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All Web Dev Help
All Web Dev Help: website design, creation, management and programing tutorials, including PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and much more.   Additional Details
BuddyPress: a WordPress based social network plugin with user profiles, groups, activity streams, notifications, message boards via integration with bbPress and much more.   Additional Details
Christina Truong, Educator, Web Developer
Christina Truong: an educator, web developer, creator of original content, in addition to many other cool techie types of things.   Additional Details
CodePen displays the results of front end web development programing languages.   Additional Details
Css Tricks
CSS Tricks: Tips, Techniques regarding CSS, Cascading Style Sheets.   Additional Details
Debug Answer
Debug Answer: programing tutorials, source code examples, questions and answers about programing, web development resources and much more.   Additional Details
Geeks For Geeks
Geeks For Geeks: a computer science portal for geeks with well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming stories, quizzes, tutorials and much more.   Additional Details
Getty Images
Getty Images: royalty free stock photos, vector art, videos, purchase options and much more.   Additional Details
HeyTuts: web development tutorials, including WordPress, htaccess, PHP, Windows, Linux, downloads, videos and much more.   Additional Details
HTML For Beginners. The Easy Way to Learn HTML and CSS.   Additional Details
HTML Attribute Reference Via MDN Mozilla Developer Network
Each HTML Tag, Element, has attributes. MDN provides a detailed list of HTML attributes with descriptions.   Additional Details
HTML Dog: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials and scripts used to make websites.   Additional Details
HTML Element Reference Via MDN Mozilla Developer Network
HTML websites have elements, also known as HTML Tags. MDN provides a detailed list of HTML elements with descriptions.   Additional Details
HTML Goodies
HTML Goodies: find a variety of knowledge based articles and tutorials regarding web development, including HTML, programing, coding, JavaScript, PHP and many other web development and programing languages.   Additional Details
HumHub, free open source social networking software and framework built to make teamwork easier.   Additional Details
Jaf Soft Web Development Resources
A list of web development resources (past and present), including, search engine robots, web browsers, link checkers, FTP clients, software packages, offline browsers and much more.   Additional Details
JS Fiddle
Verify JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript scripts online with JSFiddle code editor.   Additional Details
MailChimp: A bulk e-mail mailing service where users create and send bulk e-mails and newsletters.   Additional Details
Makitweb: programing language tutorials, including PHP, jQuery, AJAX, Laravel, CodeIgniter, with demos and downloadable source code, WordPress tutorials and much more.   Additional Details
Movavi offers a wide variety of multimedia programs designed to enhance videos, music, and photos on any platform and any device. Our easy to use, yet, powerful software inspires people to edit, enhance, and share their media.   Additional Details

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