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Privacy International
Privacy International: a UK based website designed to help protect peoples privacy from invasive technology, unethical surveillance, data exploitation and human rights violations, podcasts and news about privacy and much more.
Wealth Inequality Charts Via Inequality.Org
Charts showing wealth disparities between groups, segments and races of US citizens via Inequality.Org.
Freecycle classified advertisements: people give and get stuff for free, keeping good stuff out of landfills.
DeviantArt: digital art galleries hosting unique and picturesque images created by DeviantArt artists, posts, journals and sometimes stories about the images they create, tutorials, both free and paid and much more.
Meet local groups and individuals who share the same interests.
Linux Mint
Linux Mint: an easy to use free open source desktop, laptop computer operating system.
Thunderbird: free, easy to use email software with a variety of themes and extensions.
Tor Project
Tor Project provides a free web browser designed to defend users from tracking and surveillance, while avoiding censorship as a result of sending websites through thousands of volunteer-run servers known as Tor relays. You'll find message boards, a blog and much more at TorProject.Org.
An online community where users read and write fiction and nonfiction stories, give and take quizzes and surveys, ask questions and much more.
Light Throughout The Night Posted As Blog Posts
Light Throughout The Night posted free as blog posts. LTTN is somewhat futuristic, partly educational, with a taste of sexiness. The book takes readers from Glow's birth, through to her adulthood. Her story is passionate, dramatic, and adventurous.
Inner City Bus Ride
A fictional story written by George Farina, pertaining to the thoughts and experiences of passengers riding a city bus.
Special Olympics
Special Olympics: athletes get to compete regardless of ability or disability.
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Big Brothers, Big Sisters helps improve the quality and enjoyment of life for of thousands of children.
Yes Magazine
Yes Magazine: stories about the environment, economy, social justice intersections, alternative ways to produce a more equitable, earth-friendly world and much more.
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear: dedicated to wildfire prevention.
Pixabay: search free high quality photos, royalty free stock images, computer and website wallpaper, music, videos and much more available to download and use anywhere.
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons: a searchable database of free media files, including images and videos anyone could use and contribute to, including public domain images, free to use images with other forms of licensing, photo challenges and much more.
Costa Rica Plans To Ban Fossil Fuels
Costa Rica plan's to fight climate change with the use of renewable energy.
ThisTV is a free television station with a variety of shows, including cult classics and retro TV series.
TV Tropes
TV Tropes: television culture, pulp, entertainment, comic book wiki's, videos, images and much more.
Notepad++: a free windows source code editor and notepad replacement.
MILB The Official Website Of Minor League Baseball
The Official Website of Minor League Baseball: news, rosters, statistics, schedules, teams, radio broadcasts, videos and much more.
Independent Baseball
Independent Baseball: independent Baseball news, team schedules, statistics, tryout schedules and much more.
BuddyPress: a WordPress based social network plugin with user profiles, groups, activity streams, notifications, message boards via integration with bbPress and much more.
HumHub, free open source social networking software and framework built to make teamwork easier.
Livestrong: helping people live stronger, healthier and happier lives.
WOW Women Of Wrestling: live wrestling events, episodes and programs featuring exciting stories, dramatic matches and much more.
Dave and Busters
Dave and Buster's: Events, Arcade, Sports Bar and Restaurant. Eat, drink, play video games, play billiards, and watch sports at your local Dave and Buster's. Fun for the whole gang.
Yogurtland: self-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream with a variety of flavors, toppings and much more.
Fuji Bicycles
Fuji's quality bicycles include mountain bikes, street bikes, urban bikes along with many other types of bicycles.
Kent Bicycles
Kent Bicycles provide a variety of bicycles, including mountain, street, commuter and urban bicycles, bicycle parts and much more.
Wonderland: all things Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), including magazine covers and articles, cartoons, TV show reviews, comics and much more.
Xena Warrior Princess Fan Website
Warrior Princess: a Xena fan website with everything Xena, Xena magazine covers, trading cards, images from the TV show, links to other websites within the Xenaverse and much more.
BikeForums: message boards, discussion forums for bike riders and enthusiasts.
Frugal Average Bicyclist
Frugal Average Bicyclist: a cycling blog with well written stories and posts intended for riders who don't have a limitless budget.
World Atlas
World Atlas: maps of places from all over the world, geography facts, stories, current events, and much more.
Seura specializes in the sale of waterproof televisions for outdoor use or in bathrooms and lighted mirrors among other unique items.
Roku players stream entertainment to TV's via a variety of channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Paramount, Apple TV, Sling TV, and Roku's own channel among plenty of others, with many channels providing free shows and movies. Roku also provides a variety of other types of smart home and audio devices.
Roku Television And Movies Online Channel
The Roku Channel: watch a variety of television shows, movies and original programing online, including free shows and movies, with many available to watch without having to sign up for an account.
OOTP Baseball
OOTP: Out Of The Park Baseball: Manage your own Baseball team. Choose players from the Major's, the Minors, from years past or create your own players. Make trades, sign free agents and much more.
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
Learn about the obstacles, challenges of prejudice and social injustices players of color dealt with and how they overcame those obstacles. Learn how their skill, passion for the game of Baseball and their perseverance changed the game of Baseball.
Libre Office
LibreOffice: free open source office suite software.
Free open source software designed to create 3D animations, capable of character modeling, video rendering, and video editing and much more.
Ali Express
Ali Express: an eCommerce superstore with a variety of items, many inexpensive and unique, including electronics, clothing and accessories, office supplies, toys, and much more, available with shipping to countries all over the world.
Buy and sell via Alibaba.com. Find a variety of items sold individually or in bulk with detailed descriptions and personalization options.
Ebid: an online auction and fixed price marketplace. Buy and sell new and used items at Ebid.net.
Bonanza: a marketplace where used and new items are written about, sold, and purchased.
Mastodon: a decentralized, free, open source social network without algorithms or adds, designed to empower individuals with control of their own social media.
Originating from the Mastodon project, Gab is a social media platform with free open source code, allowing users to either have a social media account at Gab.Com or install the software within their own server to socialize with others through the internet who have done the same.
Gardein: find a delicious verity of meatless meals, including Crispy Tenders, Meatless Meatballs, Mandarin Orange Crispy Chicken and a plant based burger.
MorningStar Farms
MorningStar Farms: tasty, wholesome veggie meals, meatless foods, recipes and much more.
K-Mart department stores have been in business for many years, providing a variety of items at low prices.
Big Lots
Big Lots department stores have a variety of unique items at low prices.
Geeks For Geeks
Geeks For Geeks: a computer science portal for geeks with well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming stories, quizzes, tutorials and much more.
The Time Capsule
The Time Capsule buys and sells comic books and collectables. They have two brick and mortar stores, one in Cranston, Rhode Island and the other in Seekonk, Massachussets. The owner also owns an online eBay store (OfTimesPast), with over 225,000 positive feedback ratings, and an inventory usually stocked with a variety of unique collectables.
Vegan.org is dedicated to sharing the benefits of veganism, helping others transition to a diet free of foods from animals, supporting a life-long commitment to being vegan, and increasing the availability of vegan food items in the market place.
Minimalist Baker
The Minimalist Baker features a variety of plant based recipes, including gluten-free recipes and deserts.
Web Urbanist
Web Urbanist: stories about urbanism, urban art, architecture, design, and much more.
ALT Alternative Living Spaces
ALT Alternative Living Spaces turn shipping containers into affordable alternative homes and container offices, build campervans and much more.
View live stream webcams from all over the world and much more at EarthCam.com.
Bum Equipment
Bum Equipment: stylish clothing and accessories.
PETA People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals
PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all animals.
Mosa Meet
Mosa Meet grows beef from stem cells of cows without killing them, then turns the beef into burgers. As a result, they are known for creating the world's kindest beef burger.
Rainforest Rescue
Rainforest Rescue: rainforest conservation, prevention of rainforest destruction, stories regarding rainforests and much more.
Ikea: stylish modern furniture, affordable furniture, and unique furniture items, including beds, sofas, shelves and much more.
Crime Stoppers
Crime Stoppers helps prevent and solve crimes, empowers individuals to anonymously report criminal activity and much more.
McGruff: home of the crime dog Mcgruff, known for the saying "Take a Bite Out of Crime", featuring educational materials, interactive games, support for parents and teachers and much more.
1 800 GOT JUNK
1-800-GOT-JUNK is a junk removal company committed to safe and responsible disposal, keeping items out of landfills whenever possible.
Lance Armstrong
The official website of Lance Armstrong, cyclist, Tour de France winner and much more.
Montainer Container Homes
Montainer Container Homes: purchase and design a Montainer modular container home, learn about the benefits of container homes and much more.
RiteAid: items designed to help shoppers lead a healthy, happy life and much more.
Diamond Comics
Diamond Comics is wholesaler/distributor of comic books, graphic novels, and a variety collectibles, including toys, actions figures, statues, busts, trading cards, magna, pop culture items, collecting supplies and much more. Comic book publications they distribute include such publications as Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse, IDW Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment and Boom in addition to many others, including a variety of independent publishers.
Amazing Stories
Amazing Stories Magazine, science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories, fandom, posters, and much more.
Mojeek (UK)
Mojeek: a search engine based in the UK with their own database and unique search results.
Wiby: a unique search engine with a preference for individual, non-commercial 1990's style websites.
Diva Dirt
Diva Dirt: women's professional wrestling news, indie women's wrestling news, events, match results and much more.
Sundance Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival: a curator of stories for the stage and screen, bringing artists and audiences together in support of independent storytelling.
YMCA: exercise gyms, fitness classes, swimming classes, sports, summer camps, and much more. The YMCA creates opportunities for people to improve their lives, well-being and communities.
Salon: news, stories about culture, science, food, entertainment and much more.
Salon (Submit Stories)
Submit stories to Salon pertaining to news, culture, science, food, and entertainment, among other topics.
Interior design stories designed to inspire living spaces, stories about tiny homes, modern homes and much more.
Good.is: a variety of positive news stories.
YaCy: A P2P Decentralized Search Engine
YaCy is a free open-source peer-2-peer decentralized search engine with many options and it's own web crawler.
Search social media website hashtags, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and much more at HashAtIt.Com.
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond: delicious Almond Milk, Almond Nut Snacks and much more.
Silk: a variety of plant-based beverages, including, almondmilk, coconutmilk, cashewmilk, soymilk, oatmilk, creamers, yogurt alternatives, recipes and much more.
Change.org: the world's largest petition platform where users create and sign petitions.
The official website of the Vatican. Find the Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiffs (from Pope Leo XIII to Pope Francis) the Sacred Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the documents of the Second Vatican and more.
Pro Fight Database
Pro Fight Database: a professional wrestling database with wrestling match results, wrestler profiles, win loss records, statistics and much more.
City Data
City Data: city specific message boards, international message boards, general discussion forums, city guides, city statistics, photos within cities, local crime rate, demographic, housing cost, cost of living, business, school, map, weather, and neighborhood reports, and much more.
Baseball Is My Life
Baseball Is My Life: all types of cool things regarding Baseball, including a Baseball postage stamp database listing thousands of Baseball postage stamps with detailed descriptions, a database of Baseball movies, art galleries, video games, tournaments, places to go and things to do regarding Baseball, a blog and much more.
TJ Maxx
TJ Maxx: a medium sized department store with a variety of unique items sold at discount prices.
Webby Awards
Webby Awards: internet website awards, podcast awards, social media awards and much more.
The Laughing Cow
The Laughing Cow: snackable cheese wedges, including creamy original, creamy light, creamy garlic herb, creamy asiago and creamy aged cheddar bacon, double packs, snack ideas and much more.
Scaramanga Shop (UK)
Scaramanga Shop: find vintage style leather bags, satchels, unique furniture, TV Props and much more.
Live Journal: a unique place where people share their stories, passions and interests.
Searching For The Happiness
Searching For The Happiness: searching for what makes us happiest. A writer, author's blog with posts about writing, blogging, and many other interesting topics.
Le Tour Femmes: Tour De France Femmes
Le Tour Femmes: News, highlights, videos, photos, the Tour De France Femmes route, stage winners, rankings and much more.
Le Tour de France
The official website of the famed bicycle race: Le Tour de France. Find bike routes, riders, teams, coverage of past and present tours and much more.
Life Magazine
Life Magazine: stories about people, lifestyle, art, and entertainment, award winning photos and much more.

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