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ALT Alternative Living Spaces
ALT Alternative Living Spaces turn shipping containers into affordable alternative homes and container offices, build campervans and much more.   Additional Details
TAYNR Steel Frame
TAYNR provides a variety of building solutions, including TAYNR Frame kits, kits designed to frame a variety of small space structures such as tiny homes, sheds and many other applications.   Additional Details
45 Modern Shipping Container Homes for Every Budget
45 affordable, stylish, durable alternative shipping container homes.   Additional Details
Exploring Alternatives
A look into alternative living, off-grid living, tiny homes, shipping container homes, minimalism, homesteading and more at ExploringAlternatives.ca   Additional Details
Montainer Container Homes
Montainer Container Homes: purchase and design a Montainer modular container home, learn about the benefits of container homes and much more.   Additional Details
Living Big In A Tiny House
Living Big In A Tiny House gives viewers a look inside unique tiny homes via video blogs and the Living Big In A Tiny House television show.   Additional Details
Container Home Hub
A blog showcasing container homes, alternative living styles and and much more regarding container homes, tiny homes and the tiny home lifestyle.   Additional Details
Tiny House Giant Journey
Tiny House Giant Journey: a unique website dedicated to tiny homes.   Additional Details
Shipping Container Homes For Sale Via eBay
A variety of new and used shipping container homes for sale via eBay.   Additional Details
Tiny House, Tiny Footprint
Kathleen shares stories of those living small, while inspiring others to decrease their environmental footprint.   Additional Details
Go Van
Go-Van features stories about Van Life and the people living the Van Life.   Additional Details
Tiny Living
Find the resources and inspiration needed to build or buy a tiny home at Tiny Living.   Additional Details
Bearfoot Theory Van Life
Learn about Van Life, travel destinations, hiking trails, travel gear and more at Bearfoot Theory: Van Life.   Additional Details
China Containers: Folding Containers
China Containers: Prebuilt foldable container homes.   Additional Details
Container Homes For Sale Via Alibaba (International)
Find a variety of new shipping container homes for sale via Alibaba.   Additional Details
E Container Homes
E Container Homes: find a variety of prebuilt unique container homes, other types of prebuilt container structures and much more.   Additional Details
MEKA Modular
Meka Modular builds prefabricated and modified buildings and homes out of unique light steel frame structures similar to the size and material of shipping containers.   Additional Details
Journeyman Pro
Journeyman Pro: NEMA electrical connectors, flanged inlet outlet plugs, waterproof covers, receptacles and much more.   Additional Details
Kubed Living
Kubed Living builds shipping container and modular structures designed to promote sustainable and healthy living through personalization.   Additional Details
Container Built Inc. (International)
Container Built builds unique personalized container structures, including homes, shops, offices, and garages, typically with a unique, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly structure as an end goal.   Additional Details

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