George Farina

George Farina


I'm an author. I've written two books. As of today, January 2nd 2022, I'm writing two books. I also own a blog: I write for that very same blog. I program from time to time. I've developed numerous websites with HTML, PHP and CSS. Most work with server databases. Some of the websites I plan to either sell in the webstore or give away sometime towards the end of 2022.
Old enough to know I'm old.
Catch Phrase:
Been better, been worse
Favorite Foods:
Pizza, PB&J's, Cheerios, String Cheese
Favorite Pastime(s):
Bike Riding, Writing, RC Cars, Metal Detecting

Books I've Read

Spare Parts, By Joshua Davis
Water For Elephants, By Sara Gruen
Joe DiMaggio: A Hero's Life
1984, By George Orwells
Angels and Demons, By Dan Brown
Hooked, By Jane May
Deception, Point By Dan Brown
Da Vinci Code, By Dan Brown
Digital Fortress, By Dan Brown
Griffin And Sabine Trilogy

Things I've Done:

I've prayed to God.
I've made a Smoothie.

I've gone to a park.
I've read a book.

I've taken a bus.
I've taken a train.

I've cried.
I've laughed.

I've written a Song.
I've played a Guitar.

I've Recycled.
I've gone to a tag sale.

I've gone to a Flea Market.
I've gone to a Book Fair.

I've worked as a Real Estate Agent.
I've worked as a Bookkeeper.

I've written two books.
I've been married.

I've designed a website.
I've gone to the batting cages.

I've camped in a tent.
I've roasted Marshmallows over a campfire.

I've made Smores over a campfire.
I've cooked food on a grill.

I've put together a basic solar system.
I've ridden a Mountain Bike.

I've ridden a street bicycle.
I've ridden a BMX style bike.

I've opened a Corporation.
I've started an Ecommerce Store.

I've played Pinball.
I've played Jai-Alai

I've played Pool.
I've played Air Hockey

I've gone Metal Detecting.
I eaten at Friendlies.

I've eaten at Dennies.
I've sung.

I've danced.
I've played Pac-man.

I've played Space Invaders.
I've worked as a Financial Analyst.

I've worked as an Accounts Payable Specialist.
I've made Meatloaf.

I've made Pasta and Meat Sauce.
I passed the Florida Real Estate test.

I've built a kitchen counter.
I've gone to Mardi Gras.

I've gone to Calle Ocho.
I've played Tether Ball

I've played catch.
I've gone on a date.

I've talked.
I've gone to the Miami Dade County Youth Fair.

I've gone to a musical.
I've eaten at Flannigan’s.

I've eaten at Quiznos.
I've baked a cake.

I've made Brownies.
I've loaded and unloaded trucks.

I've worked in a Warehouse.
I've surfed the internet.

I've sent an Instant Message.
I've received an Instant Message.

I've eaten Cheerios.
I've made a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

I've played Pickle.
I've played tag.

I've planted and grown a Tomato Plant.
I've gone for a walk.

I've read the Bible.
I've gone to Church.

I've eaten at Pancake House.
I've eaten at Charlies Subs.

I've taken a photo.
I've played UNO.

I've made a Snowman.
I've made a Snow Angel.

I've ridden an Exercise Bike.
I've done laundry.

I've played Fantasy Baseball.
I've played Micro League Baseball.

I've played OOTP Baseball.
I've played a variation of Stickball called Fastpitch.

I've read a comic.
I've done a Push-up.

I've done a Sit-up.
I've written a blog post.

I've swam in a pool.
I've posted a post on a message board.

I've joined
I've given a Birthday Gift.

I've given a Christmas Gift.
I've received a Birthday Gift.

I've received a Christmas Gift.
I've played Baseball.

I've played Tennis.
I've gone swimming in the ocean.

I've worked as a Cashier.
I've worked as a Stock Clerk.

I've made Toast.
I've made French Fries.

I've played Miniature Golf.
I've played Racquetball.

I've visited the Baseball Hall of Fame.
I've played Hide and Go Seek.

I've played 500.
I've done a Pull-up.

I've eaten at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.
I've eaten at Einstein Bagels.

I've made Grub.
I've played Blackjack.

I've played Donkey Kong.
I've dated a woman I met on the internet.

I've gone to a Nicaraguan Festival.
I've gone to a Comic-Con event.

I've taken a taxi.
I've given away unused items via

I've given items to a Thrift Store.
I've eaten at Dave and Busters.

I've eaten at Five Guys Burgers.
I've typed with a Typewriter.

I've made a Ladder.
I've made a Shelf.

I've spoken Spanish.

I've Listened.

I've participated in a Critical Mass bike ride.

I've participated in Earth Hour.

I've eaten a Vegan Burger.

I've eaten at Dairy Queen.

I've worked as a Waiter.

I've worked as a Housekeeper.

I've written a letter.
I've sent an E-mail.

I've used reusable shopping bags.
I've picked up litter.

I've used Recycled Paper.
I've used Solar Energy.


Quotes I Like:

“My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me the world, and exiles me from the world.” - Unknown

"The noblest art is the art of making others happy." - P.T. Barnum

"It must be a terrible burden being judge, jury and executioner." - Queen of Swords

"Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn't come from a store." - Dr. Seuss

"Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!" - Dr. Seuss



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