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5:30 AM  2020-01-02:   

I spent much of 2019 writing a second book. The book is fiction, primarily a drama. Specifically, a sports action drama. This book is written in a very different way from the way Far From Perfect was written.

The book is almost complete. I need to revise the last two chapters. I also have to enter parts of the previous chapters into the computer.

I don't want to say to much. The book is a long ways away from getting published. I still have to go through it a few more times. Then, find an editor and publishing company, or possibly a literary agent. I’ll need to find someone to design the cover. These things take time and research.

I don’t plan to self-publish this book in the same way Far From Perfect was self-published.

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12:00 PM  2018-07-08:   

I spent most of 2017 writing a book titled, "Far From Perfect" (described via the below press release). Before I started writing, I decided to put together a timeline of different events I experienced during the span of my life. I put the timeline together on a spreadsheet. I went back as far as I could remember, entering the date of each event into a field on the spreadsheet. In the next field I wrote a description of the event. By the time I finished the timeline, there were four hundred lines. From there, I started writing.

Once I began writing, I wrote six days a week, spending almost the whole day typing away. I went to bed thinking about what I wanted to write the next day. If I thought of something I felt couldn't wait, I often got up in the middle of the night to jot down my thoughts.

The book took about nine months to write. After I finished the writing process, I spent about a year making adjustments, while trying to figure out the best way to publish Far From Perfect. Between the time I finished writing and today, I was often traveling. The adjustments and research were done sparingly, as time permitted. After researching many different avenues for publication, I decided to take the self publishing route.

I print and bind each book myself. Each book takes about a half hour to put together. After the book is together, I let the glue dry overnight. The next day I glue the cover to the binding, setting the book to dry overnight.

From start to finish, making books takes two days. Because of the printing process, each book is a little different. Far From Perfect is a self published book in every sense of the word. Each book purchased is truly a one of a kind purchase.

Far From Perfect was written, typed, edited, and proofread in its entirety by myself. Please be understanding in regard to potential errors. There are over 70 thousand words and 285 pages. Even though I used diligence, I'm only human. As such, prone to making mistakes.

Far From Perfect takes place in East Hampton, Connecticut, Cromwell, Connecticut and Miami, Florida.

Without further ado, I announce the publication of “Far From Perfect”:

Far From Perfect Press Release:
(Date: 7-8-2018) This press release announces the publication of my first book: Far From Perfect, by George Farina. I’m not a New York Times Best Selling Author. I’ve read books on their best seller list. The words flow effortlessly. They are rhythmic. They thrust a person’s imagination into a new and exciting world. Parts of what I’ve written might come close. I guess that’s up to the reader to decide.

In this book I tell a story. A true story. A story written with a lot of thought. A story being told as accurately and detailed as possible. A story detailing part of a person’s life. Far From Perfect is somewhat informative. I try to pass on as many of the things I’ve learnt as possible.

Far From Perfect is also about the many different people I met during my life. People entered and left. These were people from school. They were neighbors. They were people I met at an abandon 18-wheeler truck trailer, during a time when I didn’t have any other place to stay. They were people I met at events, at work, and even in the middle of the street. I met people through chatrooms, Myspace and Plenty of Fish.

Many of these people took parts of a “far from perfect” life to enjoyable. Their personalities; their character; their charisma made parts of my life exhilarating. They gave me many amazing memories, memories I accumulated over the course of forty years. I relived them vicariously while writing.

With that said, as the title says, my life was far from perfect. I’ve been through plenty of struggles. Some of the struggles I didn’t include, simply because I don’t like thinking about them. I know I’m not the only person who struggled throughout their life. I didn’t set out to write a book. Circumstances led me to writing. Now that the book is finished, I think people might like reading the stories I’ve detailed. Others who’ve been through struggles might relate.

When I started writing, I wasn’t in a good place. My head was filled with all that went wrong. It was filled with all the terrible. As I was writing, I thought about the people I’d known, and all the crazy things we’d been through. I thought about their personalities and their sayings. I often laughed to myself as I wrote about them. They drowned out much of the terrible.

Even with many of the terrible times excluded, I wrote about enough struggles to justify keeping the title. I hope the people who decide to read Far From Perfect find it enjoyable.

Far From Perfect can be purchased at:

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4:10 PM  2018-04-13:   

Almost every night a group of squirrels visit. Watching their routine is cool. Each has their own personality. Two of them stick together, always playing with each other. They chase each other. They jump from tree to tree. Sometimes they play in sand piles.

Two different squirrels spend most of their time scavenging for acorns. Though, each takes their own approach. In reality, only one of the two puts time and effort into finding acorns. He's focused, always working. He’ll find enough acorns to bury many of them for a later date.

The other squirrel does things different. Some might say he's conniving. If squirrels went by a set of morals, I’m sure he isn't in compliance. The conniving squirrel waits for the first squirrel to find and bury an acorn. Then, he runs over to the buried acorn to dig it up.

Sometimes, the hard working squirrel catches him. Then, the chase begins. He’ll chase the conniving squirrel away. Though, the acorn thief doesn’t stay away. The acorn thief sit on the outskirts of the area, waiting for a chance to swipe another acorn.

There is one little guy who keeps to himself. While the others are playing, he goes off to his own area to look for food. He seems like he's enjoying himself. He just likes to keep to himself. I think he's a juvenile, exploring life for the first time. Though, he is friendly with humans. When I’m sitting outside, he visits the area near where I’m sitting. He’ll sit and watch me for a few. Then, he'll look for food before going on his way.

I always liked squirrels. They seem to have an in depth understand of how to enjoy life. They're happy little critters.

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2:22 PM  2018-04-10:   

This week is National Library Week. I live near an excellent Library. As such, I decided to spend the day indulging in their world of information, education and technology. I grabbed a table, fired up the laptop and started my morning routine. It’s probably not much different than most. With a hot cup of coffee nearby, I flipped through the usual websites.

Already being at the library, I decided to checkout their website ( as well. I’ve been to their website many times in the past. The site has a calendar displaying several educational courses taught at no charge. They offer both a beginner and intermediate Excel class. They also offer different types of writing courses. I thoroughly enjoy both subjects.

I took a stroll through the aisles. I flipped through a few books. I looked at the different displays and rooms within the library. A large computer room is towards the front. Private conference rooms are near the back, available for reservations, often used for studying.

The staff was very knowledgeable. Their creativity and demeanor instilled a positive and friendly atmosphere. The high-speed wireless internet and decent selection of books was also beneficial. I finished the day studying at in a tranquil environment.

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5:00 AM  2018-02-02:   

Cedar Key Florida
     Cedar Key, Florida

Covered Docks located in Cedar Key Florida
     Covered Docks: Cedar Key, Florida

Cedar Key Florida
     Ceder Key, Florida

US 41 Book and Comic Store located in Florida
U.S. 41 Book and Comic Store located in Florida.

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