times the twosome practiced with just each other.

One night Glow and Lady went bar hopping, stumbling along the sidewalk from bar to bar, laughing all night, having an amazing time.

Within a few weeks, the two gals became acquainted with Wonder and the surrounding areas better than most people who have been living in the city for years. They learnt the quickest train routes, the best places to eat and places where they could go to get away from things.

At the end of each week the twosome rented a hotel room, regrouped, while ravishing themselves in luxury. Lady got to know the hotel clerks. Sometimes the clerks let them rent a room for just a few hours to shower and beautify themselves.

While staying at a hotel, Lady saw just how secluded Glow was from parts of life common to others.

That day, the two gals entered their hotel room. Glow started walking around, checking everything out. Next, she went in the bathroom.

“Lady, check out this cool drinking fountain!”

Lady was in the living room area. She paused for a second, thinking to herself, “Drinking fountain?? In the bathroom??” Then, it clicked. She rush towards the bathroom, yelling, “Nooooooo!!” as loud as possible, arriving just in time to prevent Glow from taking a drink.

The drinking fountain was actually a bidet. Glow hadn’t seen or heard of a bidet before.

After Lady told her what a bidet is, Glow tried to play it cool.

“oh, ha, ha, oops.” Then, quickly changed the subject.

Lady could have razzed Glow plenty for her mishap. She didn’t. She let Glow off the hook with a sly smile.

After living on the streets for just about two months and looking at almost 40 different apartments, the day finally came when they found an apartment. A young couple renting a federally owned apartment, decided to move.

As soon as the they saw it advertised, both knew that was their apartment. Glow and Lady were in the middle of breakfast. They stopped mid bite, immediately getting up to go see the apartment.

These types of apartments rarely make the classifieds. A friend of a friend usually rents them instantaneously.

The apartment was in an old brick factory. The People’s Army turned the building into apartments and condos, offering them as rentals, rent to own, or purchase.

The apartment Glow and Lady looked at showed a tremendous amount of character. The interior walls were brick. The ceilings were high. The pipes and ac ducts were exposed. All the fixtures were industrial.

Their apartment was on the fifth floor. The windows in the living room were arched, huge and let in plenty of natural light. The kitchen and living room were open. The apartment had two master bedrooms, allowing Glow and Lady to each have their own bedroom and bathroom.

When the factory was turned into apartments and condos, the latest green technology was implemented.

Water used in the dishwasher was routed to the toilets for flushing. A tankless water heater was installed. Energy efficient lightbulbs were installed throughout the building. Solar panels were installed on part of the roof.

The exterior of the factory was untouched, adding a rustic feel to the character of the building.

A rooftop deck was installed. The view was stunning. The rooftop overlooks a park. Wonder stretches over the horizon in the background.

Glow and Lady were given the keys the same day they viewed the apartment. From there, the twosome still had a couple of weeks before they could compete.

The first thing Glow did was give Beckie a call. Beckie didn’t answer. Glow left her friend a message, letting Beckie know where she was, and she was going to stay to compete in the sports.

The very next day, Glow and Lady began turning the apartment into their own. They hit up local antique shops and flea markets, looking for unique items.

Glow found a vintage dresser in need of tlc. She sanded and painted the dresser, before putting it in her room.

Glow also found a guitar at a local thrift store. Sometimes late at night, she played the guitar, while enjoying a few drinks with Lady.

The twosome picked up necessities, dishes, and small appliances. They pooled their money to purchase a leather couch, television and coffee table.

Both gals kept going to the gym.

Glow still liked writing. Though, she didn’t write nearly as much as she did while living in the field. She was enjoying Wonder. She was enjoying spending time with Lady.

Every once in a while, early in the morning or late at night, Glow got the urge to write.

She walked up to the rooftop deck. She took a seat on a lounge chair, watching the sun rise or set, looking out over the city, writing for hours.

Sometimes a youngish couple cuddled on a nearby chair, while looking out into the skyline. Glow felt good. She felt relaxed.

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