Fuji Odessa Mountain Bicycle

Blue Fuji Odessa Mountain Bicycle
Description: I've always done a lot of biking. This was the first bicycle I purchased in Florida. I think it was a 1998 or possibly a 1997 Fuji Odessa Mountain Bike. While owing this bike I was often without a running car. I'd imagine I put more miles on the Fuji than all the others I've owned combined.

While I owned it I replaced the rear sprocket with an upgraded street bike sprocket. It was a bit of a sleeper.

I kept it till around 2007 when I moved out of Overlook. The bike never gave me any problems. I left it in front of the complex when I moved. Hopefully, someone that enjoys riding as much as I do ended up with the bike. I didn't have the room to take it with me.

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