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45 Modern Shipping Container Homes for Every Budget
45 affordable, stylish, durable alternative shipping container homes.   Additional Details
A Brief History of the Minor Leagues
Twins Daily takes a look at the history of Minor League Baseball.   Additional Details
A Good Cup Of Coffee
A non-fiction story about the cup of coffee I brewed this morning, and the many different ways I drink coffee.   Additional Details
A Tiny House Shed Is A Great Option To Turn Into An Off Grid Cabin
Tiny house sheds are an inexpensive option to turn into an off grid home.   Additional Details
Always Trying To Look Busy
A fiction story about a woman who lives on the streets of the inner city, her daily routine, her thoughts and the harsh realities of street life.   Additional Details
artFido Bridges Built for Animals to Safely Navigate Over Highways
Highways built through forests, built through the habitat of animals put the lives of animals and humans in danger. Bridges built specifically for animals to navigate safely over highways can create a safer environment.   Additional Details
Biblio Bookstores
Find brick and mortar and online bookstores by name, country, state or province. Use their book search to search through thousands of book stores.   Additional Details
CERN: A Short History Of The Web
CERN: A short history of the World Wide Web. Learn where and when it was invented, who invented the Web and much more.   Additional Details
China Containers: Folding Containers
China Containers: Prebuilt foldable container homes.   Additional Details
Companies Listed By State Wikipedia Webpage
Wikipedia provides a list containing companies within each state.   Additional Details
Container Homes For Sale Via Alibaba (International)
Find a variety of new shipping container homes for sale via Alibaba.   Additional Details
Costa Rica Plans To Ban Fossil Fuels
Costa Rica plan's to fight climate change with the use of renewable energy.   Additional Details
Critical Mass Bicycle Rides Wikipedia Webpage
Critical Mass Bicycle Rides Wikipedia Webpage: people gather at a predetermined location to bike as a group through their city.   Additional Details
Deviant Art Wonder Woman Digital Images
Deviant Art Wonder Woman Digital Images   Additional Details
Encyclopaedia Britannicas Wonder Woman Webpage
Encyclopaedia Britannica's Wonder Woman webpage. All things Wonder Woman, including the comic book superheroine, the history of Wonder Woman, the 1970's Television show and much more.   Additional Details
Encyclopedia Britannica: Internet Webpage
Learn about the Internet, the history of the internet, the evolution of the internet and much more via the Britannica Internet Webpage.   Additional Details
Episode Review: Fausta The German Wonder Woman
A slightly dramatized episode review of Fausta The Nazi Wonder Woman, Season 1, Episode 2 of the 1970's television series Wonder Woman.   Additional Details
Episode Review: Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von Gunther
A slightly dramatized episode review of Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von Gunther, Season 1, Episode 1 of the 1970's television series Wonder Woman.   Additional Details
EW Entertainment Weekly: The History And Life Of Wonder Woman
Learn about the history of Wonder Woman from her original story beginning with Sensation Comics No. 1, to the 1970's television show, up to the modern day Wonder Woman featured in comics, movies and cartoons today.   Additional Details
Excerpts From Far From Perfect, Chapter 14 Overlook
Excerpts from Far From Perfect, Chapter 14, titled: Overlook. The chapter takes place while I was living at the Overlook apartment complex in Miami, Fl, somewhere between 2004 and 2007, and talks about different events I attended, thoughts, and experiences I lived through.   Additional Details

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