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2021 Updates
Posted: 2022-01-02 At: 5:30 AM:   

I spent most of 2021 writing and updating my personal website.

Almost immediately after I finished writing Light Throughout The Night, I began writing two fiction books early in 2021. Both books have a longways to go before they're finished. Though, both books have a complete plot. I'm about 20,000 words into each.

One week I focused on writing one of the books. Then, the next week I focused on the other. Sometimes if I got into a rhythm, I spent many weeks writing the book I was feeling the most creative towards. However, within the first few months of 2021, my focus shifted away from the two books.

When I finished Light Throughout The Night, the publishing company I wanted to publish the book wasn't accepting manuscripts. In the past, they offered open submissions every few months. I decided to wait for their next open submission.

During the time I was waiting I dedicated time towards the two fiction books I'm currently writing. However, after many months, open submissions didn't open.

I began researching other possible publication options. As much as I wanted to publish the book through a publishing company, I drew the conclusion, self-publishing was the best option.

After deciding to self-publish Light Throughout The Night, I designed the cover. I also thought about how and when to release the book for publication.

When I wasn't writing, I was programing, mostly working on a new design for my personal website, the version you're currently viewing. The new web design became much more involved than I imagined. I'm sure repeat visitors noticed, georgefarina.net is now very different from the previous version.

I added a web guide. I've been storing url's in a personal database for years. I thought others might find some of them useful.

Sometimes, while I'm writing a book or programing, I write blog posts in between, without publishing them, thinking, I'll publish them at a later date. The blog posts accumulated. I wrote about 20 blog posts for the Dusty Loft Blog and 4 for GeorgeFarina.net.

Knowing I didn't just have a book to release, I have a website and many blog posts to release, I decided to release the website, blog posts and book together.

Every so often, I stumble onto different ideas or thoughts as a result of other ideas or thoughts. I wrote two somewhat simple programs, both programs evolved from ideas I was thinking about regarding the new design for gerogefarina.net.

The programs are both web based, database driven programs I'm planning to either sell in the webstore or give away sometime towards the end of 2022.

I've re-released a new version of Far From Perfect. The 2022 version of Far From Perfect is slightly different than previous version. I revised some sections, while doing a better job editing the book. An eBook version is also available. Both the paperback version and eBook are available for sale in the webstore along with Light Throughout The Night.

The two books I began writing after Light Throughout The Night are still unfinished. I'm hoping to dedicate more time towards finishing them in 2022 and 2023.

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