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Light Throughout The Night Influences Without Spoilers
Posted: 2022-01-02 At: 5:30 am:   

Many of the thoughts and ideas written within "Light Throughout The Night" were accumulated throughout the length of my life. Below, I talk about a few of the things I felt influenced the book. There are plenty of other thoughts and ideas I feel greatly influence the book, though, difficult to describe without giving away spoilers.

I read a book in 2015 called Spare Parts. The main characters in Spare Parts overcame many different obstacles within the story. Many of the obstacles they overcame displayed the same type of resilience I tried to instill in Glow.

Dan Brown’s books greatly influenced "Light Throughout The Night". He has a way of building up a story into a very inspiring ending. That’s not easy. Though, a good ending was important and something I tried to give "Light Throughout The Night".

Television shows influenced Light Throughout The Night:
With the main character named Glow, obviously, G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling influenced the book.

In addition to Glow's name, the show possessed many things I wanted within Light Throughout The Night. G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling was dramatic, adventurous, sexy, and educational. Wrestling matches focused on real world issues and the wrestlers showed a tremendous amount of character through their performances. All of the above are things I tried to instill in the book.

An episode of La Femme Nikita influenced a fighting fish scene at the beginning of chapter 13.

The show American Gladiators, the XFL, MMA and Boxing influenced the sporting competitions.

My thoughts about equality are a result of many different influences.

The news greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
I use to read the news almost every day, many news stories each day, probably tens of thousands of them during my lifespan. Of all the news stories I've read, I only read one news story about equality. The news story I did read greatly influenced my thoughts within the book.

The city greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
I lived in Miami for a little over 15 years. I've seen many many homeless. The sights of the homeless influenced the book greatly.

Technology greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
I've seen the better side and worse side of technology. In my case, the worse side of technology I've seen overshadows the benefits. Deciding to include technology as part of the story line was a dilemma. However, technology did influence my thoughts in regards to equality and does have the potential, at the very least, to lessen inequality.

Financial knowledge greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
I have a background in both bookkeeping and real estate. I have a decent understanding of finances, though, I know there are plenty of things regarding our financial system where I lack knowledge. The things I do know, influenced the book.

Working as a real estate agent greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
While working as a real estate agent, I felt many homes, even the least expensive homes were unaffordable to many earning lower wages. Those thoughts influenced the book.

Financial struggles greatly influenced my thoughts about equality:
Sometime between the time I worked as a bookkeeper and a real estate agent and the time I started writing "Light Throughout The Night", I experienced financial struggles of my own, more severe than I wrote about in "Far From Perfect". I thought about how new money enters the economy. Thinking about the flow of money influenced my thoughts.

Major League Baseball influenced my thoughts about equality:
Even though Major League Baseball is one of the most traditional sports, their profit sharing financial system is one of the most advanced financial systems in sports.

An episode of the 1970's television show, Wonder Woman influenced my thoughts about equality:
At the beginning of the episode, two villains from the future talk about how people living in the 21 century can accumulate endless amounts of wealth. In the time period they live, the accumulation of endless amounts of wealth is illegal.

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