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Wonderlist (Submit Lists)
Submit lists with different ideas, unique content among a variety of topics to WonderList.  Additional Details
Wonderslist presents cool, fascinating and rare top lists from around the world. Find lists about lifestyle, literature, animals, entertainment, technology, health and much more.  Additional Details
Curator Magazine (Submit Stories)
Submit stories to Curator Magazine in regards to the meaning and matters of the heart and spirit seen within culture and the arts.  Additional Details
Curator Magazine
Curator Magazine explores the meaning and matters of the heart and spirit seen within culture and the arts.  Additional Details
Obscura Journal (Submit Photos and Stories)
Submit photos, literary fiction, short stories, novella's, flash fiction and much more at Obscura Journal.  Additional Details
Obscura Journal
Obscura Journal of literature and photography. A literary review featuring contemporary fiction and photography.   Additional Details
Morning Chores (Submit Stories)
Morning Chores is looking for freelance writers with expertise in gardening, raising farm animals, homesteading, self-sufficiency, and saving money among other topics.  Additional Details
Morning Chores: Self-Sufficient Lifestyles
Learn about self-sufficiency, gardening, raising farm animals, saving money and much more at Morning Chores.  Additional Details
NEH: National Endowment For Humanities
National Endowment For Humanities strives to strengthen the institutional base of the humanities. NEH funds a variety of humanities programs, including cultural institutions, libraries, universities, public television, radio stations, and to individual scholars.   Additional Details
FEMA: disaster relief, emergency food and shelters.  Additional Details
Mouser Electronics
Mouser Electronics: electronic components including semiconductors, capacitors, solenoids, resistors, relays, toggle switches and much more.  Additional Details
Global Industrial
Global Industrial: distributor of material handling equipment, warehouse storage solutions, workbenches, office furniture, safety equipment, electric motors, HVAC equipment and much more.  Additional Details
Good News Network (Submit News Stories)
Submit a News Story to the Good News Network.  Additional Details
Memoir Mag (Submit Stories)
Memoir Magazine: submit true stories told through words, sights and sounds.  Additional Details

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