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Light Throughout The Night Making The Book
Posted: 2022-01-02 At: 5:30 am:   

Much like "Far From Perfect", I make each "Light Throughout The Night" book myself. I print the pages, cut the pages, put the book together, glue the binding, print the cover, cut the cover, and glue the cover to the binding.

I prefer to use recycled paper to print the pages of "Light Throughout The Night". However, I don't have a set supplier of paper. I purchase the best paper available when I go shopping. Many times, the store where I shop has different types of paper in stock from the paper I previously purchased. Many times, the type of paper I prefer isn’t available.

Many years ago I remember using light brown recycled paper. I wanted to try to print books with the light brown paper. However, I haven't been able find the manufacture or any suppliers. If anyone knows where I can find light brown recycled paper, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The cover is teal, with black lettering. I purchase regular teal posterboard. Then, cut the posterboard into the size needed for the book cover. From there, I print the cover before folding and gluing the cover to the book's binding.

I live in a very small space. Even though I'm in a better living situation than I was when I began making "Far From Perfect" books, I can only make a limited number of books each month. If I can't make "Light Throughout The Night" books as quickly as they sell, I'll have to get the books printed by a book printing company.

The cost to have books printed professionally is more expensive. As a result, I'll have to raise the price of the book. At the same time, I can offer multiple versions as both a hardcover and paperback.

Light Throughout The Night is available for free, posted as blog posts.

The book is also available for sale as an eBook. For those who would like to purchase Light Throughout The Night to have as your own, please visit the Light Throughout The Night store webpage

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