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International Delight
International Delight coffee creamers and pre-mixed iced coffee with real milk and cream in a variety of flavors.
Container Home Hub
A blog showcasing container homes, alternative living styles and and much more regarding container homes, tiny homes and the tiny home lifestyle.
45 Modern Shipping Container Homes for Every Budget
45 affordable, stylish, durable alternative shipping container homes.
The Muse
The Muse: employment guidance, stories about careers and career trends, companies hiring and much more.
JC Penney
JC Penney: find a variety of items including furniture, bedding, jewelry, clothing, shoes, home decor items and much more.
Target: department stores with a variety of quality items with low prices, online shopping and much more.
WordPress Blogging Platform
Free versatile blogging software designed for bloggers.
Modern furniture and home decor. Explore the latest furniture designs from CB2: modern sleek, chic, functional, comfortable and much more.
Crate And Barrel
Crate And Barrel: furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, home decor, bed and bath items, lighting, kitchen appliance, cookware, dinnerware, and much more.
Find stylish women's and men's clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, beautification items, home decor and much more at Macy's.
The official website of the Olympics. Find national Olympic sporting events played and held between numerous countries, medals, results and the latest news.
Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness: an exercise gym open 24 hours, with thousands of locations worldwide.
Bicycle Retailer And Industry News
Bicycle Retailer And Industry News: news, stories and insights in regards to the bicycle industry and much more.
Supermarket News
Supermarket News specializes in news about supermarkets.
Find a free grammar spell checker, grammar tutorials and much more at Grammar.com.
The Rosetta Project
The Rosetta Project: a collection of the world's greatest literature, known cures of diseases, technology blueprints, over 1,000 human languages and much more.
Experience The Wonder
Experience The Wonder: an extensive archive of Wonder Woman collectibles.
Footbags: Footbag Hacky Sack store.
JS Health
Jessica Sepel's Health Blog. Posts with healthy tips and nutritional facts.
Indy Ball Island
Indy Ball Island: stories about independent Baseball, prospects, drafts, international Baseball leagues, tryout schedules and much more.
Egg Beaters
Egg Beaters: all-natural eggs without fat and cholesterol. Egg Beaters Original, Southwestern Style and much more.
AVP Volleyball
AVP is the premier U.S. professional beach volleyball league, featuring the very best pro beach volleyball players competing in the most exciting events.
Board Reader
Board Reader: search message board messages.
Cyclist (UK)
Cyclist: cycling news, stories, bicycle reviews, events, tutorials, tips and much more.
Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling: a violinist known for her unique energetic violin performances. A few of her many accomplishments include the release of numerous albums, multiple albums listed within the Billboard 200, a variety of music awards and much more.
Daily Motion
Daily Motion: a video sharing website where users can watch a variety of videos, including music festivals, sports, live streams and user uploaded videos. Video creators can upload, monetize and share videos they create and much more.
Vimeo: watch high definition videos, upload videos, stream video's and much more.
Trendir: modern home design, decorating trends, tutorials, fashion, crafts and much more.
99 Percent Invisible
99 Percent Invisible: a narrative podcast, with transcripts, about design and all the thought put into the things we don't think about.
Cynthia Rothrock
Cynthia Rothrock: an experienced martial artist, athlete and actress, known for starring in numerous action movies, including Fast Getaway, Fast Getaway II, Lady Dragon, and Guardian Angel, among many other films.
Strava: a world wide social media network designed for athletes.
MeWe: a social media network without ads, designed to keep user data private.
GCD The Grand Comics Database
GCD The Grand Comics Database: an easy to use extensive searchable comic book database with cover images, descriptions and much more.
Nerdy Data Code Search Engine
Nerdy Data searches source code used to display websites, including JavaScript and HTML.
People Magazine
People Magazine: celebrity news, exclusives, photos, videos and much more.
BET: find the latest celebrity, music, fashion, entertainment, African American news and much more. Watch BET shows and videos.
Never Ending Story Book Store
The Never Ending Story Book Store specializes in the sale of rare, unique and cool used books.
Sargento manufactures shredded cheese, string cheese, and sliced cheese as well as ingredients, sauces and much more.
Zombie Gift
Zombie Gift: unique items and collectibles regarding Zombies.
Pizzello Outdoor Pizza Ovens
Pizzello: a variety of outdoor pizza ovens, including wood burning and pellet pizza ovens, pizza oven accessories, recipes and much more.
The International Pizza Expo
Pizza Expo: an annual international pizza trade show designed for those who are in the pizza industry such as pizzeria owners, operators, managers, food suppliers and distributors, with exhibits, education, seminar's, workshops, keynote speakers, demonstrations, networking, competitions, games and much more.
Peperidge Farm
Peperidge Farm: quality bread, snack foods, goldfish and much more.
Webmaster World
Webmaster World: website development message boards, news and discussions.
Excite Search Engine
Excite is a search engine with sports scores, local weather forecasts and more.
Wet Canvas
Wet Canvas is a forum who's members include visual artists from all over the world.
Zumiez Skateboard Store
Zumiez online skateboard store. Find skateboards, long boards, skate decks, trucks, wheels, grip tape, bearings, and much more.
Skate Warehouse
Skateboards, long boards, skate decks, skateboard parts and much more at Skate Warehouse.
WebMD provides health and medical data based stories, news and knowledge designed to help people achieve better health, including numerous health and medical blogs, podcasts and much more.
Super Affordable Tiny Homes That Will Inspire: Via The Spruce
Super Affordable Tiny Homes That Will Inspire: Via The Spruce
24 Hour Fitness
24 Hour Fitness: exercise gym, personal training, fitness and sports equipment.
WTA Tennis: Womens Tennis Association
WTA Tennis: the official website of the Women's Tennis Association.
Thrift Books
Thrift Books: an independent book store with a variety of new and used books.
Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts: preparing children for today and later in life.
Boy Scouts Of America
Boy Scouts of America: preparing children for today and later in life.
CBR Comic Book Resources
CBR: All things regarding Comic Books, Television, Wrestling, Entertainment, Video Games and much more.
CBR Comic Book Resources (Submit Stories)
Submit a story to CBR in regards to television, comics, video games, among other interesting topics.
China News
China news, including local, business, sports, entertainment, world news, opinions, photos, videos, and much more.
UGG: find footwear, apparel, accessories, homeware designed with comfort, creativity, and quality and much more.
Good News Network
Good News Network: positive news uplifting and inspiring others to become more optimistic.
New Orleans French Market
Shops, souvenirs, dining, a flea market, a farmers market, festivals, events and much more at the New Orleans French Market.
Telemundo: a Hispanic, Spanish Television Station.
Univision: a Hispanic, Spanish Television Station.
Earth Hour
Every year in March, people from all over the world shut off their lights for an hour, in honor of earth hour. In addition, virtual concerts are held, trees are planted, street clean-up gatherings are scheduled and much more designed to provide a sustainable future.
Energy Star
Energy Star: energy efficiency ratings designed to benefit the environment and much more regarding efficient use of energy.
Mott's: find juices, applesauce's, snacks, recipes, and much more.
V8 Juice
V8 Juice: a variety of fruit and vegetable juices.
Planetizen: urban planning news, stories about design, development, and urban planning, urban planning employment opportunities, courses, events and much more.
BikeRide: an online cycling hub for bicyclists, with how-to repair guides, message boards, bike reviews, price comparisons, cycling events and much more.
Tanzania Times (Africa)
Tanzania Times: a Tanzania, Zanzibar and East Africa news website, including local, entertainment, environment, business, and sports news, and much more.
Tower Records
Tower Records: vinyl records, cassette tapes, compact disc's, exclusive merchandise and much more.
Omni Calculator
Omni Calculator: thousands of free category specific calculators designed to solve real life mathematics.
Webstaurant Store
Webstaurantstore: an online restaurant supply store with a variety of restaurant supplies and equipment and much more.
Rainforest Wet Tropics Management Authority (International)
The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area Rainforest: a cultural landscape unlike anywhere else on earth.
ZiZZO Folding Bicycles
Zizzo: unique folding bicycles designed to make bicycle storage easier and traveling more enjoyable, bicycle accessories and much more.
Blue Land
Eco friendly soaps with reusable containers, laundry tablets, dish washer tablets, powder sponge wash dish soap, soap refills and much more.
Jamba Juice
Enjoy delicious, healthy plant based smoothies at Jamba Juice.
DIY Solar Forum
DIY Solar Forum: solar message boards, DIY's, solar resources and much more.
Solar Panel Talk
Solar Panel Talk: helping others understand the in's and out's of solar energy, discussions about solar energy, news, industry trends and much more.
General Steel Buildings
General Steel Buildings: a variety of large steel buildings with personalization options and much more.
Mass Transit Magazine
Mass Transit magazine: a publication dedicated to public transportation.
Reusable shopping bags designed to integrate with everyday life.
Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation environmentally friendly plant based household cleaning supplies.
Medium: a social media blogging platform. Share ideas, build an audience, and earn. Post stories, tidbits of knowledge, and thoughts pertaining to any topic.
Rock And Roll Hall of Fame
The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame honors the legacy of rock and roll music, musicians, songwriters and much more.
Memphis Music Hall Of Fame
Memphis Music Hall of Fame: a museum dedicated to music, the greatest musicians of all time, songwriters and much more.
Bolthouse Farms
Bolthouse Farms: a healthy selection of carrots, smoothies, juices, dressings and much more.
Naked Juice
Naked fruit and vegetable smoothies made without artificial flavors or added sugars.
Virtual Toy Chest
Virtual Toy Chest: a database with thousands of vintage toy images from the 1970's through to the 2000's.
Jugs Sports
Baseball pitching machines batting cages training equipment and more at Jugssports.com.
Heater Sports
Heater Sports specializes in baseball and softball pitching machines and training equipment.
OO Cities Archive Of GeoCities Websites
OO Cities: an archive, database of the old GeoCities Websites. In October 2009 OO Cities archived the unique pages from GeoCities.com.
MetaFilter Community Weblog
MetaFilter: a community based weblog with blogs, chat, message boards, job listings, podcasts and much more.
Flipboard: news stories with insights and inspiration for any interest.
12 Volt (Australia)
The 12 Volt Shop: DC appliances, solar panels, batteries, power inverters and many other 12 Volt related items.
1990s, Computers, Internet, The World Wide Web
A creatively written blog post about all things involving computers, the internet, and the world wide web popular during the 1990's.
2022 Updates
2022 Updates, things I've done during 2022, writing, including numerous blog posts, programing and web designing.
24 7 Web Directory
24 7 Web Directory: a human edited web directory showing websites listed within various categories.
365 Pro Wrestling (International)
365 Pro Wrestling League: wrestling matches, wrestling events and much more.
616 Bicycle Fabrication
616 Bicycle Fabrication builds personalized bicycle frames, prefabricated bicycle frames, parts, and much more.
616 Bicycle Fabrication Tanden Two Seater Bicycle
616 Bicycle Fabrication's unique Tanden two seater bicycle.

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