Determined, Diversity, Culture, Variety, Smiling From The Inside.
Uniqueness, Style, Amusement Parks, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Tag Sales
A cool breeze during a warm day. The smell of a pizza just out of the oven.
Book Fairs, Good Books, Book Store Cafes, Internet Cafes, Windowsill Cafes
A warm cup of coffee during a cold winter morning. Bakeries, Sunsets, Sunrises
Extraordinary, Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Dignity, Devotion, Spontaneous, Quality of Life
Early Morning Mist. The sound of a typewriter. Graffiti, Exuberance, Freedom
Stickball, City Busses, Duffel Bags, Batting Cages, Exercise, Sentiment, Creativity, Dazzle
Candle Light Dinners, Invigorating Conversations, Christmas Lights, Giving, Receiving
Birds chirping early in the morning. Words, Writing, Compassion, PB & J's, God
Togetherness, Laughing, Bicycles, Bike rides, coasting down a slightly steep hill.
Solar Power, Safety, Industrial Style Buildings, Flea Markets, Fighting Fish, Beauty
Gardens, Honesty, Peace, Hooded Sweatshirts, Urban, Equality