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A-Z Lyrics (Submit Lyrics)
Submit song lyrics to A To Z Lyrics.   Additional Details
Adventure Cycling (Submit Stories)
Adventure Cycling: submit inspiring stories about bicycle travel, bike rides, overnight bike trips, how-to articles about planning, navigating, packing, and preparing for bicycle trips, photo essays and much more.   Additional Details
Bee Culture Magazine (Submit Stories)
Submit articles about beekeeping, bees including the following subjects, honey plants, pollination, and wildlife.   Additional Details
CBR Comic Book Resources (Submit Stories)
Submit a story to CBR in regards to television, comics, video games, among other interesting topics.   Additional Details
Curator Magazine (Submit Stories)
Submit stories to Curator Magazine in regards to the meaning and matters of the heart and spirit seen within culture and the arts.   Additional Details
Every Day Fiction (Submit Stories)
Every Day Fiction looks for very short (flash) fiction stories, of up to 1000 words. There's no such thing as too short.   Additional Details
Good News Network (Submit News Stories)
Submit a News Story to the Good News Network.   Additional Details
Harpers Bazaar (Submit Stories)
Submit stories about the latest fashion trends, makeup and hair styles, traveling, movie, TV, and culture news.   Additional Details
Knowledge Nuts (Submit Stories)
KnowledgeNuts: Submit an intriguing, fascinating story about lesser known subjects.   Additional Details
ListVerse (Submit Lists)
ListVerse: Submit Top 10 Lists, including lists about culture, books, entertainment, wildlife, technology, sports and much more.   Additional Details
Lyrics.com (Submit Lyrics)
Submit Lyrics to Lyrics.com: a database of musical lyrics from oldies to the latest lyrics.   Additional Details
Medium: a social media blogging platform. Share ideas, build an audience, and earn. Post stories, tidbits of knowledge, and thoughts pertaining to any topic.   Additional Details
Memoir Mag (Submit Stories)
Memoir Magazine: submit true stories told through words, sights and sounds.   Additional Details
Messy Nessy Chic (Submit Blog Posts)
Submit unusual, forgotten stories, stories about cultural oddities, unsung heroes, secret places, in-depth features, short stories, long stories, photo essays, maps, unique footage, rare historical archives, and lost images. Visit the MessyNessyChic website for complete details.   Additional Details
Morning Chores (Submit Stories)
Morning Chores is looking for freelance writers with expertise in gardening, raising farm animals, homesteading, self-sufficiency, and saving money among other topics.   Additional Details
Poetry (Submit Poems)
Poetry.com: a large database of poems and poets biographies. Submit poems to the database.   Additional Details
Polygon (Submit Stories)
Write feature stories about games, trending headlines and entertainment news.   Additional Details
Pro Wrestling Stories (Submit Stories)
Submit historical professional wrestling stories about events from wrestling's past, unique stories regarding specific wrestlers, the inner happenings of the wrestling world, stories other then stories about the matches within the squared circle.   Additional Details
Salon (Submit Stories)
Submit stories to Salon pertaining to news, culture, science, food, and entertainment, among other topics.   Additional Details
Saturday Evening Post (Submit Stories)
Submit non-fiction stories, fiction stories and cartoons to the Saturday Evening Post   Additional Details

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