About the Web Guide

I began designing the Web Guide at the beginning of 2021. I've been keeping website URL's within my own personal database for years. I have thousands of them. I thought others might find some of the URL's useful.

As a result, I decided to create the Web Guide. As of 2024-05-05, just over 1,000 websites are listed. The Web Guide is mostly a project I do in my spare time. Little by little, as time allows, I add new websites. When I do add new websites I add a date specific category box, listing the websites I added on any specific date. Then I usually create a mini blog post summarizing the newly listed websites.

The most accurate and quickest way to find a website is via the Category Boxes.

The Web Guide does have a search feature, located at the top of most Web Guide webpages. The search doesn't offer the same types of results and options found within larger search engines. However, if used properly, the results are decent.

The search works via keywords. If a question or sentence is typed into the search box, accurate results are less likely. If search specific keyword(s) are input, the chance of decent results are much more likely. The Web Guide does not use web crawlers to index keywords. I input all the keywords manually. The Web Guide also allows users to search only websites within a specific category from within specific Category Boxes.

At the same time, the Web Guide does provide features larger search engines usually don't provide. Part of the thinking behind the Web Guide was to give users the option to sort through detailed website data quickly and easily, especially social media accounts, blogs, message boards and employment webpages and websites. Visitors can also sort through websites alphabetically

Additionally, the GeorgeFarina.Net domain is at least fifteen years old. All URL's within the Web Guide are DoFollow. Website owners who have websites listed within the Web Guide get a DoFollow backlink from a fifteen year old domain with a good rep.

To view all the websites in the database, type All Websites in the search box.

All URL's are clickable. All URL's are https, regardless of whether the origin of the URL is https or http. Each individual website listed also has a Details Page, viewable via the "Additional Details" link under each website's listing. The Details Page lists all known data regarding each individual URL, and sometimes displays additional URL's regarding the websites.

Eventually, I plan to move the Web Guide to either DustyLoft.com or to its own domain.

If you own or represent a website listed within the Web Guide and do not want your website listed, send me an e-mail and I will remove the website. My e-mail is located within the contacts webpage.

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